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Have you ever dreamed of dating a Spanish guy? They say that Spanish guys are incredibly hot and handsome. But is it true in fact? The answer is yes - at least partially. If you have ever thought about marrying a foreigner, then the Spaniards could surely be on the list of potential suitors. Today many women imagine how they will drink cool sangria keeping the company of a passionate, tanned and charming man to the rhythms of flamenco. Their day will be filled with the scents of the Mediterranean Sea, jamon, Andalusian gazpacho, paella, sherry and wine. Each evening will end with a dinner in a restaurant or at least on the veranda of their own hacienda.

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But is everything as cloudless as it seems for the first sight? Is there any guide to tell women how to Marry a Spaniard step by step? What are the risks of a woman who decides to marry in Spain and start a true family?

Hot appearance, but… short height


Of course, women imagine each man from hot Spain being a macho himself - tanned, temperamental, gallant, so lots of women claim that dating a Spanish boyfriend is often like dating an Italian man. But there are some peculiarities in this tricky story. Men living in Spain are endowed with all the features of real men: they have dark hair, big deep eyes to watch right into your soul, strong hands to catch you if you fall, and tanned skin. All in all they are pretty handsome. However, when planning to marry a Spaniard, you should remember that most men of this nationality are not tall by European standards. An average height is about 171 cm. If you are not afraid of this circumstance, then continue discovering useful info about Spanish guys.

The majority of young Spaniards have good taste, which is reflected in the choice of clothing and accessories. Their clothes are always chosen attentively, suitable to the occasion or any situation they are getting prepared to.

Many women are still thinking about how to marry a foreigner, and is the most obvious place on the Internet where to find the most suitable candidates. Therefore, in order to find the most handsome man in Spain for marriage, you should hurry up.

Why would you probably get on well with Spanish guys

Firstly, their great love for children and relatives is charming. There is nothing more important for Spanish men than their family but they often start dating over 30. Spaniards have children by the age of 35-40 and if they do, they do it deliberately. Men in Spain are very fond of their own and others' kids. They will be happy to help you to pick up your child from school, do homework, or prepare lunch for children. They like spending time with them, teaching them how to live life. Your pregnancy will be happy and carefree in Spain. By marrying a Spaniard, women become members of his tremendously large family. The husband will sincerely love not only his own children, but also dads, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, brother-in-law and nephews on both sides. It’s because of their mentality - they are really family men.

By marrying a Spaniard, women become members of his tremendously large family.

Secondly, one of the best words to describe what’s going on in Spain is matriarchy. Women run the Spanish world and that’s why when choosing a place where to get married abroad, many women prefer Spain. Spanish men are very sensitive to women. Girls there are treated really well - that’s how it should be everywhere.

The wife for the Spaniard is on a par with his loved mother. Despite this fact, passionate Spanish blood still seethes sometimes in the veins of real macho, what can cause exploding of the men’s energy from time to time. The Spaniards sincerely love their women, tolerate their whims, but they are very jealous.Yeah, if the most jealous men were to be described… Then Spanish would be mentioned. They still live relying on their emotions.

How the things with dating are in Spain

There are some unique characteristics of the current time’s Spanish dating. You should be aware of them while considering whether to marry a Spanish guy or not:

  • Spanish men have now ceased to take the initiative, if they ask you to have dinner with them, give presents and flowers, then it is not for a long time. This way of treatment is irritating Spanish women;
  • Spaniards can be gallant with foreign women, but the habits formed for ages still exist. They do not often give gifts and flowers, they are not punctual at all and they do not consider all these minuses as their disadvantages;
  • Spanish men who are late for a date are normal. You just need to wait and pretend that you did not notice their late arrival. Most Spaniards give their word as easily as they take it away, so promises should be treated with a bit of leniency;
  • The Spaniards are very fond of giving pleasure to women in the moment of communication and not only sexual kind. Most often, they do not call their girls by her first name. They are using beautiful epithets more often. This is cute - you feel like you’re in a romantic movie;
  • The Spaniards are used to the attention and caress of foreign women. They feel wanted. They sincerely expect intimacy right after dinner, and they may be insulted for refusal. However, this is not a rule - it just happens from time to time, especially if the very man is traditionally handsome in the Spanish manner;
  • Young Spaniards treat women as equals. They do not understand what the word housewife means. At the same time they actively help their loved women around the house and in raising children. They are caring fathers and best friends for children, as it has already been mentioned.

Ecclesiastical and cultural values have taught the Spaniards to be good helpers at home. By marrying a Spaniard, a woman will share her household chores with her husband. Spanish men from early childhood are accustomed to washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning the apartment, which is very different from Slavic husbands - just providing an example.

A modern Spanish woman is very free and even eccentric - that leaves an imprint on Spanish guys. Very often you can see the following: Spanish handsome man is married to a completely ordinary woman who significantly spoils his character with years. The modern Spanish beauty is in no hurry to get married and she enjoys her freedom, so Spanish men are required to be always on the alert.

Live here and now. Smile wide and enjoy life


This positive attitude to life is preached by the majority of the people from Spain. They do not think about tomorrow and do everything possible to make the present moment bring them maximum pleasure. Therefore, by marrying a Spaniard, a woman does not have to wait for him to start repairing a tap or nailing down a bookshelf during the daily siesta. He will devote these free hours from work to rest and enjoyment. Remember: no work during the siesta.

There is such a pattern in Spain:

  • If the Spaniard said that he would do it now, it means that he will do it in the evening;
  • If the Spaniard has promised to do something in the evening, then he will do it in the morning;
  • If he promises to do something tomorrow, it means that he will never do it.

One more important thing to remember

More than 95% of the population of Spain is Catholic. Therefore, if a woman manages to marry a Spaniard through a dating site or to meet her future love via friends’ parties, then she must be prepared that her husband will be a Catholic. However, it should be remembered that not all who consider themselves to be believers go to church and observe fasts, etc.

Many women from other countries are increasingly able to successfully marry a Spaniard.

Today Spanish men are disappointed in the modern women of Spain. Spanish women increasingly began to choose their careers instead of planning a family life. They are losing their feminine nature. That is why many women from other countries are increasingly able to successfully marry a Spaniard. The men of this beautiful and colorful country are able to give love, vivid emotions and the ability to enjoy life to their loved women.

Summarizing. Do you really want to date a Spanish guy?

In most cases romantic relationships with a Spaniard will be incredible - you will be in the spotlight, you will never forget about the minutes you’ve spent with your loved one - his galant manners, jokes, laugh. Everything depends on the very person, but according to statistics the Spaniards always kiss exclusively good. The Spaniard needs to be convinced that his center of the world is his loved woman. In this case gifts will be provided, but this is not "regularly".

Of course, you will have a handsome, temperamental and tanned handsome man. But every man needs an approach so that he begins to treat you as the greatest jewel in life.

You can be yourself while being married in Spain - it is a great plus. You also have to make sure that he can be himself next to you, then a real macho will be with you not only during a romantic walk along the Spanish coast, but also at home - anywhere you need him.

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