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Romania is a mysterious country with a unique atmosphere and culture: a place full of dark beautiful forests, mountains, amazing green hills and old gorgeous castles is a place where lots of legends, myths and old tales were created. It’s a motherland of notorious Vlad Dracula, it’s a place where you can see lots of artefacts from its communist past, it’s a country of talented, strong and intelligent people which definitely can attract tourists and visitors with its vibrant atmosphere and history. Whether you want to explore the Carpathian mountains and castles or to wander around modern Romanian cities - there are lots of things which you can find exciting and unusual there.

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Visiting this mysterious and somehow romantic place lots of women can become interested in dating a Romanian guy. There’s no surprise: it’s not only the country’s atmosphere but also these men’s unique traits of character and their special charm which can attract women and steal their hearts. Though Romania is a country of contrasts and it has lots of controversial features, there’s still something extremely attractive and exciting in everything you see there. It’s a place where a woman wants to experience passionate and old-school relationships with a man who treats her like a lady and is not afraid of his masculinity. If you want a man who protects and provides for his beloved ones and is reliable enough to be called the head of his family - then Romanian guys are perfect for you.

What you should know about dating Romanian guys

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It’s no surprise that it’s extremely difficult to give a short and complete description of Romanian men: just like in every country on Earth, people are different and there are lots of different types of men living in Romania. While there are some intelligent, well-mannered, wise and caring guys who can become amazing partners, there are also men who are completely different: there is no country in the world where all people are equally great and pleasant. Just like anywhere else, you can meet an amazing person for dating and relationships is Romania, but you also have a chance to meet an unreliable and rude man who will drain you emotionally and physically. You should always try to know more about a person and use your experience and knowledge to be careless and successful in dating men you don’t know well yet.

Just like anywhere else, you can meet an amazing person for dating and relationships in Romania.

Though it’s hard to describe all Romanian men in a few words, there are still some features which are pretty common for many Romanian men and can help you to have an image of what to expect in your head. There are different factors which influence people’s characters and views: economy, history, culture, standards of living, religion and even geography - everything matters. There are some features of Romanian guys you should know about in advance:

  • Romanian men are pretty simple. It can be seen in some of their features: from the way they dress to the way they talk, lots of Romanian men demonstrate their simple attitude and views. Romanian men being simple is not always a bad thing: they are pretty straightforward and down-to-earth, they are honest, they can enjoy simple things and prefer casual over extravagant. At the same time, it means that lots of them are not very picky in what they watch, read or listen to: though there are lots of highly educated specialists and people connected with art and culture, there are also lots of people who don’t need this kind of knowledge to live happily;
  • Gender equality is not a thing there - but modern men tend to change for the better. Romania is a pretty traditional and conservative country: lots of Romanian people perceive men as heads of the family who should earn money for their families while their wives cook for them and raise their kids. There are lots of men in Romania who support these views: though they don’t forbid their wives to work, they still expect that they will do household jobs and cooking after work because it’s traditional for Romanian women to do it there. But things change, so many modern Romanian men are much more liberal and westernized in their views: they understand that the world has changed and they see women as something more than their traditional female duties;
  • Lots of Romanian men are pretty attractive. Speaking about the undeniable advantages of Romanian men, it's hard to overestimate the fact that some of them are extremely attractive. Many Romanian people have Latin, Russian, Greek and Turkish ancestors: you can find both fair-haired and fair-eyed people there but you also can see many dark-eyed and dark-haired guys in Romania. Lots of them are pretty handsome: though they keep their style simple and casual, they have interesting masculine facial features and strong bodies, so if you like manly guys, the Romanians are perfect for you;
  • They have passionate characters. Lots of Romanian men are adepts of the “macho culture”: they want to show off and brag about their accomplishments in front of their male friends, they act overly masculine with women and they behave deliberately masculine. They are pretty hot-tempered, so they can be rather jealous of their women and it’s easy for them to lose their temper when they argue with their male friends. At the same time, this traditional male gender role has some positive sides: Romanian men love being useful and handy and they often try to solve all women’s problems and do everything they can to make them happy. Lots of these men prefer old-school chivalry with their ladies: they give compliments, they open doors and pull chairs, they give presents and flowers. Romanian men can be very romantic and sensitive: they can sincerely adore their beautiful ladies and be mad about them, so they often can do crazy things to get their attention. It’s expected for men to make the first step there, but you can be more initiative with them: lots of guys love it when a girl shows attention and makes it clear that she likes a man and would like to go on a date with him;
  • Girls should stay away from men who prefer Manele music and culture. There’s a very specific style of music and culture in Romania which is called “Manele”: imagine old-fashioned party music mixed with oriental sound and usually poorly written lyrics. Though these songs might sometimes have pretty catchy motives, their lyrics are usually seen as controversial and low-quality: most Romanians admit that manele is far from good music, but the genre is still pretty popular in Romania. A guy wearing bright expensive clothing and jewellery who calls you “jewel, soul or princess” is no good for you - so it’s better to avoid him;
  • These men want to provide for their families and they are very proud of their accomplishments. Traditional conservative values of Romanians explain how important family is for local people: Romanians have strong family bonds with their relatives and try to be in touch with them, they love and respect their parents and their advice is always important and valued. A local person will always do their best to help their relative: whether it’s your brother or a distant relative, you are expected to help them when they ask for it. Also, Romanians are often interested in creating their own families pretty early: for a Romanian person, their home is their castle and their family is their clan. A man wants to be the head of his family: he always tries to do his best to earn money for his family, to fix everything he can and to protect his wife and kids: it’s seen as a man’s duty to do so. Therefore, they also love to show off with their accomplishments and compete with them: having a better house, car, salary or anything else is very important for most Romanian people.

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