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Greece is one of the most interesting countries for tourism for people all over the world: it’s not a huge source of amazing natural beauty and inspiration but also a place with amazing ancient history and unique culture which has influenced the whole world. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of Greek heritage: lots of myths, legends, architecture, knowledge, culture and traditions appeared in this country. Therefore, there are lots of unbelievable historical artefacts you can see in local museums and galleries there. Even if you’re not a person who loves history and prefers to spend their vacations by visiting various places of interest and museums, there are many amazingly beautiful beaches in Greece which definitely can steal your heart. It’s a place where you can enjoy life and experience its beauty - so it’s no surprise that millions of tourists come to Greece every year.

  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
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    Hangzhou, China
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    Tunisia, Tunisia
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    Miami, USA
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Beautiful beaches and ancient artefacts are not the only things which attract people to Greece: it’s also the place where you can find one of the most beautiful men in the world. This country is a motherland of famous Greek gods: their modern descendants look as attractive and handsome as you can expect from them. The amount of exceptionally attractive Greek men is huge: their sporty fit bodies, attractive harmonical faces with unbelievable facial features, thick dark hair and keen eyes can make your heart melt. These men definitely know how to get ladies’ attention: everything from their appearance to their confidence makes them absolutely irresistible.

Why women are interested in dating attractive Greek men

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There are many reasons why women love dating Greek men: some ladies want to have an opportunity to visit Greece more often or even move there, some ladies are attracted to their handsomeness, some women can’t resist their passion and confidence. Tastes differ, but there are many gorgeous Greek male models who can easily become the most handsome men in the world: well-groomed masculine machos from Greece steal women’s hearts and never give them back.

Some ladies want to have an opportunity to visit Greece more often or even move there.

It’s obvious that everyone is unique: you can’t say that every Greek guy is handsome or charming because there are no countries as perfect as stereotypes often claim. There is always a chance to meet a rude and untrue guy in every country on Earth: no one is insured against this. At the same time, there are lots of amazing qualities which you can find in many Greek guys: though it’s impossible to meet two identical men in any country, there are still some stereotypes which often tend to be true:

  • They are good-looking and take care of themselves. These men were raised on the ancient myths of their motherland about Greek gods, so it’s pretty obvious where their wish to look as good as possible comes from. Their attractiveness is a mixture of their great genetics, active lifestyle, healthy balanced diet which consists of many kinds of seafood and vegetables: there are many delicious and very healthy dishes in Greek cuisine which help them to keep their bodies in amazing shape. You can see many muscular and masculine guys at Greek beaches: there are so many handsome men that for many women it might feel like being in a candy shop. These men have so many beaches in their country that they can’t look bad - so they keep amazing sporty shape all year long;
  • These men are full of passion. That’s another feature of Greek men which seems very attractive in many women’s eyes: they are hot-tempered and passionate in everything they do, so having a Greek boyfriend is almost like dating an Italian man. From the way they adore their beautiful women to the way they make love - everything is sincere, emotional and sensitive when it’s done by a Greek man. If you want to date a man who loves beautifully like in romantic movies, then dating a local guy is your choice: they want to show a good time to their partners and they do everything they can to impress their ladies even more;
  • These men love dancing and know how to party. Though lots of men all over the world are used to thinking that dancing is not a manly thing, ladies know that a man who can dance is extremely hot. Dancing is a way to show your sensitivity, your body control, your emotions, your passion and confidence: all these things make Greek men even more attractive. Seeing a local guy dancing selflessly and putting all his inspiration and soul in it is priceless, but dancing along with him is even better. Therefore, take a few dancing classes in advance and enjoy;
  • Greek men don’t hide their emotions and feelings. Though being hot-tempered can sometimes be seen negatively, it definitely has its good side: Greek men are straightforward and sincere and they won’t hide their feelings and intentions from you. If a Greek guy likes you, then he’ll make you know: they dislike dating games and prefer to be bold and honest about what happens in their hearts. Also, in situations when something goes wrong a Greek guy won’t hide his disappointment or sadness and will be ready to discuss a problem with you instead of ignoring it;
  • They love good food. Greek cuisine is simple yet delicious: there are lots of natural and high-quality products you can find locally which comprise a healthy Greek diet. There are lots of salads, fresh sea products, dairy products and other things you can use in your cooking without being worried about gaining extra weight. Greek people love tasty food: if you date a local guy, then there will always be something delicious in your fridge. Though Greece is a pretty traditional country and cooking is often seen as a woman’s job there, your Greek man probably knows a few nice recipes which can surprise you and make your dinner more interesting;
  • Most of the Greek men want to be cared for. People all over the world tend to seek pretty the same things from their dating and relationships: they want to be loved and cared for. Greek men are no exception: they are usually raised in traditional families where mothers are very loved and valued by all relatives. Therefore, lots of Greek men unconsciously want to date women who can care for them as much as their mothers used to do: a lady who shows affection and makes it clear that she wants to make her man’s life better will always be loved in Greece;
  • Greek guys are very confident. Confidence is sexy: a person who is aware of their pros and cons and knows how to present the best features properly makes others believe that their confidence is based on their outstanding qualities. Male confidence is extremely attractive because it can change a man completely: when a guy feels confident and assured he becomes more humorous, more generous, more charming and daring. Even a guy’s posture and look are influenced by his self-awareness and comfort: when you imagine a handsome Greek man smiling at you confidently and asking you out, you can probably understand what makes ladies so mad about them;
  • They are very family-oriented. Though lots of Greek guys don’t want to create their own families until they’re about 30, they love and respect their relatives and immediate families. They strongly respect their fathers and love their mothers: it’s customary there to listen to their opinions and advice and put efforts into being a good child of your parents. A man who respects his family respects his woman’s family as well: if he understands the importance of relatives and tight family bonds in our lives, then he supports relatives and pays respect to his lady’s family;
  • These men are adventurous and courageous. Their confidence and passion result in Greek men being extremely bold and daring: they are not afraid of difficulties and know how to cope with problems. Women tend to love men like that because they see manly and masculine guys as protective and strong men who can fight for them and protect their families when it’s needed. Also, men who are ready to have adventurous are often perceived as more romantic and energetic: even if a Greek man you date is not a teenager anymore, the flame of youth burning in his eyes can make your heart melt;
  • They really can shower their women with affection and attention. Greek men are very proud, so they tend to be even more proud of having beautiful women as their girlfriends. They show their partners to their friends and relatives, they spend lots of time together, they give lots of compliments and treat their women like queens they are. If you like men who know that chivalry is not dead, then Greek men are perfect for you.

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Dating a Greek man is an amazing opportunity to spend your vacations in Greece: imagine being able to enjoy your time there with your beloved person while admiring the beautiful nature of Greece, its amazing seas and gulfs, rocks, excellent weather and food - it’s definitely worth trying! But even if you don’t have an opportunity to go there to find a local single guy in Greece, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a perfect Greek partner. Though there are lots of expats and tourists from Greece who can be found in different countries of the world, it’s usually easier to meet the love of your life with the help of online dating services.

But even if you don’t have an opportunity to go there to find a local single guy in Greece, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a perfect Greek partner.

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