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France is a synonym to romance: it’s a country which has a reputation to be one of the most romantic places in the world and millions of couples dream of having their perfect date there. It’s a place where you can see amazing beautiful sights and places of interest, many cafes and restaurants where you can try excellent French cuisine with your partner or friend and there are also many attractive and charismatic French guys who can easily steal your heart. These men clearly know how to date and how to bring romance into their relationships: being with one of them can turn your dating into a romantic dream and you will not want to wake up from it.

  • Gene, 36
    Shanghai, China
  • Irina, 43
    Helsinki, Finland
  • Olga, 39
    San Francisco, USA
  • Dolly , 31
    Hi I'm Dolly and I like making new friends , USA
  • Ya, 29
    Beijing, China
  • Donato, 44
    Madrid, Spain
  • Miracle , 25
    undefined, Seychelles
  • Tati, 36
    Miami, USA
  • Yulia, 41
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • nanhai, 48
    Hangzhou, China
  • Andrew, 53
    Marbella, Spain
  • Noah, 49
    Sydney, Australia

What you should know about dating French guys

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There are lots of features French men have that can conquer a woman and make her so in love that every lady should try to date a French guy to have this amazing experience in her life. French dating culture is very special: though they don’t have such a concept as “dating”, they love to be chasers and to make their relationships special and romantic. There are lots of myths about French men” some of them are relatively true while the others are just stereotypes you can forget about. There are some of the most distinctive features of these guys you should know about:

  • They love good food and wine. Though not every French guy is an excellent chef, lots of them can actually cook and know at least a few dishes they enjoy and can cook perfectly. Also, they know a lot about wine, so almost every date you will have something new and interesting to try;
  • They are chasers. It’s pretty traditional for French women to play hard-to-get, so local men are used to chasing women they like. At the same time, they often see flirt as something as usual and casual as chatting or smiling politely to strangers: a guy flirting with you doesn’t automatically mean that he likes you;
  • Their accent is extremely hot. The French language is often seen as the sexiest language on Earth, and you should listen to a French guy telling you anything to understand that it’s true. They also know what to say to make a girl melt and would appreciate her to know French at least a bit: they don’t mind if you have a strong accent because they’ll probably find it cute;
  • Though there’s no such concept as dating: at least as we know it in most the Western countries, so don’t expect your relationship with a French guy to be like dating an Italian man. French guys who are in relationships are pretty loyal and prefer dating exclusively. They are pretty romantic, so if they like a lady - then they want to be with her;
  • Sex is something like a natonal sport there, so be ready to experiment and enjoy the process. French guys may act like they are ready to get into your bedroom as soon as possible, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll disappoint them if you don’t want to rush things like that. These guys love women who value themselves, so you don’t have to do it earlier than you’re ready for it;
  • They prefer natural beauty. Lots of French women look effortlessly attractive and glamorous, so you don’t often see local ladies with very bright makeup or hairstyles. Take care of your skin and look through your wardrobe - and a guy of your dreams will definitely notice you.

Meet a French guy for dating and relationships on

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France is a place which is probably vital to visit for every person who’s interested in travelling: its history, culture, architecture and charm are so unique that it has something which can be liked by almost every person on Earth. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who have no opportunity to go there, but these people still have a chance to meet their perfect French partners. Online dating is now more popular than ever, and it’s one of the most comfortable ways to start dating a person regardless of their nationality, country or language.

Online dating is now more popular than ever, and it’s one of the most comfortable ways to start dating a person regardless of their nationality, country or language. is a service which can give you an opportunity to try French dating without even leaving your house - at least if you don’t want to leave it! The site has lots of comfortable tools to make your online dating experience convenient and productive: choose a perfect French partner according to their age, appearance, interests, preferences, views and goals, then match and start your communication! Online dating is safe and comfortable for everyone: being in long-distance relationships with someone has never been easier before!

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