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Turkey is a perfect place for vacations and holidays: amazing warm sea, unusual oriental architecture, excellent weather and beaches where you can relax and enjoy life. A lot of people go there regularly because it’s relatively cheap and pleasant: all the tasty dishes in hotels and restaurants and wonderful memories about happy days spent at the seaside make people want to come back again and again. Some people go there with their families and kids, some people prefer going to Turkey with their friends or alone. Single women often fall in love with handsome Turkish men who definitely know how to win a girl’s heart and dream of dating them. It gives them another reason to visit this beautiful place again or even to move there one day.

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A lot of women dream of dating a man who can turn their lives in a fairy tale: they want to be treated like princesses, receive compliments and gifts and know their men adore them. That’s why many of them prefer dating oriental men: they are passionate, masculine, tempered and know how to spoil their ladies. They are also perfect for those women who dislike hookups and one-night stands: most of the Turkish men are into serious long-term relationships and love their women being family-oriented too.

At the same time, it’s essential to remember that dating customs and traditions in Turkey are often very different from what we’re used to in the Western world. Of course, most of those things are not crucial: when two people are in love, they always can find a compromise and learn to respect and admit each other’s features and values. It’s important not to underestimate the difference, but also not to pay too much attention to it. If you’re lucky enough to find a Turkish man of your dream, then he’ll definitely make you happy.

What you should know about Turkish men

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Turkish men are well-known because of their passion, dignity, serious attitude towards life and strict morals. A Turkish man is taught from the very childhood how to be a real man who is responsible for his family, honour and future. They need to be hard-working, smart, enterprising and honest to succeed in life. That’s why a lot of Turkish men might seem very serious and even grumpy: a great burden of responsibility is constantly on their shoulders. Keep in mind that in most of the traditional Turkish families wives don’t work and look after kids while their husbands earn their living, and you’ll understand why they might look not very cheerful while being busy and speaking about the job. At the same time, if a Turkish man has time to relax and see his family, he’s usually very cheerful, humorous, generous, caring and pleasant. Those men love their families and can do anything to supply and protect them.

Turkish men might seem very serious and even grumpy: a great burden of responsibility is constantly on their shoulders.

Of course, Turkish men have more qualities every woman wanting to date them should know about. Even though some of them are mostly stereotypes and it’s unfair to treat all Turkish men equally, it’s always better to be aware of some traits of a Turkish mentality to avoid some unpleasant moments.

Turkish people are jealous

This statement definitely suits not only Turkish men but also women, so be careful while flirting if you’re not 100% sure that both of you are single. If you date a Turkish man you should forget that other men exist: your partner would like to have the maximum of your love, care and attention, so he’ll be more than happy to give his love and affection back. Don’t tease him and don’t feed his jealousy: admit that this is another side of his passionate nature and enjoy his demonstration of love.

These men are persistent

It’s hard to underestimate how persistent and determined those men can be, especially while trying to approach and ask a girl out. While in most countries “no” means “no”, a Turkish man might consider “no” as a part of a flirty game. They are often taught to approach more than once, so even if a woman seems uninterested, they will probably try once again later, and maybe even once again in a while. In a dating game, Turkish men are hunters and chasers: they love their women to be a prize a man should conquer. So don’t be aggressive or rude if you’re sure you don’t want to get into a relationship with the guy: just be persistent in your refusal too.

While in most countries “no” means “no”, a Turkish man might consider “no” as a part of a flirty game.

Remember about how people see you

Turkish people love talking, so unfortunately many of them love gossip and rumours too. News spreads ridiculously fast there, so be very careful with what you say and who you are with. These people always care about what other people think of them, so be sure to behave decently, otherwise, your Turkish man will be told about that very quickly. That’s another thing that can make Turkish men very jealous, but that’s the situation which is very difficult to change.

Turkish men love their women to be smart, but modest

Even though these words can describe Turkish attitude towards intelligent and clever women too, it’s mostly about the way they look and take care of themselves. Obviously, they dislike their women to be seen in defiant clothes, and the reason for that is not only jealousy but mostly their strict traditions and culture. Local women are expected to be modest, wise, humble and respectful, and it’s especially true for public places. So if you’re going to have serious relationships with a Turkish man, then be ready to dress like a prude.

Learn how to cook

Turkish men love tasty food: a traditional Turkish cuisine consists of lots of meat, olives, oil and pastry. A lot of Western people might think their dishes are too heavy and unhealthy, but most of those people somehow manage to keep fit while having all these amazing dishes around. Knowing that it’s not surprising that Turkish men expect their women and wives to cook well. A Turkish woman is usually an amazing chef: they are taught how to cook from an early age by their mothers, so most of them have great recipe books in their heads. You don’t need to compete with them: learn to cook his favourite dishes and let him try some traditional dishes from your country. It’s often said that a well-fed man is a happy man, so learn to enjoy cooking!

Avoid careful topics while speaking to a Turkish man

Most of the Turkish people are very religious while some of them are not. It might be kinda surprising for people who are not very acquainted with Turkish culture, but nowadays a lot of modern Turkish people tend to behave and think as the Westerners do. At the same time, it’s always better to know in advance whether a Turkish man you like is religious or not: it will give you an image of what he expects your future life as a family to be. Nevertheless, many Turkish men are interested in politics, history and business, so don’t assume they only speak about religion all the time. They are mature, developed people with different hobbies and interests as well as family values and rules.

Many Turkish men are interested in politics, history and business, so don’t assume they only speak about religion all the time.

They are very family oriented

Those men don’t usually date for a long time: if they are sure that the girl they like is the one they need and love, they prefer to marry pretty soon. It’s usually seen as a very important and serious step in Western society, and those people have a very serious attitude towards family too - they just don’t think you should wait a lot before marriage. At the same time, there are still lots of mature single men interested in dating over 30 because they want to find decent women to create families with. Another thing you should remember about is that they love kids. It’s almost impossible to find a Turkish man who only wants to have one child - most of them would be happy to have as much as they can. Even though all people are different, most modern Turkish people allow their wives to decide whether they want to have a lot of kids or not because they understand how difficult and painful it can be. At the same time, if a woman wants children too, a Turkish man would do everything he can to provide his family with everything they need and make them feel protected, well-fed and happy.

They love their parents

Being family-oriented doesn’t always mean only to be devoted to your spouse and kids. Turkish men love their parents and relatives a lot and always make sure they give a lot of attention, time and care to them. A Turkish man can call his parents daily just to know that everything is fine with them and visit them at least once a week. They also tend to listen to their parents’ opinion carefully, so you need to make a good first impression on their parents if you want to be approved by them too.

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