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Whether you live in Armenia or just have plans to move there, you can find a great Armenian partner online: lots of single Armenian guys use dating platforms to create couples for dating and long-term relationships. Confident, passionate, and masculine men from Armenia can easily attract lots of women with their personalities and appearance, so you can find someone special for you. At the same time, you have to learn more about dating customs and traditions in Armenia in advance: some of them are pretty different from what Western people are used to.

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Armenia is a country with a huge cultural heritage which has lots of things to interest people all over the world: from its history to its customs and beautiful nature, Armenia can surprise people and make them want to see all these exceptional things with their own eyes. It’s a country with the oldest evidence of Christianity and remains of the oldest winery in the world, it’s a place of amazingly strong and tough people who can withstand everything and keep their dignity even in the harshest times. Though nowadays more Armenian people are living outside the country than in Armenia, they still love and respect their motherland and its culture.

Armenian men are liked by women all over the world: they have lots of qualities which are extremely liked by ladies regardless of their country and views. Most Armenian men are tall, dark and handsome - just like ladies like them to be. They are very masculine, bold, protective and charismatic: they have their special charm and sense of humour which makes them almost irresistible. These men can become amazing partners, husbands and fathers, so if you’re interested in dating a handsome Armenian guy, then read tips on how to date Armenian men correctly.

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What you should know about dating an Armenian guy

There are lots of things which influence our minds and views: a country’s culture and history, its standards of living and surroundings, friends, family and neighbourhood can create different views and opinions on various things including dating and relationships. We’re all unique and have personal opinions and preferences, but it’s hard to deny that our upbringing and family values have a strong impact on our lives. Armenia is a pretty conservative and traditional country with a huge per cent of religious people, so it’s no surprise that people’s views are rather conservative as well: though there are lots of modern and pretty Westernized people from Armenia, there’s a huge difference between people living in the capital and the suburbs, people living in Armenia and outside, wealthy people and families who can barely make the ends meet, etc. Every situation is unique and deserves to be observed and understood separately.

There are lots of modern and Westernized guys there, but in general, lots of Armenian men believe that men and women are born different and therefore they should have different social and family roles.

Just like any other country, Armenia has lots of stereotypes about its people and the traditions they have. These stereotypes are often wrong because there’s no short description that is ultimate for all Armenian people, but sometimes these facts can be very true. People from specific countries often have qualities and traits of character which are common to most of them: we are all influenced by our surroundings but we influence it back as well. There are some stereotypes about dating Armenian guys which are true to many Armenian men:

  • Some Armenian people are pretty traditional and conservative. Of course, there are lots of modern and Westernized guys there, but in general, lots of Armenian men believe that men and women are born different and therefore they should have different social and family roles. Armenian men prefer to be seen as protectors, providers and breadwinners for their families while their ladies look after kids, do household jobs, cook and create comfort in their houses. There are lots of Armenian ladies who are satisfied with this role, but if you don’t want to become a housewife, then it’s better to find a modern and open-minded Armenian guy for dating and relationships;
  • Armenian men are family-oriented and love kids. Just like in many traditional countries, in Armenia family is seen as sacred: people want to have children and to create their own families pretty early. Also, Armenian people love and respect their parents a lot: they always listen to their parents’ opinions and advice and try their best not to disappoint them;
  • They have some old-fashioned chivalry. Traditional views of Armenian men have benefits as well: they love their women and love making them happy. An Armenian guy will always offer you his seat, he’ll give you presents and say compliments, he’ll adore you and surround you with love and respect. Though these men often try to act very masculine and tough, they are often pretty kind and caring, so they will always do their best to make their ladies happy.

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Meet hot Armenian guys online on

You don’t have to visit Armenia to date a handsome Armenian guy: lots of these men live outside the country and are open to the idea of dating foreign women! One of the most comfortable ways to meet an Armenian guy of your dreams is to find him online: nowadays online dating services are more popular than ever. is one of the biggest online dating services all over the world which can open an exciting world of opportunities for you! Create a profile and use a searching algorithm to meet the love of your life and to start your romantic adventure without even leaving your house. Match with gorgeous and charismatic Armenian men online and build your happiness with your significant other on!

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