A message to make him smile

There are lots of ways to bring romance and tenderness into relationships: couples use small gifts, little pleasant surprises and special dates to keep passion and affection in their dating. Romantic movies, beautiful restaurants, long walks in the evenings and flirty words bring colours to everyday routine: even though real relationships don’t look like love stories in romantic movies, in reality, people still manage to do many things to improve bounds they have. Every special moment you have with your partner is only special because you’ve decided to make it that way: when you put some effort into creating a special vibrant atmosphere, then it pays off.

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While some women prefer their men to be initiative and decisive, it’s a well-known truth that ladies are much better at romantic things than men. You should not always do the very first move, but you can’t disagree that while some guys don’t know what to do to please their girlfriends, women usually know what they would like to receive. That’s why it’s extremely important for both partners to put effort into relationships and make them as perfect as possible: even though girls don’t often approach and ask boys out, they still can do some little steps to improve relationships they already have. A good thing to do is to text your man to cheer him up and to expose to him how important he is in your life. Different cute texts for him are not difficult to write and don't require lots of effort, but it’s a great thing to improve your relationship. For your boyfriend, a text is just a little reminder that he’s dating an amazing girl who cares and misses him when he’s not around.

A few flirty things to say to your boyfriend can make his day: when a person feels that they are loved, needed and cared for, it brings lots of positive emotions and feelings. It might be a ray of sunshine in a dark and tiring working day: when everything seems grey and depressing, a nice message from a partner can bring colours to life. You probably know that as well: when your flirty boyfriend texts you a few times a day, you feel awesome, so don’t forget to give him these emotions back. Everyone needs an emotional recharge, so your guy is no exception.

Attention is key, so the fact that you genuinely care and remember about him is essential for every healthy relationship.

There are no clear rules about what texts to send a guy: it might be a joke, a fun fact, a romantic love text for him or just a question about his day at work. Attention is key, so the fact that you genuinely care and remember about him is essential for every healthy relationship. You probably have some inner jokes or cute nicknames which are very personal for both of you - these little things can improve your partner’s mood and give them the strength to overcome even the darkest day. It’s pretty normal to have ups and downs, but our close people are our source of energy and power, and that’s why people who always feel the support are the happiest.

Sending flirty messages to him is a thing which is normal for most relationships - and it should always be that way. This is the way to tell the reasons why you love your partner and just to show appreciation. In the very beginning of every relationship, it might feel a bit awkward to start - but if it becomes a good tradition, then you’ll have an opportunity to give and receive support at any time. There is nothing wrong in being emotional and attached: that only shows a deep level of your mental connection with your partner. If you don’t have that connection at all - then it might be a problem; otherwise, feel free to do everything you want to remind your significant other that you love them.

Flirty text messages for him: texts to make him smile

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Even though it seems that there are no difficulties in writing texts to send him, many girls feel too nervous and embarrassed to do this, and it’s especially true for the very beginning of a relationship. It might seem strange and uncomfortable to start chatting with a man when you’ve never done it before: if a man is not a guy who loves texting himself, he might read the message and smile, but not respond - then a girl would feel like he hates her and isn’t interested in communication. It’s wrong: lots of guys just don’t perceive messaging as something very important that you always need to react to: a lot of men just read these messages, and unless they contain questions or offers, they just close the message and smile. At the same time, it doesn’t actually mean that you need to write dozens of messages if a guy doesn’t respond, and it’s especially true if you aren’t dating yet. Words like “We’re not dating yet but I want to change that fact” don’t always work, so be sure you’re messaging a single guy who’s open for something new in his life.

Messaging is a great tool to build trust and strong emotional bound: different texts are great for different purposes. There are different text messages to send him: whether you just want to say “hello” or ask him to eat out tonight, that’s a little reminder that you think about him in your free time or appreciate his qualities which make him a good man. If he misses you, then he’ll probably answer, but even if he doesn’t answer - don’t panic or get nervous, he might be busy or not into texting at all. But even in that case, a pleasant message is delightful and he’ll probably thank you later while meeting you face-to-face.

Improvise, experiment and try something new: a small gentle try won’t do any harm but it can be a very pleasant surprise for a guy.

You don’t have to send texts for him every ten minutes: more than that, it would be seen as strange or even annoying. You don’t need to bombard his phone with messages: just a few sometimes is enough unless you’re both great fans of chatting all days long. A lot of men are too afraid to be seen as annoying and imposing too: it’s normal to be a bit shy at the beginning of the dating process. Don’t be too pushy and don’t present your message as something which obviously requires the answer from him: give him some space to get used to messaging and take the initiative later when he’s ready. Remember that messaging shouldn’t become something compulsory and strict because it might become a routine and lose all its charm.

Improvise, experiment and try something new: a small gentle try won’t do any harm but it can be a very pleasant surprise for a guy. You can combine different flirty texts for him or write your own based on some of the ideas below: such text will be even more sincere and personal. There are some ideas of what you can text him:

  • The more often I think of you, the more I understand that I like you more than coffee... and maybe even more than chocolate, and that’s a serious thing that says a lot;
  • You somehow make me feel like home wherever I am;
  • I think that I trust you more than I could ever imagine;
  • It's extremely hard for me to concentrate today because I am thinking about our last date all the time;
  • I am extremely lucky to find a best friend and an amazing partner in one person;
  • Since the day we met, I feel like flying and everything seems so unreal to me;
  • Now I know what "butterflies in a stomach" actually feels like;
  • The last time I met you I felt so happy, but now I miss you so much;
  • Can't wait until I hear your voice again - it gives me chills;

a handsome bearded man reading the messages from his girlfriend while smiling

  • I feel my heart races every time I dream about you. Guess, the moment we meet once again my heartbeat will be heard to everyone around;
  • I think the moment we met for the first time will be highlighted as a special day of my life forever;
  • It feels like you were personally created for me because it's unbelievable how much I like every part of you;
  • It doesn't matter how much I try - I just can't get you out of my head;
  • You are so good that you make me a better person every time I'm with you. Even when we're not around, I think about you every second;
  • It seems ridiculous how quickly I've lost my mind because of you. Now I can't even imagine my life without you being a part of it;
  • You can support me and bring me some hope in every difficult situation. You're like my personal angel;
  • In any situation I feel that you're the person I can rely on: I believe that you'll never break my heart and make me suffer;
  • I love wearing your shirts and hoodies: they feel much more comfortable and safe because they're yours;
  • I would like to have your scarf with your perfume on it to make me feel like you're around in cold days;
  • Every time after sending a message to you my heart races, but when I receive your answer I can't stop smiling;
  • When I look at you it seems to me that I know you for ages, just like we've been familiar forever;
  • Becoming older used to scare me, but now I feel like I can live a whole happy life with you and I am not afraid anymore;
  • Now I see you in my dreams even more often than in reality. I'd sleep forever just to be with you all the time;
  • You are the person I crave and admire at the same time, and I'm not even sure which feeling is stronger;
  • It feels like I've been waiting for you my whole life;
  • I've never thought that soulmates are real, but now I know they are. It's amazing how like-minded we are;
  • I feel like making you happy is the thing I'd never get tired of;
  • Your presence makes me believe in better: now I know how pure and amazing people can be;
  • I smile like an idiot every single time I think of you and the last time we met;
  • Our lust time together was amazing! Oh... I mean, our last time;
  • Just like Keany Reeves said: "You're breathtaking";
  • You seem so dreamy that I'm afraid to wake up;
  • Somehow you make me blush when you're not even here;
  • It feels like I'm a cuddle addict because I miss you so much;
  • You're so special that I don't even like my favourite actor anymore - he seems so dull now because I know you;
  • Every time you say you're proud of me and wish me good luck I'm about to cry - It's so touching;
  • Wherever you do for me means so much that I can't even express this with words;
  • The amount of care and love you give is unbelievable. I'll put all my effort into making you feel the same way;
  • There's no wine that can make me as dizzy as you can;
  • You're like my fortress: I feel that I'm completely safe and secure with you;
  • When you hug me I know I'm in great hands;
  • You make me dream about our great future and there's no even a second when I would want to look back;
  • You're my sunshine, so I would love to wake up and see you every morning;
  • You're like a cup of the best coffee for me: you are the reason I'm awake in the morning, you're hot, you smell amazing, you make me smile and I can't get enough of you;
  • The whole world would mean nothing for me without you;
  • I think my cat loves you more than me now, and I think it's a great sign because he's got a good taste;
  • You make me laugh so hard that my sides still ache after the last time we met;
  • Is there anything in the world that doesn't remind me of you? I think about you every second;
  • I would message with you all night without any sleep - I just can't get enough;
  • It's amazing how much you're like "the dream guy" from my fantasies;
  • How dare you to be so cute? I'm blushing now;
  • I find it impressive how smart and intelligent you are;
  • You can distract me from anything in this world when you're not even here;
  • I've never thought that I could have such spicy dreams about you, but it happened again;
  • When I remember about you in my life I understand that everything seems possible. If I managed to get such an amazing man as you are, then I can do everything;
  • It feels so lovely to fall asleep and wake up next to you;
  • You're the only men I'd allow to control me completely;
  • I start missing you the moment you leave and this happens every time;
  • It feels like all the happiness is gone when you're not around;
  • You've stolen my heart and I don't even want it back;

a man reading his messages while smiling happily

  • Even thinking of your smile turns me on;
  • I can't take my eyes from you when you're with me and I can't get you out of my dreams when you're far;
  • If I could turn back time and choose again, then I'd still choose you and only you ;
  • You're the only person I'd do all the household chores for;
  • I'm completely fallen for you and feel no regret at all;
  • I still think of your strong shoulders and muscular body and this picture doesn't go away;
  • If I had to choose between a million dollars and a date with you then I'd choose our drinks and desserts;
  • If you come to me tonight, then I'll give you a carte blanche for anything you want;
  • Now every love song sounds like it was made about you;
  • I start to understand every character from rom-com movies: I feel like an idiot because of how much I'm in love;
  • It seems to me that you try your best to make me fall in love even more than I am now, but it's impossible: I am completely yours;
  • Did you accidentally take my heart with you? Because it feels that way;
  • Let’s do some “we shouldn’t be doing this” kind of things. A lot of free space for imagination;
  • Now my bed seems too big for me when you're not with me;
  • It's hard to play cold when you're so hot;
  • No plant can grow as fast as my love for you;
  • You’re the piece of me I didn’t know was missing;
  • You are the person I would be happy to spend all my life with;
  • You make me brave, strong and able to do anything I want, and I can't even explain how important is that for me;
  • I am sure that together we can achieve anything and there's nothing we can't overcome when we're together;
  • I didn't use to understand how many songs in my playlist are about love until now;
  • I remember no book that can describe love as strong and affectionate that lives inside me now;
  • I'd rather spend a whole day with you than ten thousand days without you;
  • When I think about you, I have so much love inside me then I don't have any place for nervousness, fears, insecurity or sadness. You make me so happy that I can barely walk - I want to fly;
  • It's hard to be with someone as perfect and amazing as you are, but I think I'm strong enough to cope with that;
  • The only thing that stays between you and the most amazing man on Earth that can steal every woman's heart is a ridiculously expensive suit;
  • You're a part of my heart which was missed for such a long time. I'm glad you're here: now I feel complete and happy;
  • Your care, kindness and your amazing smile save me every day from anything bad that could happen to me in this world. You're someone who has stolen my heart but will always have a special place in my head.
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