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A lot of people all over the world think height is a very important trait of masculine attractiveness. Many women’s ideal men can be described as handsome, dark and tall, so there is no surprise that tall guys usually have a lot of extra points in the dating game. Tall women love men taller than they are, medium-height women want to be able to wear high heels while still being shorter than their partner and short women often love feeling even more petite with their tall boyfriends. The height might not be crucial in every situation, but this feature might be extremely important for many women as well.

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    Shanghai, China
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    Bogotá, Colombia
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    Venezuela , Venezuela
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    Odesa, Ukraine
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Lagos, Nigeria

Nowadays it is considered a fact that women prefer dating tall men. It’s seen not only as a stereotype or a theme for jokes but also as something truthful which everybody knows but rarely discusses. Some women are ok with dating men with the same height as they are, some are fine with men who are only a bit taller guys while many women are attracted to really tall guys. People can’t decide what to like and what to be attracted to: a lot of women say that they prefer tall men because they feel protected and safe with them. At the same time, it goes without saying that shorter guys are not less intelligent, smart, caring and responsible than the taller ones. So what are the real pros of dating tall men?

Why women prefer dating tall men

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Every person is different and things which are important for one person might be inconsiderable for another one. At the same time, many women see advantages of height and date tall men.

They are strong

Even though it might be a stereotype, a lot of women see tall guys as strong and protective. Whether it’s connected with biology or physics, women feel safe and protected while being with their tall boyfriends. Even though height is often seen as an attribute of masculinity, we should remember that it doesn’t guarantee politeness, respectful attitude and responsibility. Shorter guys can be kings as well, but the first impression matters.

They are confident

A lot of tall men feel much more confident while approaching and dating women - and that’s true. They might even look down on shorter people sometimes because they feel perfection. It goes without saying that confidence is sexy - and tall men have a lot of it.

A lot of tall men often mention their height in their profiles while shorter guys don’t write anything about it at all.

They are easy to spot

It’s obvious that it’s easy to notice a tall guy in a crowd, but it’s also pretty easy to meet a tall guy online. The fact is, a lot of tall men often mention their height in their profiles while shorter guys don’t write anything about it at all. That kind of bragging might be very convenient for ladies looking for tall partners - you just need to go online and read the info carefully.

They are extremely attractive

Last but not least - women are wildly attracted to tall men. It might be connected with our biology or history, but regardless of reasons it’s true - many women prefer to be shorter than their partners. Tall men have their charm and confidence, so sometimes they need to put much less effort into their dating games.

Women love wearing high heels

Women wear high heeled shoes and boots because it improves their posture, figure and makes them look taller. At the same time, they still don’t want to look taller than their men - there’s a balance between being tall but not too tall. A lot of men love tall women but date ladies who are shorter - it makes them feel more masculine, confident and strong. Naturally, men want to be protective breadwinners and need to feel physically able to protect themselves and their ladies, and somehow height also influences their confidence. That’s why for many women their ability to be tall and sexy while staying short and fragile compared to their partners is important.

Find handsome tall men online

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