Dating Icelandic singles

Iceland is an amazing country which is often associated with its beautiful Nordic nature and Vikings. There are brutal bearded men with stylish masculine haircuts, beautiful Scandinavian women with long romantic locks, and in general, there are a lot of really stunning people slaying by their natural beauty. Iceland is a country which is worth visiting for everyone interested in seeing the North in its cold and alluring beauty. No wonder that so many people all over the world dream of visiting that country and dating attractive Icelandic locals. Some of those people attracted by the Icelandic beauty are interested in moving there as well, some only want to be tourists and travel there for a while.

Whether you’d like to move to Iceland or just to go there for a while, you need to know a bit about the Icelandic customs and dating rules. What views and opinions those people usually have? What do they find silly or attractive? There are some facts about the dating culture of Iceland and Icelandic people you probably should know about before going there.

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What you should know about dating in Iceland

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Just like any other country, Iceland has its own features of dating and meeting new people. Even though the country is very modern and developed, it doesn’t always mean that the locals see dating and relationships in the same way as the other Western countries do. Some of traditional American or European things might be seen as extremely boring or stereotypical there, and at the same time, some of the things which are not very popular in other countries can be really appreciated there. It might give you a similar experience as after using the best Swedish dating websites but it definitely has lots of unique traits.

Even though a simple walk is often boring for people from different countries, there are a lot of unusual museums and beautiful places you can visit in Iceland. So add a bit of creativity and your date will be great and worth remembering.

One of the first things you should know about dating in Iceland - it can be rather pricey there. Scandinavian countries considered to be pretty rich and people living there have good salaries and economics, so it’s okay for them to pay more than a foreigner might be used to pay. It means neither that you’re obliged to go out only to expensive and popular places, nor that you need to go out on a date to a cafe or restaurant at all. There are a lot of ideas about how to spend time with fun and great memories while you’re on a budget. Even though a simple walk is often boring for people from different countries, there are a lot of unusual museums and beautiful places you can visit in Iceland. So add a bit of creativity and your date will be great and worth remembering.

As you may know, there are only a bit more than 300.000 people living in Iceland. That means that most of the people there usually socialize inside their social group and meet new people not that often than people from the other countries do. It makes it rather interesting for the locals to speak with foreigners and make new friends. Most of the Icelandic is extremely friendly and cheerful, so it won't be a great problem for a tourist to start a conversation with them. Even though some of those people are kinda shy, it makes many of them look incredibly cute. So whether you dream of a beautiful shield-maiden or a handsome Viking, it’s definitely worth trying to speak to those people.

Because of many Icelandic people being shy there are a lot of people who use the advantages the “liquid confidence” gives them. The locals drink a lot, and it’s especially seen while they try to make new friends or hook someone up. Alcohol not only makes those people more confident but also works as a boost which makes them more talkative and friendly. Even though a lot of foreigners are not into alcohol that much, it doesn’t mean that someone will try to force you to drink with them or behave rude or unfriendly while being drunk. In that case, the local love for alcohol drinks won’t cause any serious problems for you, but the bad thing is that those surroundings stimulate people who already have drinking problems to drink even more. If you have a good amount of self-control or avoid drinking a lot, then it won’t be your problem too.

But why do attractive Icelandic people need to drink? In fact, the shyness makes the local men pretty bad at approaching. As some people say, it’s extremely difficult for local men to approach, and somehow it’s much easier to find a sexual partner there than a partner for dating. Those people tend to avoid the phase that is usually considered the prerequisite to sex and start from the end. And maybe - only maybe - after that two people will be confident enough to know each other closer.

Icelandic dating rules

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There are some Icelandic dating rules which can help you to understand the locals better and to be more successful while looking for a potential partner. There are some things that are usually pretty obvious to the locals but might be new for the foreigners.

Don’t try to be a pick-up master

As you remember, the locals are not big lovers of creative and super-confident approaches, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have a chance to impress local girls by cheesy pick-up lines and inappropriate jokes. It will probably help you to stand out from the crowd, but definitely not in a good way. So if you want to approach a local girl, it’s better to behave friendly and relaxed. Use a few good jokes, act friendly and cheerful, and avoid any kinds of sexist or misogynistic humour there. Iceland is considered to be one of the best countries for women and one of the most developed ones in terms of gender equality. So treat women as equal human beings and everything will be fine.

Being too pushy won’t lead you anywhere

Icelandic women need to feel independent and they tend to be independent for a long time. There might be a lot of historically explained reasons for that, for example, their ancestors were responsible for their houses, all housework and family matters while their husbands were out at the sea and someone needed to take control. But whatever the reason is, pushing an Icelandic woman won’t help you at all, because those ladies are not only beautiful but also as hard as the shield maidens.

Not many people are going to start dating a person who is going to leave in a few days or can’t speak even basic Icelandic.

Interracial couples are normal there

Icelandic people tend to have no prejudices about race, and it’s especially true for the youngest generations of the local people. There are a lot of Icelandic men dating non-Icelandic women and vice versa. The factors that can be problematic while dating foreigners - the language barrier and the length of the person’s staying in the country. Not many people are going to start dating a person who is going to leave in a few days or can’t speak even basic Icelandic. Of course, a lot of people know English there, but it’s definitely not enough for long-term relationships and a deeper level of communication when both people want to express their feelings and emotions fully. So if you really want to date an Icelandic person, then try learning Icelandic at least a little bit - it will show not only your respect to the Icelandic culture and language but also the seriousness of your intentions.

Don’t turn a date into an interview

It’s a traditional American and Australian way of having a first date which makes the Icelandic extremely bored. The locals know well that asking the same stereotypical questions and interviewing your potential partner won’t create any emotional or sexual tension at all and will only turn an attractive person away from you. You need to use your creativity and avoid being stereotypical and too conservative while being on a date with an Icelandic.

Don’t show off too much

While visiting Iceland and trying to find new friends there remember not to show off too much and treat the locals as equals. It seems to be an extremely general rule, but there are still many people who look down on their waiter in a restaurant or behave arrogantly towards the others. It’s absolutely appropriate there; it’s considered not only impolite but simply shameful to be more or less than someone else. It doesn’t mean that you should have no personality there: you just need to remember that everyone else around you has their personalities too. Keep friendly and cheerful and there will be no problems for you to find new friends there.

Online dating in Iceland

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Even though a lot of Icelandic people tend to find their partners in real life, some of those beautiful singles are rather shy and it’s not that easy for them to find new friends and partners (at least without the help of the “liquid confidence”). More than that, it’s not always easy for a foreigner to find an Icelandic single for dating and having a relationship. Lots of people try dating over 30 online because it can significantly increase their chances to succeed. Online dating helps singles from different countries and cultures to find their true love no matter where you are and where your perfect soulmate is waiting for you.

It’s not always easy for a foreigner to find an Icelandic single for dating and having a relationship. has been connecting lonely hearts since 1993. Thousands of people all over the world have already found their perfect partners online. To change your life and meet an attractive Icelandic single you need to follow a few easy steps:

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