Dating in Malaysia

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, which definitely influenced its dating scene a lot. There are many restrictions and various kinds of behaviour are much more frowned upon than supported. But you can’t say that it’s impossible to be dating in Malaysia. This process can also be simple and enjoyable, if you take into consideration all the important traits of the local dating scene. What you need to do is be respective of traditions, even if they seem odd to you as a foreigner. And we are going to help you establish the love life with Malaysian singles and enjoy your Asian dating experience.

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Gender roles

Living in a pretty conservative country, Malaysians support traditional gender roles. This is both reflected in dating and marriage. Men in Malaysia are definitely the breadwinners, while women have to look good, keep the house and take care of the children. But before you get to this stage, you have to follow the gender-divided protocol as well.

Men in Malaysia are definitely the breadwinners, while women have to look good, keep the house and take care of the children.

For example, let’s talk about appearance. Patriarchal traditions imply that a woman should look good, but still modest. Many women in Malaysia, like in other Muslim countries, wear a hijab or at least some clothes which cover most of the body and preferably hair as well. If they are religious, they won’t even put on make-up and just try to take care about their skin and face. Of course, there are exceptions and you might see malaysian girls looking very european.

During dates, it is preferable for the men to pay the bill. Women in Malaysia don’t think it is appropriate to go dutch, so if you don't want to pay for your girlfriend, you might seem greedy. Finances are always men’s responsibility.

No public display of affection

While tourists in Malaysia have the right to do whatever they want, malaysians themselves restrict themselves quite a bit in terms of signs of affection. A couple tenderly holding hands is quite a regular thing on the streets, but everything else is thought to be extremely discrediting for both partners. Even hugging a person of the opposite gender is not approved that much, not to say anything about making out in public or grabbing a girlfriend by the waist. It is much better to keep all things physical to the moment when you are by yourself at somebody’s place.

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Serious relationships

When Malaysian singles are looking for a partner, they are usually considering a long-term commitment. As you may have already understood, dating around is not very much supported here. The main intention of dating a person is regular marriage: lots of people dating over 30 are extremely marriage-minded, so they don’t assume their dating to be fruitless.

Dating around is not very much supported here.

There are many restrictions for the couples, who are not married yet as well. Many parents would prohibit their daughters to stay in a room with her partner without a third-person or control her when she is out in the city. This is because sexual relationships pre-marriage are extremely judged. Malaysians tend to build serious relationships with strong emotional bonds first before becoming physical with their partner.

Women are never alone

If you want to get acquainted with a malaysian woman, you will have to meet her family or friends first. That is because women in Malaysia rarely go out on their own. If it is a night out, they spend time with friends. If they travel somewhere, they are surrounded by relatives. So if you approach her somewhere and suggest to get acquainted, all the close people will be nearby and meeting the family won’t be postponed for a long time.

Dating in Malaysia, you will also get used to seeing the family of your fiancee quite often. Probably, every time you pick her up at home or come for dinner.

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Malaysians don’t like to leave their house

While in other countries people meet their dates outside, go for a walk, drink liters of coffee in a nearby coffee shop or visit some fascinating events, malaysians would rather stay at home and relax in their regular comfy atmosphere. At least, they won’t agree to go somewhere each time you have a date - most likely your significant other would suggest to lay on a couch and watch a romantic movie together.

And if you do go out together, say, for a romantic dinner, remember the following rule: don’t schedule this meeting for late hours. Usually, when you agree to have dinner out, Malaysians expect to eat the food and then get home quickly, before the evening traffic strikes.

Same-class companions

In Malaysia dating a person from your own league is very much preferred. That doesn’t necessarily mean social class and wealth, but most probably financially stable people won’t regard those who earn less as equal companions. A good example of same-class check is education. If a girl has higher education or a master’s degree, she will probably want her partner to be equally educated. If the spheres of education happen to be the same, this is ideal - there is always something to discuss at dinner for such couples.

If a girl has higher education or a master’s degree, she will probably want her partner to be equally educated.

Malaysians definitely pay a lot of attention to the impression they leave. They always make an attempt to look well, develop professionally and work hard - they strive to become the people they would date themselves.

Malaysians love serious people

With such a substantial approach to relationships, no wonder Malaysians are looking for serious companions, who both treat their significant other and life in general earnestly. Women in Malaysia like men, who have a decent job and work hard. It proves that they are able to support the family and profive wives and children with everything necessary while having a respectful approach to all of them.

While Malaysians definitely have a sense of humour, they think it should be used in the right way. Jokes are appropriate in an informal conversation, when you don’t regard any serious topics or just chat with friends. But if your partner asks you something and you make a joke instead of giving the answer - it is a no-no. Even communication on social media should remain the same - don’t send just a couple of emojis in response, answer the way you would in a real-time conversation.

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Online dating in Malaysia

Even though you might think malaysians would frown upon dating online, they actually quite enjoy it. Of course, only for serious relationships or friendly communication. Many malaysians have a profile on a dating website, and it’s not only about younger people here. But again, they don’t necessarily come to online dating platforms to look for dating and marriage. Malaysians often struggle to find people of the same interests and tastes in real life, so they take their search online and get the best friends you could imagine.

Many malaysians have a profile on a dating website, and it’s not only about younger people here.

At the same time, even if you get acquainted in real life, you might not want to schedule a date right away. Which is why people use the social media and malaysian dating sites to communicate with a potential partner. Texting allows us to learn more about each other and just generally feel more confident when you finally arrange a meeting.

Choosing the right dating platform is never an easy process. You should be sure you can date safely, have a wide pool of compatible individuals from your area and be able to use the website conveniently. And you should get enough services for the given price. If you are still struggling with picking the right platform for online dating in Malaysia, we suggest you check out It actually meets all of the criteria listed above and many more:

  • It has a great security system, which detects any possible scammers and fraudsters and creates a perfectly safe space for online dating. You can take your own safety measures as well - there are even guidelines for such users which can be followed;
  • It is very simple to find a compatible partner on wherever you are. Thousands of people use this website to look for love all over the world, Malaysia included, so you can set your region and get a list of people who are waiting for a partner there;
  • You can both use in a browser and as a mobile application. It makes it even more convenient for online dating, since you don’t always have to have a personal computer on hand - just open the app on your mobile and keep texting your beloved one.

There is also an amazing searching system, which allows you to customize the search based on the criteria you have. You can choose the region, the education of your potential partner, hobbies and interests and even appearance traits. Just a few clicks and you are ready to meet the perfect malaysian guy or girl. Sign up at and start your journey to true love - thousands of malaysian singles are already waiting for you.

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