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Sweden is one of the countries people want to live in - it’s developed, modern and has a very high level of respect and comfort for its people. If you think of a clean and beautiful Scandinavian country with its special aesthetic, when everything looks so flawless and minimalistic at the same time, then you probably have an idea of what Sweden looks like. It’s a wonderful place to live and raise children or just to life by yourself while surrounded by its unusual Northern beauty.

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Every person thinking about moving to Sweden or lucky enough to live there would like to find a Swedish partner for dating and starting a relationship. Even its cold and even severe climate can seem romantic if you have the right person next to you. An expatriate might face the problem in finding a Swedish partner because of their mentality - many Swedes seem not extremely friendly and reserved, at least towards the people they don’t know. The Swedes won’t probably try to start communication or keep in touch with a stranger - and it makes it difficult for some people to find someone new who might become a potential partner.

But those difficulties don’t mean that it’s completely impossible to find a soulmate in Sweden - you just need to understand how to behave with those people and how this dating culture works. More than that, the usage of Swedish dating sites makes the process of finding an appealing person much easier than in real life and it helps to know a person better before seeing them. will help you to find your potential Swedish partner and to feel the connection between you. If you think like a Swede, then maybe one day those beautiful and unapproachable people will see a soulmate in you?

What are the pros of dating Swedish men and women

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There are a lot of things that make the Swedes very attractive to people from many countries. For a person moving to Sweden or just planning to visit the country, dating a Swede might not be a goal itself, but it’s quite hard to resist their specific Nordic beauty and estranged attractiveness. There are some reasons why the Swedes are considered to be one of the most desirable partners in the world.

Those people combine attractive appearance and intelligence, so don’t be fooled while starting a conversation with a stereotypical pretty blond girl in a bar - she might not only have a diploma in a very specific and sophisticated field but also know more than you.

They are extremely good-looking

It’s extremely easy to see that there is a big percentage of people in Sweden who look like they came straight from the catwalk. The Swedes are stunning: they usually have slim and proportional bodies, fair eyes, hair and skin (which is not surprising, the climate of Sweden makes it very difficult to get a tan). They have a refined and unusual Scandinavian type of beauty, which makes a lot of people look like models. A very big quantity of the most beautiful people in the world is Swedish, so if you have any favourite actors, models or singers who look stunning, then probably they have a bit of Swedish ancestry.

They are intelligent and well-read

Just like in all Scandinavian countries, the level of education is extremely high there. Those people combine attractive appearance and intelligence, so don’t be fooled while starting a conversation with a stereotypical pretty blond girl in a bar - she might not only have a diploma in a very specific and sophisticated field but also know more than you. The Swedes value their education and self-development a lot, most of them have very wide and modern views.

They are independent

You’re probably not going to see a man in Sweden paying for both him and his partner in a restaurant or cafe. The fact is that Swedish people are very independent and most of them would prefer to pay separately in public places like that. Of course, that is not the only way to see their independence: people of both genders tend to work hard and seek to earn a good living, men and women equally want to study some difficult professions in the universities, and even after marriage both people usually work and sometimes even have separate finances. Lots of locals start dating over 30 because they don’t feel like starting serious relationships earlier. You won’t impress a local girl with expensive gifts or sexist jokes - it’s quite doubtful that she will laugh hearing that and your date will end immediately.

They know how to dress well

Another thing that looks very attractive in the Swedes - they know how to dress well and they definitely have good taste. Scandinavian people prefer simple, but high-quality clothing over the fast-fashion stuff and their outfits always look stylish and expensive. They know that it’s better to pay more for a high-quality item once than to buy tons of cheap stuff regularly. Usage of natural materials helps their things last longer and look better in any condition, so in many Scandinavian cities people look like models day and night.

What Swedish girls are like

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The very first thing men notice in Swedish girls is their stunning beauty, but there are much more things in them which make those women worth dating. Their intelligence and multi-faceted interests make them interesting companions and good friends, so if you’re able to keep up the conversation then you will never be bored together. If you speak with a Swedish woman, you can discuss literature, art, politics, news, etc. People there are open-minded and can have various interests and hobbies.

It might seem to you that a Swedish woman you’re interested in is notoriously cold with you even if you are on a date or fika (that’s something like a ritual there when people make a little break from work to drink a cup of coffee. By the way, having “fika” together doesn’t always mean any romantic interest there - you’re just communicating to know each other better as friends). In fact, even if a woman is cold with you while being interested, the reason might be connected with her being shy - that’s a very common situation in Sweden. Some modern Swedish girls try to change the situation and make the first step, but that’s mostly because of Swedish men being shy and not ready to approach too.

Dating rules in Sweden

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Even though the Swedes have their dating rules and dating traditions in general, some of them might seem strange for the foreigners. The Swedes ten to be the most flirty in bars, nightclubs and other special places where they can get drunk and have a bit of “liquid confidence”. There is even a joke about the Swedes being a nation of people with social anxiety, who find it extremely difficult to approach without alcohol. So women don’t usually expect anyone flirting with them in other conditions, even though it can happen, of course.

There is even a joke about the Swedes being a nation of people with social anxiety, who find it extremely difficult to approach without alcohol.

The Swedes are usually slow in making important decisions and prefer to think twice and thrice before starting a serious relationship with anyone. Even the word “date” seems a bit uncomfortable for the Swedes, so don’t call it a date - just “fika”. It’s a safe option for both of you - if the fika goes wrong, you can just pretend that you didn’t have any intentions to flirt and date at all. Even while actually dating a lot of Swedish people would say that they are not completely sure about their feelings and where it might take them. It’s not because they don’t like you - they just try to be honest with you and themselves. Grab a cup of coffee and a Cinnabon and be patient - Swedish people might need a lot of time to feel confident, but it's definitely worth it.

Make the first move

The Swedes dislike interrupting other people really much regardless of the reason, so it will always give you some points if you’re not afraid of making the first step. You don’t need to be too pushy or annoying - just show your interest in the person and the fact that you’re not afraid to admit it. Don’t expect a person to be excited - they won’t probably show that to you anyway, but if a person you’re attracted to agrees to go out with you - then you might have a chance.

Spend time outside

Many Swedish people dislike spending their dates in restaurants - it is a place where you can face a lot of uncomfortable situations with awkward silence and expensive bills in the end. It’s always a good idea to spend time outdoors in Sweden: they love nature and would like to go for a walk or have a barbecue together. Remember that most of the Swedish people prefer to spend time in their social group, so basically, you can have a party together and have a barbecue there. It won’t be that awkward for both of you and you’ll spend time greatly too. The Swedes tend to be drinkers, so there is always a possibility that the “liquid confidence” will boost their security and they will behave and communicate with you much more openly.

There are a lot of comparatively rich people in Sweden, but they tend not to show off with their wealth.

You won’t impress her with your money and status

It’s absolutely useless to try to impress a Swedish girl with your expensive clothes and stories about how high your status is. In fact, Sweden is a pretty rich country with a great level of healthcare, security and gobs that can provide its workers with a nice level of income. There are a lot of comparatively rich people in Sweden, but they tend not to show off with their wealth. Trying to impress her with your expensive car and a good job will look like you’re trying to buy her, and no Swedish woman will like that. They prefer not stereotypical breadwinners but smart and honest men who know how to behave and who actually respect her independence and feelings.

If you really want to impress that girl, try to impress her with your knowledge of something you both like, and that will probably work much better.

People are straightforward there

You should be prepared to hear the truth about yourself from a Swedish person - those people don’t try to sugar cover their opinion and sometimes it might be kinda refreshing. At the same time, you won’t be delusional and will always know the truth, which is usually better than unrealistic expectations. Remember that a Swede doesn't try to insult or offend you - that’s just their way to communicate or even to show their trust. So don’t be rude in response and just take what they say into account - it might be useful for you later.

Remember about personal space

It’s not common in Sweden to hug or kiss a person as a greeting or farewell. For extremely “tactile” people who love hugging their friends and touching them, it might feel like the Swedes are extremely cold, but they are not. They respect their personal space a lot and usually, it’s better to have a handshake with a person and not try to hug them. If you’re not sure about how you should greet a person, wait for a second and then mirror what they are doing. That will help you to avoid some awkward situations with your new friends.

Dating is exclusive, just like everywhere else

Even though the Swedes don’t like to call it dating, usually you can clearly see when your “fika” transforms into the relationship. From the moment when you’re officially together, it’s not allowed for you to date multiple people. It’s totally okay to have “fika” with friends, but meeting and flirting with other people is considered cheating there. So regardless of the beauty of Scandinavian people, choose one for a relationship and stick to it.

Online dating in Sweden

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For people wanting to find a Swedish partner it’s always the best option to look for on the best Swedish dating websites. It’s not only fast and convenient but also gives you an opportunity to communicate with an attractive person before seeing them in real life and to know each other better. There are a lot of platforms to find a soulmate, and the best Swedish dating site is has a lot of advantages that provide its users with various abilities and functions making the online dating experience comfortable and secure. A perfect searching algorithm allows you not only to find an attractive person in your city but also to find single soulmates all over the world who have the same views and interests as you. Modern people dream bigger, and that’s why most of them prefer global dating and don’t want to limit themselves - their best partner might be waiting for them anywhere! has a working experience of more than 25 years, and the service knows exactly what people want from online dating. Entrust your online romance to the professionals and enjoy the process of looking for a perfect match. Make your life brighter and find your Swedish sweetheart now!

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