Dating Portuguese girls

Portugal is an amazing country which has a lot of attractions for the locals and tourists coming there to spend their holidays and vacations. There are great picturesque beaches, tons of delicious fish, wonderful weather, a lot of famous people and gorgeous Portuguese women. The country looks like a paradise where you would like to go again and again.

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Have you ever been stunned by a Portuguese beauty? If you’ve already been to Portugal then the answer is probably yes. Those ladies can make a great impression because of their gorgeous looks and special charm which makes them irresistible. They are passionate and naturally pretty, and it sometimes seems that you can actually see flames in their eyes. Their captivative smiles can make a man crazy, so there is no surprise that many guys are ready to do everything to win a Portuguese lady’s heart.

These hot Portuguese women can be a great reason to come back to Portugal regularly. Or you can find you an attractive single goddess which you can start dating and create a long-lasting relationship with. These girls can definitely start a fire inside of a man, so if you are not afraid to be overwhelmed by passion then it’s time to learn how to win a Portuguese beauty’s heart.

What is great about Portuguese girls

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If women who belong to one specific country are so desirable and attractive for men, then there’s something very special about them. Portuguese women are so likeable and interesting because of a mixture of their upbringing, traditions, ecology and climate. Most local ladies are slim, healthy and full of life, and these qualities always attract people and make great conditions to create healthy and pleasant relationships.

There are some of the most significant features Portuguese women have which make them great girlfriends, wives and potential mothers. Whether you want to have a romantic adventure while being in Portugal or create a long-lasting bond which can potentially lead to marriage, those things can help you to choose a Portuguese partner to build relationships with.


Even though many people can say that it’s not that important to have an attractive partner compared to what moral qualities a person has, good-looking people always have many extra points which make them much more successful in dating and attract a lot of potential partners. It’s important to find someone who you are happy to spend time with, and it’s hard to achieve if you simply dislike the way a person looks. More than that, a beautiful appearance helps people to form a good first impression, which is also important in the very beginning of relationships. Attractive people look healthy, strong, determined, they usually take care of themselves and often other people can say a lot about the mental condition of a person because of how they look. A lot of our inner problems affect the way we look in many ways, so the others can receive a non-verbal signal about what’s happening with us at the moment.

A beautiful appearance helps people to form a good first impression, which is also important in the very beginning of relationships.

Portuguese women are extremely attractive. Even though most of them have dark hair, there are a lot of blonde and brown-haired women too. Their eyes are often brown and their skin can vary from light to dark olive. Those ladies don’t need a lot of makeup or sometimes they don’t have to use it at all: they have very distinctive facial features and very beautiful contrast of their dark eyebrows and eyelashes and their skin. Most of them have slim athletic bodies, they are tall, curvy and energetic.

These ladies have a great variety of sea products they can use in their diet, so it helps them to stay in great shape for a long time. Also, most of the locals have an active style of life and it helps them to be healthy and beautiful. Hot sunny climate, sea and fresh food make those people look amazing, so there are a lot of naturally glowing women in Portugal.


It goes without saying that a good character is an extremely important trait of every person. People tend to be attracted to cheerful, pleasant, charismatic, full of life and optimistic potential partners. It makes communication, nerves and life perspectives better and also helps to create stable and healthy relationships.

Portuguese girls have amazing character: they are friendly, talkative, enthusiastic and initiative. Whether you are the extroverted or introverted person you’ll be comfortable with your local crush. It’s almost impossible to get bored when you’re with a Portuguese girl: they can find a lot of topics to discuss and things to do together, so every day spent with a Portuguese girl feels like the best day of your life.

It’s almost impossible to get bored when you’re with a Portuguese girl.

They are easy-going and have nothing against spontaneous decisions, so she will often give you a lot of great ideas about how to spend your time together. It’s always easy to have a conversation with a local woman: they are usually very open and positive about chatting with people around. That’s why a Portuguese girl can become your ideal partner who you will be really happy with.

Family bonds

Portuguese people are Catholic so they tend to have conservative traditional values. They are family-oriented, and it’s both connected with their attitude towards their parents and relatives and their own potential families. They love big families and they always try to be in touch with all their close people.

Portuguese women are mostly not interested in hookups, so they prefer to find decent partners who they potentially can have long-lasting relationships with. A lot of young Portuguese ladies dream of having marriage, family and kids, so they are usually great mothers and wives. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Portuguese women raised only by their mothers, but that only means they value a full family and want to have a happy marriage. A local lady would rather start dating over 30 when marriage is an option than dating someone casually.

It doesn’t mean that those ladies are obsessed with it: they just see a source of inspiration in the family and can give all their time and effort into homemaking. They are great chefs who can cook a lot of delicious dishes from Portuguese cuisine, they don’t mind looking after children and are ready to become housewives if their husbands are hardworking enough to supply their families. At the same time, a lot of local women have a good education and prefer to have careers and work too. In other words, a man who is lucky enough to have a Portuguese wife is a happy man.


Even though these ladies have a gorgeous appearance and cheerful character which make it easy for them to make new friends, most of them are very modest. They can behave very cheerful while you don’t demonstrate any romantic intentions towards them but become reserved when you do. It may take some time to warm her up to yourself, but if you succeed, then you can see all the warmth and love she can give.

If a Portuguese woman sees you as a decent and trustworthy man then she’ll respect you and won’t even think of cheating.

The fact that they are modest also means that your potential partner will probably be extremely loyal and honest with you. They don’t flirt with other men when they’re taken, they don’t play dating games and don’t try to test you: if a Portuguese woman sees you as a decent and trustworthy man then she’ll respect you and won’t even think of cheating or intentionally making you jealous.

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