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Green hills, mountains, mysterious forests and gorgeous European architecture are a business card of Romania - a beautiful European country which is often considered a motherland of Dracula and one of the most attractive touristic places for people who love its unique mystical beauty. All the amazing scenery and attractive local people make tourists want to come there again and again.

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Romania is one of the countries occupying the Balkan Peninsula and as a neighbouring state is an interesting mixture of Western and Eastern cultures. Many traditional beliefs have survived here and people are very religious. But at the same time, young generations are striving for change and many leave for other European countries for prospects. On the one hand, there are outdated concepts while on the other hand are the trends of modern times. It is important to remember that all people are different. Still, there are certain trends.

What you should know before dating a Romanian man

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To understand those people a little bit better and to know the general image of what Romanian men are like you need to know a bit about their character and views. Of course, stereotypes can often be wrong and generalisations are often false as well, there are some common features you can see in many local people and should know about in advance.

Romanians are quite unhurried people. Like residents of neighbouring countries, they know how to enjoy life and value a good vacation above anything else. A good meal, pleasant music and dancing are valued more than punctuality and diligence. A distinctive feature is the ability to do everything at the last moment. A Romanian man can be going to do something for several days and only when time is running out he will cope with everything in a few hours. So do not expect the agreement to be fulfilled on time, most likely everything will be done at the last moment. Most people are quite open and talkative, you are unlikely to get bored. This friendliness and talkativeness are somewhat overshadowed by frequent complaints about everything. It is customary for some people to blame everyone around for problems and dissatisfaction is expressed at any opportunity whole the others always try to do their best to succeed. In general, Romanians are very cheerful people and it is pleasant to communicate with them.

Most people are quite open and talkative, you are unlikely to get bored.

Romanian men have a cheerful disposition and are more likely to show concern and attentiveness in relationships. During the courtship period, they behave gallantly and try to surround the girl with attention. The guys there are pretty conservative about rituals. Therefore, you should expect at least a bouquet on the first date. Honesty about feelings is a nice feature. If a guy has something on his mind, he is unlikely to hide it and will be extremely honest when he talks about what he likes and what he doesn’t like at all. In communication, they are quite emotional and you can quickly understand what type of man is in front of you.

Romanian people pay their particular attention to family and relatives. The Romanian men are in touch with numerous relatives. They usually try to maintain close relationships with their parents throughout their lives. And of course, first of all, they also strive to create a strong family themselves, so lots of them start dating over 30 because they see marriage as a goal of dating. Romanian men make excellent caring fathers. Maybe sometimes they tend to allow children to do anything they want and spoil them, but they are unlikely to take no part in upbringing and raising kids. It is also worth noting that Romanians are quite capable. The ability to do something with your own hands and fix things with improvised means can be a good help in life. Where some will see old junk, a Romanian man sees a valuable source of parts and materials for fixing other things or even creating something completely different.

It’s often considered that the customs there are pretty old-fashioned. Some of the traditional Romanian traditions are very outdated for the Western world. However, this does not manifest itself in everything. It is not always customary to divide the distribution of household chores and responsibilities into male and female. In Romanian families, the husband can calmly cook, clean and take care of the children. For all the adherence to tradition in Romania, there is also a place for progressive views. This is especially noticeable in large cities and the capital - Bucharest. There are many young people who would prefer to pursue a career and significantly raise their standard of living before starting their family. But young people often try to leave for better conditions further west. That means that your potential Romanian partner will probably have nothing against moving abroad with you - the locals are usually pretty open for that perspective.

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