Dating divorced singles

Even though some people might think that the end of a marriage has ended their life, many divorced people can heal their wounds and start thinking about creating a new page of their romantic life. Nowadays the world of dating is open for everyone, and it’s always up to a person to decide if they are ready for finding new people and letting them take an important place in their life. The end of a marriage is not the end of the world, even if sometimes it really feels like one.

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Of course, there are a lot of divorced singles who have already been hurt and they need some time to work with their trust issues before making a step towards the next potential partner. But when the troubles go away, it’s time to organize your new life and think about the possibility of having another love interest in their life. It’s not easy, but a new great person can sometimes help to heal the wounds much faster, or at least dating over 30 brings the joy and interest in life back.

There are many people who are rather sceptical about dating a divorced man, but the fact is that every situation is pretty unique and it’s not fair to discard the option of dating someone only because they once were married before. At the same time, there are many possible cons that you might face, so it’s always better to be aware of any possible troubles there.

What problems you might face while dating a divorced man

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You might not know the reasons for the previous divorce

The most popular concern about dating divorced men is usually connected with the fact that it’s almost impossible to understand the real reason why the man’s previous relationship ended. Some people simply avoid speaking about their previous relationships. It's not only hurtful in many situations but also considered tactless while being in the very beginning of the relationships with other people. Another possible scenario is usually connected with the opposite situation - a man speaking too much about his ex-wife and describing it as the biggest evil on Earth should cause a lot of concern too, because it’s almost impossible to be absolutely innocent in relationships which don’t work unless you have a very bad taste on people. The worst possible case is definitely connected with people intentionally hiding their unpleasant past. Of course, we all have our secrets, but the problem is not to find a person who is ashamed of their past mistakes, but who doesn’t feel they’ve done anything wrong and will continue behaving the same way in their new relationships. The risk might be high, but unfortunately, the risk of meeting bad people is high all the time regardless of them being divorced while dating or not.

The most popular concern about dating divorced men is usually connected with the fact that it’s almost impossible to understand the real reason why the man’s previous relationship ended.

It may be a rebound

Unfortunately, many recently divorced people don’t wait long enough before trying to find someone new. That often results in “rebounds” - a person starts dating not because they are actually interested in someone and ready for new people in their life, but because it helps them to get distracted from their previous relationships. It’s not fair towards the new partner and it’s not even helpful - those spontaneous relationships tend to fade away pretty quickly while the wound left from the divorce is still unhealed. So if you think of dating a divorced man try asking politely how much time has already passed. If you feel that the theme is still painful for the man - then maybe it’s not time to start something new.

You might not be his first priority

This is usually true about divorced and dating men who have children from their previous marriage. Of course, there are a lot of irresponsible men who take almost no part in upbringing their kids and forget about their duties as soon as the marriage is over, but this situation usually happens with men who were not really into raising their kids. In case those men were good dads while being married they usually continue spending a lot of time with their children and always put them in the first place. In general, it’s not a bad thing at all, but it might feel a little bit disappointing for a new woman trying to find her place in the man’s life. There should always be a balance between new relationships and old responsibilities unless the man admits that he’s more than happy to have the only one role in his life and that relationship is not that essential for him.

There should always be a balance between new relationships and old responsibilities.

His kids might hate you

It’s an extremely rare situation when a daddy’s new passion becomes “a mother” to his kids. Of course, kids who see the father’s chosen one as a decent and good person are usually okay with the fact that their dad isn’t going to live his life alone till the rest of his days. But sometimes no logical reasons are good enough for children to deal with the presence of their dad’s new girlfriend - they simply hate her. It’s not a big problem if they live with their mother and just visit their dad sometimes, but if they are teens neglecting your existence and trying their best to ruin your relationship - that might be a real problem. It’s even worse if those kids are rather small and live with their dad - then he’ll probably prefer to end the relationship with you due to his kid’s happiness.

Their ex-wives can sometimes be a real nightmare

Another important issue some women face while dating divorced men is their crazy ex-wives doing their best to spoil their relationships. Of course, many people tend to say a lot of unpleasant things about their ex-partners after a breakup, but sometimes it’s not even necessary. Ex-wives can call in the middle of the night crying and screaming and demand to leave their ex-husbands alone. They can threaten, they can lie and make up some awful facts about their ex-spouses. It might not only be pretty exhausting, but also rather dangerous - it’s never a good idea to stand in the way of an angry woman, especially if she’s really mad at you. That’s why it’s always better to date divorced men who are still friends with their ex-wives - maybe, not extremely close friends, but at least that shows that there are still a lot of good traits of character they admit in each other and are not going to spoil each other’s next relationships too.

What are the advantages of being divorced and dating

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He has probably learned his lessons

We are all humans and sometimes we make mistakes. No one is innocent, so even if a person has done something wrong in the past and it resulted in divorce, it might be a very important lesson for him to learn. There are a lot of situations when men try their best to improve themselves and win just one more chance, but if the marriage is already over it’s easier for many to move on and start again while remembering all the past mistakes he’s made. Those men tend to speak openly about their own failures and express regret about what they’ve done. They don’t need to behave extremely emotionally, but it’s usually seen if a person tells the truth and really wants to change himself for the better.

We are all humans and sometimes we make mistakes. No one is innocent, so even if a person has done something wrong in the past and it resulted in divorce, it might be a very important lesson for him to learn.

Dating divorced dads might actually be a great thing

The important advantage the divorced dads have is their level of maturity and responsibility. They are not boys anymore: they are grounded, they usually have their stuff together and know what they want from relationships and their life, because they generally have more experience in relationships. We need to remember that divorced men with kids from a previous marriage and divorced dads are slightly different: we mostly speak about the second type of people who’ve decided to take care of their children. It's an important decision, it’s not that easy and it’s worth being respected. More than that, single dads usually are gentle and caring, which is nice.

He will probably understand your needs better

Even though it’s hard to say exactly what was the reason for his divorce, it’s clear that the man who once was married has more experience in dating and cohabiting with other people. Those men often understand the women’s needs better than the men who have never had their relationships on the level that serious before. He knows how serious relationships work, and if he really wants to have a healthy and strong relationship this time then he needs to put some effort into it. Another woman might not be the best one for him and it resulted in divorce, but she has probably taught him how to behave with a woman and what it means to be with someone.

If he decides to marry again, then it is likely to last for a lifetime

One of the best things about dating a divorced man - if he decides to marry again he’ll do his best to make this marriage last till the end of his life. Those men already know the risks and think many times before trying again and deciding to get married again. They remember how hurtful that might be and what can go wrong, so they will do everything to avoid the same mistakes again. In most cases, another marriage means the amazing level of trust the man puts in his beloved woman, so this marriage can either become extremely happy or break his heart and kill his trust completely.

Online dating for divorced people

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Nowadays almost everyone can find a perfect online dating site for making new friends and looking for a potential partner. Even though there are some special dating sites for divorced people, many divorced singles avoid using them because it can limit the number of potential partners a lot. Regular users who are interested in online dating rarely think of dating an exact group of people who were once married and prefer using more popular and general dating services instead. Of course, a person who used to be married should not hide the information from their potential matches - even though it might scare some people away because of the stereotypes about divorced people, there are a lot of features a person should be aware of before starting dating with a once married single. But we should not brand anyone only because of their past mistakes and unlucky stories of their love, especially when we are not aware of the reasons why the couple has decided to end their marriage. Whether you need the best rich men dating sites to find a wealthy divorced partner or just a dating service to find love, online can bring you lots of opportunities. provides its users with the experience of more than 25 years and a great community of people wanting to find their love. Attractive singles are dreaming of finding their significant other all over the world. The service unites people of different age, religion, countries, views and hobbies and helps them to socialize. Whether you want to find some new friends or the love of your life who will change your world, will help you to find the proper people and become happier.

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Remember that one failure does not automatically mean the end of your relationships and romance, even though it might be pretty painful and difficult to move on. There are still a lot of wonderful people all over the world, and if a person has learned their lessons and wants to try again, then there is still a great chance to find happiness and a true soulmate. Find people with the same interests, goals and views as you have and don’t be afraid to fall in love!

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