Get a boy you like to kiss you

Being interested in someone is exciting: there are so many emotions and feelings going through a person’s head that it’s hard to concentrate on anything else except a person they like. All these butterflies in a stomach, long and meaningful looks, shy smiles and awkward silence - these things are well-known by everyone who has already been in love. The very beginning of mutual attraction is a very sensitive and romantic period of every relationship: it's a time when both partners are kinda shy and they want another person to make a clear sign that they both feel the same way. It’s also a time when both people who like each other want to have their first kiss but can’t decide whether it’s a good moment or not.

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Lots of young women are interested in men who are bad in reading minds so it’s normal to be interested in how to get a guy to kiss you: sometimes it seems that hints simply don’t work and a guy you like doesn't do anything even when it’s clear that he likes you. It’s a subtle art of showing a person that you like them but doing it not obviously because there’s always a chance of misunderstanding: what if you are wrong and a person doesn’t actually like you? What if they see you just as a good friend and have no plans to start any romantic relationships with you? All these questions make people hide their intentions in case their mutual affection was far-fetched: everyone is afraid of being rejected by people they like. In some cultures it motivates women to be more active and to make the first step: dating American women often seems easier to men because they often tend to be more active and initiative.

Why it’s hard sometimes to hint to a guy that he might kiss you

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Though sometimes it’s hard to get a guy to kiss you, it’s even harder to understand how to get a shy guy to kiss you. There are lots of nice yet indecisive young men who are not confident enough to make the first move: they are too afraid to misunderstand the situation and to feel embarrassed after. Their fear of rejection is very strong: regardless of a man’s self-esteem and confidence, most of them deal with rejections poorly and put lots of efforts into avoiding potentially unsafe situations. While lots of socially active and visibly popular men are afraid of rejection because it might make their self-esteem and popularity lower, many reserved and shy men are terrified to be rejected because this rejection might confirm their concerns about their own disadvantages. Of course, both types of men are not confident enough: a mature person with a stable and healthy self-esteem doesn’t perceive rejection as a personal attack or offence: we’re all different and have different tastes and preferences, so there’s no surprise that even a conventionally attractive man can be not suitable to someone’s taste. But these concerns, insecurities and self-esteem issues can’t be fixed in a moment, so lots of guys prefer to do nothing because doing nothing can’t cause rejection. It’s not always connected with youth” lots of people who are dating over 30 face the same issues with hints and shyness as younger people do.

While lots of socially active and visibly popular men are afraid of rejection because it might make their self-esteem and popularity lower, many reserved and shy men are terrified to be rejected because this rejection might confirm their concerns about their own disadvantages.

Also, lots of guys find women’s hints too unclear: they feel mixed signals and are confused because they feel like a girl they like might like them back but they are not sure. Lots of women who flirt with guys they like behave friendly and warm at one moment but become cold and restrained a moment after: most guys don’t understand these emotional roller-coasters and can’t figure out the girl’s attitude. Therefore, women who want to hint to guys that they like them should be more direct and avoid being too touchy and fickle: there is a high chance that a guy will think that a girl has already lost her interest in him and will move on.

How to get a guy to kiss you

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Though there is no such thing as an ultimate guide on making someone be more initiative, there are still lots of ways which can help you. Whether you’re interested in how to get a guy to want to kiss you or how to make a guy who is clearly into you more decisive and active, there are a few hints which can help you to achieve your goal. In most situations, when a lady can’t be straightforward and doesn’t want to be the person who initiates the first kiss she doesn’t want a guy to know that she’s pushing him: a first kiss is valuable because it happens naturally. Ladies want their men to want to kiss them: just like with presents, kisses are not great when you have to ask for them.

There are a few things which can make a guy want to kiss you and make him more initiative. Remember that not all of these hints work well on everyone: use a few of them to give him a subtle but clear signal and see what will happen:

  • Let him know that touching you is okay. Physical contact is extremely important for creating an intimate and reliable atmosphere: if a guy knows that he can touch you, then it increases the chance of him kissing you dramatically. Hug him while greeting, touch his hand to attract his attention, pat on his shoulder to encourage him - all these little things can shorten the distance between you and make everything much easier for him. Touching a person for the first time is extremely difficult and awkward for many people, and it’s especially true with people you like. People understand that a stranger’s touch can be inappropriate in many people’s eyes, so make a guy understand that it’s ok to touch you - and he might think that kissing you is also acceptable;
  • Get a little closer to him. There are some things which people understand instinctively: when an attractive girl leans closer to a guy, he often feels like he wants to kiss her. You can shorten up the distance between you to create the atmosphere of being close: it might show him that you find him reliable and attractive enough to be physically close to him. If he sees your face and your lips so close to him, then he might think that it’s the perfect moment to kiss you - so use this signal to make him more initiative;
  • Highlight your lips to get his attention - but not too much. It’s no surprise that beautiful women’s lips are seen as extremely attractive and sexy by most men: well-groomed and soft lips look extremely kissable and beautiful. Lots of men love ladies with pink glossy lips or red lipstick, so you can use this to make you even more attractive in his eyes. At the same time, lots of guys don’t want to kiss girls when their lipstick or lipgloss is on their lips: it can not only cause lots of strange sticky feelings but also drabble your faces. Use red lipstick to attract his attention but remove it in advance to give him an opportunity to kiss you;
  • Stare at his lips or into his eyes occasionally. Your long look at his lips can give him a pretty obvious signal: people avoid looking at things they don’t like for a long period of time, so if a lady is staring at a guy’s lips - then she definitely finds them attractive. Also, beautiful lady’s eyes can literally hypnotise a guy: it’s extremely easy to fall in love with someone who is looking into your eyes for a long time because you feel like a person can read your mind and truly understand you;
  • Kiss his cheek in a friendly manner. When you make it clear to him that touching you is okay but see no result, then you might try using a more obvious method: kiss a guy in a friendly manner on his cheek. This type of friendly kissing is flirty and playful but pretty innocent and unobtrusive at the same time. If a guy who likes you feels your lips on his cheek, then it will become extremely difficult to get this memory out of his head, so he might become much closer to finally kissing you;
  • Try whispering into his ear. Whispering is sexy and our ears are very sensitive: it’s an erogenous zone for most people because of it. Hearing a sensitive voice of a beautiful woman leaning closer to you, smelling her perfume and seeing her beautiful soft lips can make it much harder for him to resist. Don’t use this technique too often because sometimes people can have chills from hearing a whisper and it can be far from pleasant. Also, don’t whisper unexpectedly because you can scare him and all romantic atmosphere will disappear;
  • Pretend to be cold and let him take care of you. It’s an old trick to make a guy care for you: tell him that you’re cold and look at his reaction. A guy who’s into you will try his best to warm you: he can offer you his jacket or scarf, he can try to hold your hands to warm them and he might hug you to warm you with the heat of his body: all these things can be used to create a great atmosphere for kissing you. Show him your gratitude and joke about kissing him for making you warmer: it can help a lot;
  • Smile more! The best way to show a guy your friendly and positive attitude is smiling at him and looking into his eyes. This not only shows him that he causes positive emotions in you but also makes him sure that you’re friendly and open enough to react well to his attempt to kiss you even if you have no feelings for him. Remember that men are afraid of being rejected and make him sure that he can be open and relaxed when he’s with you - and that’s a great opportunity to make him more initiative and courageous!
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