Dating single Albanian men

Have you ever met Albanian men? It’s hard to withstand their masculine beauty: dark and handsome Albanian men can easily conquer a woman’s heart. Dating an Albanian lover can be as passionate and enjoyable as dating an Italian man. The fire of passion in their eyes combined with their sporty and attractive bodies attract not only Albanian women, but also ladies all over the world. There’s no surprise that many of them would like to have relationships with these men: they are very family-oriented, they are responsible for their families and beloved ones and always keep their word.

  • Gwen, 26
    Lyon, France
  • Ahlam, 30
    Tunisia, Tunisia
  • Antony, 43
    Paris, France
  • Vicka, 36
    Alanya, Turkey
  • Irina, 42
    Helsinki, Finland
  • Ysabel, 44
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Daniela 🤍, 34
    New Orleans, USA
  • Julieth, 29
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Gene, 36
    Shanghai, China
  • Zhou En Ju, 42
    Beijing , China, China
  • Donato, 44
    Madrid, Spain
  • Lucio, 44
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

All their great qualities make Albanian guys passionate lovers, loyal boyfriends and husbands and caring fathers. Every woman wanting to have a strong man’s shoulder close to her can be sure that’s the right place to find a partner. These men might sometimes be far from feministic ideals: they often can’t cook and expect their women to be housewives or at least homemakers and look after children, but at the same time they are ready to provide for their families and support them.

If you’re interested in dating an Albanian expat in your country or have plans to move there and date a local man, then you need to know about their culture and traditions. Every country has some of them, and knowing about things which are customary or not can help to have the best possible dating experience with Albanian guys.

What you should know about dating Albanian men

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We all know that there are lots of stereotypes about each country and people living there. Some of them are partially true while some are absolutely not because everyone is different and it’s hard (and ineffective) to generalize all the people’s characters and features. Every person has their preferences, views and goals, so you can’t know every Albanian man only after dating one of them - they are all different. People sometimes differ drastically according to the region they live in, their standard of living and income, their upbringing and even other people’s influence in their lives. If Albanian men look attractive for you, then you definitely should give them a chance: even if your first potential partner won’t be exactly what you want from dating, the next one can suit all your expectations.

Every person has their preferences, views and goals, so you can’t know every Albanian man only after dating one of them - they are all different.

Sometimes stereotypes about people and countries can be even helpful: it allows you to have a generalized image of what to expect in your head. It’s also helpful to learn Albanian traditions and customs to know how to behave in dating and relationships. There are some fact about Albanian men which can help you to understand them better:

  • They value their families the most. Albanian men respect their parents, they care for their wives and children and are always ready to help their relatives;
  • Friends are very important for these men: they are always ready to have your back and do whatever they can to help you if you’re close to them;
  • They are very patriotic. Many countries have their problems, but regardless of all the difficulties Albanian guys love their country;
  • Albanian cuisine is unique and delicious, so prepare to try a lot of things you have never eaten before. Also, Albanian mothers are always ready to feed every guest in their house, so be polite and never reject them;
  • These people can be a bit conservative about many things, but they love learning new things and listening to other people’s opinions. Don’t be afraid to claim and explain your position about things but don’t be rude;
  • Albanian men are jealous and it makes relationships even more passionate and spicy. They are loyal and expect the same from their partners;
  • Also, even if sometimes they look too reserved and cold, they actually care about their loved ones and can surprise you with their level of affection, thoughtfulness and tenderness.

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