Types of kisses and what they really mean for the relationship

Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss but often it means a lot more than that. People tend to look for signs and hidden meaning in everything: there are lots of theories and approaches to analyze many things around us. It’s not even surprising that people’s behaviour and actions are analyzed even more often than other things: people can’t read minds but have always wanted to. It’s extremely important to know what our colleagues, friends and neighbours think of us but it’s even more important to know what happens in our partner’s mind. Even though many people think they know their lovers and spouses well, sometimes we still hesitate and feel unsure - and that’s when we turn our inner Sherlock Holmes on.

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Love has lots of gestures and signs which partners tend to use to communicate with each other. The language of love is expressed by hugs, kisses, looks and touches, compliments and little inner jokes. We love being close to our beloved ones and we tend to seek intimacy: we want to touch and caress our significant others as much as we can. Being with someone attractive and passionate is mind-blowing from the very beginning of relationships: people are mad about their partners and it seems that they don’t even see the world around them while being with their beloved ones. In the very beginning of every romantic relationship, people behave like they are ready to kiss each other all day long - and some of them really are. In a situation when you can barely control yourself and are captivated by feelings it’s hard to think about what kisses you give and receive actually mean - even though it may be very important for understanding the dynamics of your relationship.

Do you remember your first kiss? Most people do: they often associate their first time kissing someone with their first time being in love with someone special and youth. All the butterflies in your stomach and rapid pulse can appear with almost every new partner in your life - but the feeling of being kissed by an attractive person who you’re in love with for the first time happens only once in a life. That only highlights the importance of kissing in our lives - we can’t imagine a relationship full of care and love without this. It’s a symbol of pure romantic love: it’s not always connected with passion and can symbolize care, affection, tenderness, innoсence and respect. All of these things are valuable and all of them together help us to create an amazing and unforgettable experience of being with someone you find very special.

Lots of people claim that kissing often feels much more intimate than actual sex: the mixture of passion and innocence makes a kiss extremely important for both partners whether they are at the beginning of their dating process or in a stable and long-lasting relationship. The first sex with a new partner is exciting and amazing, but kisses can be not less exciting and passionate. It’s not always foreplay or a game which leads partners to something more intimate: it’s just a way to show tenderness and affection to let the partner know how much you value them.

Many people don’t intentionally put any meaning in their kisses: most of them do it because they want it and they feel like it’s an appropriate moment to do so. All the types of kisses and meanings imply that it happens unknowingly or even occasionally: people filled with their emotions find the easiest way to express their feelings by kissing their partners without any intention to give them any signs. At the same time, it's seen that most of the passionate kisses actually portray desire and readiness to go wild and make things more clear. In the very beginning of the relationship, these kisses can directly show a partner’s wish to have sex: some of them are more obvious while the others are pretty reserved and restrained but still have the same meaning.

Kisses are just like any other gestures: holding hands or hugs. They all have their specific meaning. Knowing various types of kisses and what they actually mean can help you to understand your partner better and to make your mental and emotional connection even stronger. Whether your partner is clearly in love with you or losing their interest in you, gripped by passion or cold and distracted - all these things can be seen in the way they kiss you. To understand your relationship even better, learn to read the kissing language and what it actually means.

Different types of kisses and the meanings behind them

a man kissing his girlfriend

People love kissing: even thinking about it can make some people’s hearts beat faster and turn their cheeks red. While in some countries it’s seen as inappropriate even to hold hands in public, in most Western countries people can openly kiss wherever they want. Different countries can sometimes have customs and traditions connected with kissing which are different from what the other world sees. There are places which are made exclusively for kissing, there is a tradition to kiss the Pope's ring and there are lots of wedding customs which include kisses all the time. What seems normal for you might look strange for a foreigner and it’s normal: we’re all unique and people who belong to different cultures can sometimes surprise each other.

But the fact is that sometimes people who are madly in love can misinterpret the signs and assume their partner is on the same emotional level when they aren’t.

Lots of people understand the main meaning of different kisses on the emotional level: it’s obvious that passionate or caring kisses are not the same and differ drastically. But the fact is that sometimes people who are madly in love can misinterpret the signs and assume their partner is on the same emotional level when they aren’t. Wrong assumptions can sometimes lead to situations when the partners feel differently but don’t understand it because they both can’t read the signs.

Even though the main meaning of types of kisses can be easily seen without analyzing it, there are also lots of undertones and hidden meanings behind them that also might be pretty important. You may suddenly understand that your beloved one sees you more like a little sibling than an equal partner or is only interested in sex with you. The passion might be gone and the way your partner chooses to kiss you is the easiest way to see that. Read the most popular types of kisses and their meanings to become an expert in kissing:

  • A royal-like hand kiss is often used without any romantic undertone: for many people, it’s just a way for a man to greet a woman at public events. The tradition has deep cultural rules and as it can be clearly seen the hand kisses were used to show respect to the people whose social status was much higher. Nowadays this kiss might also be used like a playful and flirty way to greet someone, but you shouldn’t think that it surely means anything: the man might use this kiss to say “hello” to all the ladies around;
  • Another type of kiss which usually has no romantic undertone is a platonic kiss: friends use it to greet or show their mental connection between each other and parents often kiss their kids the same way. This type of kiss is so incredibly innocent that even most of the extremely jealous partners won’t be mad at you if they see you kissing the friend that way. Of course, there are situations when one of your friends is secretly in love with you, but that innocent kiss can’t be a signal of them wanting something more;
  • A so-called angel kiss is another type of a pretty innocent kiss but it assumes romantic intentions. A person is lightly kissing their partner’s eyes: it symbolizes tenderness and care without any sexual intentions. It’s a pure and romantic way to tell your partner how much you care about them and to show your affection as well;
  • Lots of people use a cheek kiss as a greeting: for instance, it’s extremely popular in France and also lots of ladies greet each other the same way all over the world. Also, relatives often kiss each other’s chicks. Unfortunately, partners who start losing interest in each other use this type of kiss as well: it might be seen as cold and impersonal for many people, so use it carefully. At the same time, it can be a romantic flirty kiss: it’s innocent but romantic at the same time and it depends on situations;
  • One of the cutest ways to show affection is a nose kiss. It’s tender, playful and caring at the same time: a person who’s kissing you that way definitely thinks you’re extremely cute. It’s a friendly and sincere gesture which shows lots of warmth and affection;
  • An Eskimo kiss is also connected with the nose, but it actually is not a traditional kiss at all because lips are not involved: you just touch or rub your partner’s nose with yours. It’s a very cat-like gesture, so It’s also a sign of tenderness and affection: it’s innocent but it says about a great mental connection and mutual understanding;
  • A forehead kiss is something that shows lots of love in a non-sexual way. The person who kisses your forehead shows that you’re loved, cared for and protected. You’re safe as long as the person is close to you;

a couple kissing tenderly

  • Just like the previous one, a top of the head kiss is non-sexual and mostly shows care and protection. Because it’s very nurturing some people might think that this type of kiss is for little siblings and children, but it’s not always like that: a man kissing his girlfriend’s head shows that he cares and wants her to feel safe;
  • While a closed-lips type of kissing is a romantic way which shows innocence and tenderness, an open kiss is a way more passionate way to express love. It might involve tongue or not, but it definitely has sexual undertone and shows desire: this kiss is often seen in romantic movies, so it’s strongly associated with passion. Kiss your new partner with your eyes closed and your mouth open and you’ll understand that things are very serious;
  • An unexpected romantic kiss is often called a stolen kiss: it’s rapid, playful and flirty and it comes suddenly when you’re not waiting for it. It shows that a person is thinking about you and wants to cheer you up or to show that they have some romantic thoughts. Some people claim it’s extremely sexy: an unexpected kiss can turn them on quickly and make them think about intimacy instead of anything else;
  • A wrist kiss is extremely intimate: even though it might look elegant and tender it mostly shows desire: a person would like to jump into bed right now but the fact you’re not alone stops them. It’s sexy because a man knowing how sensitive this zone shows you how skilled he is;
  • A famous French kiss is an extremely popular variation of an open-mouth kiss which includes tongue and shows great intimacy and desire: it’s openly sexual and it shows that partners want to become closer to each other by all meanings. Even though some people think that this technique requires skills and practise, it’s mostly about your passion and sincerity: if a person knows they’re desired, then they’ll answer you with the same energy;
  • A lizard kiss goes even further than a French kiss: this technique requires only tongues and it shows only concentrated desire and lust. It’s warm, wet and hot, but it actually requires some skills to be pleasant for both partners because it’s not that easy to do the kiss when your lips aren’t involved. Even though it’s not for everyone, it might be great foreplay and a nice opportunity to experiment and improvise;
  • Another very passionate kiss is a neck kiss: it’s a giant flag which says “I want to have sex with you right now”. The neck is an extremely sensitive zone both for men and women and it turns on almost everyone: kissing it and playing with your tongue there can make people go crazy, so be careful. Also, you should remember that men with tickling beards or moustaches can make women giggle rather than want to jump into bed;

a young couple kissing outside

  • An intimate collarbone kiss is a clear prelude and foreplay: it shows that a man adores his woman’s body and is full of passion. Also, this type of kiss is often possible only when her collarbones are seen, so she is probably half-naked at the moment. Women love collarbone kisses because it’s tender, elegant and passionate too: this zone is very close to the neck-zone and it makes the skin there very sensitive. Kiss your partner there and they’ll definitely be turned on;
  • When you’re both passionate and French kissing is just not enough you might try a biting kiss: it’s sexy because it’s wild and a bit painful at the same time. A bite kiss is filled with energy, dominance and challenge: both partners show their desire and sexual drive to each other. You need to remember that this type of kiss is not for everyone: more than that, it’s easy to cross the line and bring more pain than pleasure. Start with a small bite and wait for the reaction: if it’s negative or a person prefers to ignore it - then it’s better to skip that part;
  • The top-sexual thing is a body kiss: it’s obvious that it happens before sex and works as foreplay in most cases. It’s a good sign: even though your partner is filled with passion and lust, they still want to bring you pleasure instead of only taking. They want you to feel loved and desirable too: therefore, this type of kiss can also be seen as caring and emotional. A partner who wants to satisfy you and is ready to do more than a minimal needed set of actions for sex is always a great thing: your partner cares for you and wants you to know that. Just like sex on the first date, don’t expect it to happen too fast.

As you may see, kisses can be very different and helpful for people who want to express their emotions and feelings. It’s not only pleasant for both partners, but also a very sincere and romantic way to improve your relationship and make your mental connection stronger. Kiss your partners to make their hearts warmer and their smiles wider: there’s great power in such a little gesture and it can make people happy.

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