Dating Spanish singles

Spain is an amazing country, which can impress its tourists with beautiful cities, mountains and top-rated beaches, moreover - gorgeous Spanish people. Their beauty, usually presented with olive skin, dark wavy hair and soft hazel eyes, is accompanied by their passionate temperament and emotional character. It’s never boring with a Spanish person, and if you’re lucky enough to find one - then you’ll feel like you’re the most loved person on Earth. Spaniards can love and do it passionately and selflessly, so romantic relationships with them usually feel like a romantic movie: lots of German dating sites can help you to find stable and serious relationships with punctual people and Spanish dating can give you real passion.

  • Lucy, 48
    Miami, USA
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    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Shuga , 26
    Abuja, Nigeria
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    Hangzhou, China
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    Medellín, Colombia
  • Vasilina, 35
    Paris, France
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    Phoenix, USA
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    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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    Sydney, Australia
  • Natalya, 50
    Bari, Italy
  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
  • ANDREY , 53
    Kyiv, Ukraine

Men all over the world are interested in dating Spanish women because of their stunning beauty. They are passionate, decisive, they know what they want and are ready to live their lives to the full. They tend to be tender, soft-spoken and polite – up to the moment when they become emotionally upset and become really furious. Those women are not only great partners for dating but also perfect candidates for creating a family with. Spaniards often like the idea of marriage and many of them dream of having a big and happy family with many children, who will be their support and protection like a clan. Beautiful Spanish ladies become great loving mothers, who are always ready to care after their children and give them all the attention and love they can. That’s why Spanish people are usually very close with their mothers and they are the most important people in their lives.

Most people there follow the rule “My home is your home” - at least with the people who are really important for them.

Spaniards are famous for being hospitable and friendly - they are always ready to help their friends, neighbours and relatives and most people there follow the rule “My home is your home” - at least with the people who are really important for them or need their help. In general, Spain is a wonderful place to visit and live. Most of the people who have already visited this country and have fallen in love with its excellent weather and beautiful sights dream of moving there and finding their Spanish love.

What to do to win the heart of a Spanish person

an attractive woman in a green dress is posing indoors

Even though a lot of rules of how to win someone’s heart are pretty basic and are suitable for most countries all over the world, there are some Spanish features which are worth knowing about. To impress a person who belongs to another culture you need to know enough about their traditions, views and culture before. No one would like to be laughed at in an awkward situation because of the unawareness of some local things everyone is used to. There are some facts and rules about the Spaniards which can help a foreigner to find their happiness there.

She wants to test you

In Spanish dating culture women usually like to test their potential partners before answering to their approaches. It’s considered perfect for men to be persistent, self-confident and purposeful in their wish to ask a girl out. So the answer to your first approach will probably be “no”, but she doesn’t necessarily mean that. Ask her out a few more times, but if the answer is still no - then it’s time to move on and not to make a fool of yourself.

Flirt a lot

Spaniards love to flirt and be flirted, so don’t be afraid to use it as a tool while winning the heart of a Spanish lady. Those people tend to be very expressive and confident, they are usually pretty aware of their attractiveness, so play along with them and turn it into a romantic game. Of course, flirt doesn’t always mean that the person is really into you and interested in dating - some people treat flirt as a hobby or even sport. But flirting makes the process of looking for a partner and dating spicy - so don’t avoid it and use all your charm and charisma.

Chivalry is not dead, so act and behave like a gentleman to impress a Spanish lady.

Being a gentleman is a thing in Spain

Don’t forget that being a real gentleman is a very important thing there. Chivalry is not dead, so act and behave like a gentleman to impress a Spanish lady. All those little things such as opening doors for her and letting her go first, flowers, compliments and so on can give you a lot of points in local women’s eyes. Don’t interrupt her while she is speaking, show her some respect and don’t forget to admire her - and she’ll appreciate that. Another important part of being a gentleman is what you wear, so be sure you choose stylish and good-looking clothing at least while you’re with her. No one wants to see a sloppy person with no taste close to them, so it’s time to check your wardrobe - maybe it’s uptime for something new.

Learn to dance

The locals love dancing a lot, and you should be able to match your Spanish partner well. Because of how emotional and passionate the locals are they usually choose very active and difficult for an amateur dancer. It takes time to learn Salsa or Tango, but it’s worth it - the emotions you get while dancing with a beautiful Spanish lady will be remembered for a long time!

Spaniards love delicious food

Of course, most of the people like tasty food, but Spanish people are really fond of their cuisine and are always ready to try something new. Most of those people are also great chefs in the kitchen, so you’ll probably have a lot of opportunities to taste some delicious home-prepared Spanish dishes. Even though your potential Spanish woman probably will be able to cook a lot of wonderful things, it’s always great when you can cook yourself. You can treat her with some of the traditional dishes of your country, or maybe you will be able to cook together with the woman of your dream. Even if you dislike cooking a lot, at least be ready to visit a lot of local restaurants and taste a lot of amazing local dishes with your partner.

Remember about the temper

Knowing that your beautiful Spanish lady has a very passionate and emotional temperament be ready to keep calm and negotiate the storm. There is a rule which is usually considered to be true towards many women all over the world - tell her she is right even if she’s wrong. It won’t only show her that she’s loved and her opinion is respected, but also she’ll probably tell you she was wrong after becoming calm again. That’s an essential part of the Spanish relationships, so be prepared and don’t take it too close to your heart. Remember that arguments usually end with reconciliations, and it’s pretty normal to discuss some problems and hear each other’s opinions from time to time - it only makes the relationship stronger.

When a woman wants you to have dinner with her family it might mean that she sees you as a serious partner who might become her spouse one day.

Family is everything

If your relationship is serious, then you will be invited to meet your partner’s family and it’s considered to be a pretty important step in Spain. A lot of Spanish men live with their parents up to their 30s and start dating over 30 as well, so, normally, they want to show their significant other to the important people in his life - his parents. When a woman wants you to have dinner with her family it might mean that she sees you as a serious partner who might become her spouse one day. It’s not necessarily connected with marriage - even though a lot of Spanish people are quite traditional and would be glad to have one, there are a lot of modern people who are not interested in marriage at all. Either you’d like to have a family or not, there will always be a perfect partner for you who wants the same as you do anyway.

Online dating in Spain

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There are a lot of opportunities to meet interesting Spanish people while travelling, but one of the easiest ways to find attractive and single people interested in starting new relationships and ready to fall in love is to use Spanish dating sites. This approach is very popular in Spain because it helps the locals to find people who are tired of dating games and know what they want. A correctly chosen service can provide you with unlimited opportunities for communication, meeting new friends and potential partners for healthy and happy relationships. is the best Spanish dating site not only for people who live in Spain but also for people who have plans to visit this amazing country or move there. Our service gives the users an opportunity not only to date the locals, but also people living all over the world. Our dating site was founded in 1993, and now we’ve got a lot of experience in online dating, so we know exactly what people want to find for online dating and how to provide them with everything they need.

Even though the world of online dating can sometimes be as hard as the world of regular dating, people there know exactly what they want and who they are looking for. Help your soulmate to find you - join and open the world of dating for you. It’s extremely easy to start - you just need to follow some instructions:

  • Register on and write about yourself in the profile. Give your potential partner a bit of information about you: what kind of person you are? What are you looking for in your future partner? What do you like doing in your free time? All those facts about you can help you to find the most appealing and suitable person for you;
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Enjoy your communication with people from Spain or other countries you are interested in and find your perfect match online!

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