Dating single short men

Even though a lot of women prefer dating tall guys, there are plenty of ladies who know that height is not really important in creating strong and healthy relationships. Dating a shorter man can become not only a nice new experience but also the beginning of a life-long journey leading to marriage and happy life. Short men are not even remotely worse than other potential partners, and that’s why many smart ladies prefer dating them instead of looking for a tall man.

  • Samantha, 24
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Monica, 29
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Bert(晓波), 52
    Shanghai, China
  • Nikola, 33
    Odesa, Ukraine
  • Noah, 48
    Sydney, Australia
  • Martin, 40
    Yucatán, Mexico
  • Lourdes, 33
    Madrid, Spain
  • Javier, 30
    Villavicencio, Colombia
  • Natalia, 23
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • Theodora, 37
    Abuja, Nigeria
  • Alice(Xi), 48
    Los angeles, USA
  • Juliet, 30
    Shanghai, China

Dating has never been an easy thing, especially in the very beginning of potential relationships. People have a lot of preferences, insecurities, hesitations and fears connected with approaching new people, so it’s even more obvious that people who are not conventionally attractive or simply not confident enough often suffer the most. That’s why a lot of great short guys claim it’s extremely hard for them to find partners for dating.

Height is often considered a very important trait of a male attractiveness as a symbol of strength and masculinity. At the same time, it’s never a sign of intelligence, maturity, reliability or care a person can provide to their partner. Short men are often well-educated, have a good sense of humour and great personality, so these features help them to compensate for their height a lot. More than that, is being short even a disadvantage?

What are pros of dating short men

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Nowadays more and more women admit they have found their happiness with their short kings. A lot of women looking for tall boyfriends only narrow down their opportunities to meet a decent man. There are many reasons to date a short man and change your opinion about the importance of height.

Short guys have more stable relationships

According to many pieces of research, short men tend to have divorces much more rarely than tall men. It's evidence of them being more committed, loyal and ready for discussing their problems rather than punching a table and forcing their authority. Knowing about the fact that it’s harder for shorter men to find partners makes them value and respect women they have, so they don’t cheat and actually work on their relationships.

Many short men have so-called “Napoleon complexes”: they tend to compensate for their height with their leadership skills, ambitions and energy.

Short men have big personality

Many short men tend to fight for them to be noticed and approved. That’s why plenty of them are smart, humorous, intelligent and charismatic: all these features help them to become leaders, to strengthen their characters and charisma, so short men dating over 30 can easily become extremely charming and witty. Therefore, short men are often much more fun to be with: they somehow manage to create an impression as they are everywhere, so people quickly forget about their height. It’s also interesting that many short men have so-called “Napoleon complexes”: they tend to compensate for their height with their leadership skills, ambitions and energy. Persistent people knowing what they want and ready to take the initiative are always attractive as hell.

They are comfortable in everyday life

It’s much more comfortable to kiss a partner who is about your height and the same goes with hugs and sex. Being on the same level makes the process much more comfortable for both partners and initiates them being more adventurous and ready for experiments. You both will be comfortable while hugging and watching TV or sleeping, holding hands and even speaking - your necks won’t hurt because of you trying to look into each other’s eyes. All the problems like reaching the upper shelf can be easily solved with the help of a stool.

Being short doesn’t mean being unattractive

There are plenty of celebrities who are not tall at all but still have millions of fans all over the world. The reason is not in their money or fame - their charisma and charm make everyone fall in love with them. Attractive face and sporty body also look good on every person regardless of how tall they are, so if you want to have a muscular and strong partner then you can look for him not only in a tallboys list. Also, some researchers claim that shorter people often have better health than taller ones, so your short king will be around for a longer time.

You don’t have to give up high heels

Even though some women assume their short men have complexes and don’t want them to wear high heels, it’s false. A lot of guys love women wearing hills regardless of their height, and also your man is probably mature and confident enough to have no problems with you being even a bit taller than usual. Heels make women look taller, their legs look slimmer and their figure becomes gracious - what kind of man would disapprove? Also, you’ll feel like a model next to your man!

While some women are sure that they can experience that passion while dating tall men, ladies dating short kings know that short men are often much more active and initiative.

They often are more passionate

Every woman wants to feel desired and loved passionately and it’s especially true for an intimate part of life. While some women are sure that they can experience that passion while dating tall men, ladies dating short kings know that short men are often much more active and initiative in sex. It might also be connected with compensation, but while taller guys are mostly concentrated only on their own pleasure, shorter men actually try to do their best and satisfy their lovers. These are guys who don’t always think only about themselves and it’s pleasant not only in bed but also in other spheres of life.

Short men ready for dating taller women often have wider views on relationships

It’s not only about them not being superficial and concentrating on other people’s appearance too much, but it’s also about being more open for dating women who are not only stereotypically younger, shorter, smaller and quieter than they are. They are ready to find their perfectly suitable partner whoever she is. Only people with bigger personalities and wider views can do that, so be ready to find your soulmate and perfect partner in a short guy. Also, remember that it might be as unusual and awkward for him as it is for you, but he’s mature and confident enough to date a taller girl, so it’s your turn.

You might look like a typical Italian couple and it’s attractive

Stereotypical Italian couple is usually portrayed by a shorter man and a gorgeous taller woman. Somehow they always manage to look stunning together: it might be their sense of style, confidence, humour or charisma, but the partners always look so comfortable and suitable together that no one is about to criticize them. If both of you look happy together and glow from the inside, then it’s much more important than being with a taller guy.

Find attractive short guys online

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It’s always easy to start dating people who are single, ready for new relationships and are able to open their hearts for new experiences and love. It takes a lot of courage to approach someone appealing while meeting in real life especially when you’re introverted and want to know a person better before dating. The dating game is never easy, so shy and modest people are often too quiet to take the initiative and start talking with interesting people around.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, how tall you are and what hobbies you have - online dating gives a chance for everyone who is interested in meeting new people and is able to keep the conversation.

Online dating has become one of the most important ways to meet new people ready for relationships for people of all ages and preferences. It doesn’t matter where you are from, how tall you are and what hobbies you have - online dating gives a chance for everyone who is interested in meeting new people and is able to keep the conversation going. Therefore, thousands of new users join online dating services every day. It’s a great opportunity for both short men to find love and impress ladies with their intelligence, sense of humour and charisma and ladies interested in shorter men to find their love. provides its users with an excellent opportunity to find like-minded and interesting people wherever you are. More than 25 years of experience let them understand what people want from online dating perfectly. According to your preferences, goals, views and hobbies, the searching algorithm will show you the best suitable potential partners both locally and all over the world. It’s time to date globally!

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  • Click on interesting people’s profiles and wait for a response. When you match, then you’ll be able to start a conversation with the help of the direct messages on a platform or via live chats in case you prefer speaking over messaging.

Find a short man of your dreams online and become happy with!

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