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Finland is an extremely beautiful country which can impress you not only with its breathtaking nature and amazing sceneries but also high standards of life and developed modern society. There are lots of things to see there: from amazingly convenient modern buildings to beautiful forests covered with snow, from beautiful architecture to modern museums and events - everything can impress you and fulfil with joy and excitement. Finland is a huge source of inspiration and a motherland of many talented people: from artists to musicians, people of different professions can develop their talents and try new things to become real professionals in what they do. Therefore, lots of people are interested in visiting this country and even moving there: it’s a place where your talents and ambitions can shine or you can relax and enjoy all the beauty around you and live peacefully.

  • Ysabel, 44
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
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    Los Angeles, USA
  • Damian, 38
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Wenfang, 55
    Chongqing, China
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    Cebu City, Philippines
  • Gwen, 26
    Lyon, France
  • Liudmyla, 32
    Verona, Italy
  • Julieth, 29
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Sarah, 32
    Manila, Philippines
  • Yulia, 42
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Noah, 49
    Sydney, Australia

It’s no surprise that there are lots of women all over the world interested in hot Finnish guys: these men definitely can impress ladies with their appearance, character and intelligence. There are lots of attractive and talented men in Finland who are very smart, humble, soft-spoken and respectful with others. They know how to be great partners, they are polite and sensitive, they understand their ladies and can do anything for their relationships. If you’re interested in dating one of them, then learn more about them and read tips on how to date Finnish guys correctly.

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What you should know about dating Finnish guys

Finland is a country which combines lots of Western and Scandinavian features: this place is full of modern people with progressive ideas and lots of skills and intelligence to make them real, where people live comfortably and have decent standards of living. Just like most countries, Finland came through some rough moments of history which influenced people’s views and traditions a lot: wars and comparatively cold climate made Finnish people tough and strong. Therefore, they know how to withstand difficulties and how to cope with their problems while learning any lessons their life teaches them. It’s a place where people have dignity and self-respect and they also respect others: it’s a perfect place to create a family and raise kids there.

You don’t have to put on your makeup or dress up to impress a Finnish guy: they love natural beauty and don’t expect their girlfriends to do lots of things regularly.

Just like many other countries, Finland has lots of stereotypes about Finnish guys and ladies living there. Though most of them are exaggerated, some of them can actually be true: it’s always better to form your opinion with your own experience, but some features might help you to know what to expect from hot Finnish guys in advance. There are a few things which you can experience in your Finnish dating:

  • Finnish men see their ladies’ personalities and try to know them better. In fact, local men have no strong expectations about women whatsoever: a Finnish lady can be whoever she wants and in most cases, it’s not society but her own boundaries which limit her. You can wear whatever you want and use little to no makeup, you can be interested in many things which are not stereotypically “girlish” and do anything you want: your Finnish boyfriend just wants to know you better instead of imposing his expectations on you. You don’t have to put on your makeup or dress up to impress a Finnish guy: they love natural beauty and don’t expect their girlfriends to do lots of things regularly. These guys see their ladies’ personalities and don’t want them to be “normal” - everyone has a right to be unique there;
  • Be initiative and proactive to attract a Finnish boyfriend. No one likes people who don’t offer anything and act passively all the time: there are lots of situations when a woman should become more active and be not a trailer which is towed by a car but a driver or at least a passenger who chooses the course along with the driver. Don’t always rely on his ideas and offers: choose your personality by arranging dates and trips, plan your holidays and show that you can be a source of energy for your relationship - and he’ll definitely appreciate that;
  • A Finnish guy will appreciate you being interested in his life, interests, his country’s customs and traditions, history and culture. Just like any people, Finnish guys like foreigners who are excited about their country and its culture. There are lots of interesting things about Finland he can tell you - just show your genuine interest and motivate him to speak about it. Also, almost everyone loves talking about themselves: though sometimes it seems that Finnish guys are too quiet and reserved, they can become more talkative when they tell you about their interests, life and work. Don’t expect him to be arrogant, self-obsessed or narcissistic: these men are very modest and humble, so just enjoy your conversation and be a listener sometimes, not only speaker;
  • Don’t be a mope and keep a positive attitude. In some people’s minds, Finland can be a pretty gloomy place: cold dark winters and mysterious but a bit dark Scandinavian nature can make everyone a bit depressed. Therefore, lots of Finnish people try to be as optimistic and positive as they can: it’s not customary there to dismorale local people with your problems and pessimistic thoughts. It doesn’t mean that these people have their heads in the clouds: they are very down-to-earth and realistic, but they prefer not to bring out their negativity too often. Be a ray of sunshine for him and he’ll definitely appreciate that;

A Finnish boyfriend is not the head of your couple, so he won’t rule over you and dictate his will.

  • Lots of Finnish men are pretty introverted and shy. Just like in many other Scandinavian countries, Finnish people tend to be pretty reserved and quiet. It’s a part of their culture: lots of them prefer to think rather than to say something aloud, so it’s pretty normal there to have pauses in your conversations with friends and partners. They don’t try to get rid of every pause because they don’t find them distracting, uncomfortable or weird: learn to live and communicate at their pace and it will definitely become normal to you. Don’t be afraid to be initiative and don’t expect lots of Finnish guys to approach: they are often too shy to do that and they often don’t want to display their sympathy in the very beginning;
  • They don’t tell their ladies what to do. A Finnish boyfriend is not the head of your couple, so he won’t rule over you and dictate his will. It’s assumed that you’re partners with equal rights, values and opportunities, so you’re free to do anything you want unless it might harm your relationship. Therefore, dating Finnish men are perfect for independent women with strong individuality who are not afraid of making decisions and facing the consequences of them, who have lots of things to do without their boyfriends and always have plans and hobbies which don’t involve them. Finnish men don’t have to ask your permission to be alone or to see their friends from time to time - it’s normal to keep your individuality and personal bonds there;
  • Though most of them know English, it’s still better to know Finnish to date them. There are lots of people who know other languages than Finnish there: some people speak Swedish and English, lots of them learn German or French at schools, so it’s pretty possible to meet a person speaking your language there. At the same time, it’s still better for you to speak Finnish: there are lots of situations where your knowledge of this language can help you a lot in Finland. If you want to understand what your boyfriend’s friends are talking about or what’s happening around you, then learn Finnish (and pray that you won’t have to learn Swedish as well);
  • Finnish people drink a lot. It’s a common thing for Scandinavian countries: many local people drink pretty often and can overdrink almost every foreigner. It doesn’t mean that they are all alcoholics: though beer, vodka and other drinks take a very special place in Finnish culture, they know their limits and have a pretty high level of tolerance to the alcohol they drink. Don’t be surprised to see Finns using alcohol as their “liquid courage”: though there are lots of attractive Finnish guys in Finland, lots of them are too shy to approach a girl while being sober. You don’t have to drink too much to suit the Finns: just don’t be too negative about their drinking habits and don’t try to change them.

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