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Bulgaria is a country that has an interesting mixture of Slavic and European features which make it unique. Beautiful mountains, sea, hospitable weather and relatively cheap prices make the country great for tourism. People who enjoy cocktails while lying on the beach or exploring small old European streets often want to date Bulgarian people. It’s essential to be interested in finding someone who you can share your experience with. But what do people need to know about Bulgarian men?

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There are many stereotypes around the Slavic countries of the former socialist bloc. Some of them do not characterize people from the best side. However, this may apply to some people but does not mean that this should be expected from everyone. Do not think that all Slavs are intolerant people and are prone to sexism. Traditional attitudes about relationships and family change over time and young people are more likely to show better qualities. With the progress of society, views also develop for better. Therefore, now in Bulgaria, it is quite possible to find an interesting person with whom you can build strong relationships.

What you should know about Bulgarian men

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Bulgarian men are quite simple and undemanding. They know how to be content with little and enjoy ordinary things. And in this case, this does not mean that they are not ambitious. It's just part of the national character - the ability to enjoy everyday life and simple little things. Delicious food, good drinks and a pleasant stay are always important for them and can improve even a bad day. It’s easy to understand where such habits came from if you remember about their comfortable and hospitable climate. This land itself pushes its people to leisurely and calmness. If it's already time for lunch, then nothing should break the usual way. Nothing is so important as to make a Bulgarian rush if it is not about work. From this comes another trait - patience. After all, if there is nowhere to rush, why worry? A long queue or a delayed bus is unlikely to make such a person nervous. Internal balance is conducive to a meditative and measured life.

However, in terms of relationships, Bulgarian guys can show excessive emotionality. This is largely due to the excessive narcissism that is common among Slavic men. It also leads to overly inflated self-confidence. Bulgarians are often ready to get down to business even without knowing how to solve the problem correctly. On the one hand, this confidence and ability to take the initiative gives the partner a sense of a secure shoulder next to him. On the other hand, this approach sometimes leads to ridiculous mistakes.

Bulgarian guys can show excessive emotionality.

The guys in Bulgaria are very housewifely. They know how to work with their hands and are not afraid to take on new tasks. As already mentioned, self-confidence allows them not to suffer from doubts, but simply try again and again until a solution is found. In general, this is good in everyday life and at work, but it does not work best in unusual situations. It is common practice to keep your own toolbox and small consumables for any occasion. It can be very useful when a man can save money and fix something in the house himself. And although this also has to do with traditional roles, it is not inherently bad. You can often find guys who are quietly doing housework, laundry or cooking.

Bulgarians love their family and have a strong bond with relatives. Respect for elders and caring for loved ones are absorbed from childhood and is considered a must. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, Bulgarians are good family men. There are also eternal revellers who do not linger in more than one relationship, but if you manage to meet a good guy, then you can definitely rely on him in household matters. Also, Bulgarian men are very fond of children, and not only their own or the children of relatives. Bulgarians will be happy to tinker and play with the kids, roll the ball or carry them on their shoulders. This weakness for babies makes them good fathers who are not afraid of responsibility and caring for children.

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