Dating in Thailand

A lot of people dream about having a perfect date in a paradise-like atmosphere on a beautiful island or just to walk along a seaside with a significant other. There are plenty of reasons to love Thailand whether you’re an inhabitant of this beautiful country or a tourist who just came there to relax and enjoy its amazing nature and picturesque sights. Beautiful seasides, palms and rocks create a perfect image of a paradise island, a place which is perfect for lying on a beach while drinking a cocktail - so Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many people associate their best happy memories with Thailand because of amazing holidays they’ve spent there, so it’s not a surprise that many of them consider dating Thai people. Tourists all over the world are conquered by Thai exotic beauty and charm, so Asian dating sites are becoming more and more popular and demanded nowadays.

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What is dating a Thai person like

a beautiful asian woman in a white t-shirt is posing

There are a lot of stereotypes about Thai people and what kind of people they are. People expect Thai women to be quiet, ready to serve their men, humble, patient and even not having any personality. Many people even think that you can conquer any Thai woman in a minute if you have some cash. It’s obvious that those stereotypes are wrong and mostly based on some girls you can see in bars. Modern Thai women are independent just like the Western women, and no one wants to fall for rude, sloppy and entitled men. They won’t be madly in love with guys who treat them as garbage, cause they have enough self-respect not to lose their minds over men who aren’t worth it. At the same time, Thai men dislike being treated like cash points and are expected to be as aggressive and masculine as the characters of Western movies. Both men and women in Thailand are affected by imposed beauty standards coming from TV and the Internet, and sometimes it can be pretty problematic. For instance, both men and women in Thailand prefer light skin and slim bodies, so Thai people usually try to make their skin look pale and Western women are often called “fat” because the average Thai woman is about 40 kg. It doesn’t mean that the point of saying that is to offend anyone, but that’s the difference in perception you have to deal with.

Just like in any country all over the world, dating Thai people can be extremely rewarding for someone who puts enough effort into their relationship. Even though sometimes it’s easier to impress a Thai girl than a Western one, they still need to feel important, valuable and loved. Neglecting Thai people’s needs and wishes will lead you nowhere, so it’s better not to be too strong or pushy with them: she won’t appreciate that.

What is great about dating Thai people

a middle-aged asian woman is smiling

There are some reasons why the Thai are so likeable and desired not only by the locals but people from other countries as well. Those people have some undeniable pros that attract their potential partners. Anyone who has conquered a beautiful Thai person is a lucky one, and that’s why:

Those ladies age like wine, so even after a few decades they look very decent.


To begin with, many Thai people are famous because of their gorgeous looks. Those people usually have slim petite figures and beautiful exotic faces. They know how to take care of themselves, and it’s almost impossible to see a Thai woman gaining a lot of weight after marriage or letting herself go. Even though they are not extremely subservient, they are usually good caretakers and have nothing against cooking or washing the dishes. They put a lot of time and effort in their appearance, they know how to dress well and look like the real ladies they are. Those ladies age like wine, so even after a few decades they look very decent. Many Thai men also look very handsome because they are not afraid of taking care of themselves and don’t think that affects their masculinity. Many of them work out regularly and have attractive sporty figures with typical Thai tan that looks great on their muscular bodies. Lots of Thai women dating over 30 look extremely young and attractive.


Even if you argue with a Thai person you can be sure that the reconciliation will appear soon. Those people tend to forget the problem after a few hours and forgive. It doesn’t mean that you need to start conflicts all the time, but everything becomes nice again much faster than with Western partners.

Cons of dating Thai people

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages you also need to remember about before dating Thai women and men. Of course, most of them are subjective and it’s better not to generalise, but there are some things you may face while dating those men and women.


It’s usually important for every woman, so don’t be surprised to see Thai girls expecting presents and the supply of money. It doesn’t mean if she is from a well-to-do family or a poor one, she will probably be pretty demanding. For a Thai woman her man is a breadwinner, so don’t expect her to be absolutely financially independent from you. At the same time, such an attitude is not very pleasant for Thai men: they dislike being loved only for their money. Even though many of them would be more than happy to spoil their partner (especially in the very beginning of dating), they strongly disapprove of being pushed to pay or being expected to give expensive gifts all the time.

It’s not only difficult to create a stable and deep relationship with a person who you can’t completely understand, but it might also be pretty tiring to find words to describe your feelings and emotions if you don’t know the language well.

Culture and language

It might be a problem only for foreigners, but you need to speak Thai fluently and know enough about their culture if you are interested in dating Thai people. The cultural barrier may be a pretty serious issue for a mixed couple in Thailand. It’s not only difficult to create a stable and deep relationship with a person who you can’t completely understand, but it might also be pretty tiring to find words to describe your feelings and emotions if you don’t know the language well. Thai people are pretty communicative and they love chatting, and even though some of them know English, it might be not enough to become emotionally connected.


You need to remember that for your Thai partner their relatives and especially their immediate family is always in the first place while your relationship will be on the second or lower. There's nothing wrong with loving family members and making them your priority, but never expect them to disagree with their parents: if they don’t like you and think you should stop dating, then you’ll probably end your relationship. Another aspect of this family importance is that now your Thai girlfriend’s family’s problems are your problems too. Don’t be surprised to know everything about their lives and help them if needed.

The Land of Smiles

Thailand is also known as “the land of smiles'' because the locals tend to smile a lot in different situations of their life. Even though the Americans are known for their traditional polite smile, the Thai have this feature as well. Those people smile not only when they are happy, but also when they are confused, angry, wary or estranged. Their upbringing doesn’t allow them to show their negative emotions in public, so don’t be surprised to see a country that looks like the happiest one on Earth. But don’t be fooled: Thailand has its own problems including scams and criminals just like any other country in the world, and the main reason for the appearance of this name is promotion. As it was mentioned before, Thailand has amazing nature and looks like a tourist paradise, and also it is promoted as a country full of extremely friendly people. It’s actually not far from reality: this country is one of the most hospitable countries for tourism in the world, so its popularity is extremely huge.

What to do to win a Thai heart…

an attractive asian woman with a fringe and a tattoo

Just like any other people, a Thai person has some preferences and personal opinion of how an ideal man or woman should behave and look like. Even though every person is different and it’s always better to avoid generalisation, the basic rules of speaking and getting acquainted with a Thai are pretty basic.

Look into their eyes

Just like many people all over the world, Thai people like attractive people looking in their eyes while smiling. It shows honesty, straightforwardness and interest in them. More than that, it shows respect - instead of looking at their body and making inappropriate jokes a person decides to look at the face and behave friendly.After you make eye contact, look at the reaction - it may tell you a lot about if they are interested or not. If they look like they are going to leave or like they are not really interested in speaking with you, then you should move on and leave the person alone. If they look into your eyes in return and smile back, it might be a good sign. But don’t forget about Thailand being “The Land Of Smiles” - they might be confused or just trying to behave politely. Don’t be too pushing and simply follow your intuition: usually, when you feel hesitant about the attitude, the answer is closer to “no” than “yes”.

Respect them saying “no” to you

As mentioned before, if a person seems completely uninterested in you and tells you “no”, it’s always better to respect the decision and move on. There might be a lot of reasons why they reject you: they might be busy, tired, nervous, sad or simply taken. A lot of Thai people look much younger than they really are, so this lovely young woman or handsome man might be married and have kids. Don’t be too pushy: Thai women dislike men thinking that every woman can belong to them because they have some money or status. And even if you’re simply not in their taste, that’s not the end of the world, cause there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Remember that Thailand is not a holiday resort but a modern metropolitan, so treat a Thai girl like a citizen of one.

Dress appropriately

It’s an essential rule of dating in any country, and Thailand is not an exception. Even if most of Thai men are dressed in tank tops and short trousers (it’s called “Farang Uniform” and it won’t help you with creating a good first impression at all) it doesn’t mean you should do the same, especially on a date with a woman you like. Remember that Thailand is not a holiday resort but a modern metropolitan, so treat a Thai girl like a citizen of one. More than that, even Thai men don’t let themselves go on a date in such clothes!

Show interest in Thai culture

Thai people love their culture and have great respect for any form of it, so if you ask a Thai person about that they will be delighted. By asking those questions you show that you’re not shallow and only interested in their exotic appearance, but are actually excited to spend time with them in that amazing country. Show that you actually care, and it will increase your chances with the person dramatically.

...and what not to do while dating

a portrait of a beautiful asian woman

Don’t greet Thai women in a Western manner

This rule is mostly for tourists, wanting to try dating Thai women, but without following this rule a man can create an unpleasant first impression or even ruin his first date with a Thai girl. Most tourists are not only unaware of a traditional Thai greeting when people slightly bow with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion, but also try to hug or kiss her on a cheek. This way of saying “hello” can be very confusing for a girl you barely know, so it’s better to avoid it. Even though it might seem very innocent for some men, touching girls’ hair is inappropriate in Thailand. Respect her personal space and don’t freak her out with that action.

Don’t be too touchy in public

While dating a Thai person, remember about the traditions and culture. Most of those people are pretty conservative and even conventional in some aspects, so they might strongly disapprove hugging and kissing in public places because of fear of spoiling their reputation or just feeling embarrassed. If your partner feels uncomfortable while kissing in public, don’t press them - Thai people dislike being judged by other people. But if they are okay with that - then it’s perfectly fine! Within reasonable limits, of course.

Don’t trust an easy prey

It looks obvious, but this rule is still very important for tourists in every country. Remembering about Thai people being conservative, be sceptical with a woman you met in a bar who quickly agrees to sleep with you even on a first date. Most of those women are so-called “bar girls”, and even if you don’t mind dating a bar-girl, be careful. Don’t forget that even though there are some girls like that in Thailand, there are a lot of women who have decent professions and jobs: they are teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, etc. If you want to have a nice girl for a relationship - be patient and prepared for things escalating not so quickly.

Don’t cheat

Just as simple as that. Thai people are as jealous as the others, if not more. Show your Thai partner that they are the one and the only one - and they will appreciate that. Play on their nerves, make them jealous and break the trust - and everything will be over soon. Even if you are not a cheater but play with the feelings - it probably won’t end well.

Where to find a Thai person for dating

a mixed couple is kissing in a cafe

One of the most important questions for people liking the Thai is where to meet them. A place where you meet a girl or a guy can be rather important, cause some places are just not meant to be nice for hookups, and some places are not for finding someone to have a long-lasting relationship with. It is appropriate to hook up a person at their workplace or when they are busy spending time with their relatives.

Dating online

There are a lot of situations when people meet their future partners while shopping while walking in the park, but one of the most effective ways of finding a Thai of your dream is to look for them on a Thai dating site. Thousands of beautiful Thai girls and guys who are interested in dating and finding their soulmate for relationships and even making families are waiting online. is one of the best opportunities to find a perfect partner for you. There are a lot of advantages that make the process of finding a soulmate quick and easy for everyone. To start speaking with appealing people online you need to complete your registration on and create your profile.

There are some rules which can help you to make a perfect profile:

  • Be honest. If you really want to meet an attractive Thai girl and start dating, you need to understand that if the online image of you is drastically different from the real you, it won’t help you on your first date in real life. More than that, it will lead you both to great disappointment;
  • Be creative. Don’t limit the information about you: it’s not enough to post your photo, name and age to attract an interesting person. Tell your potential partner about your hobbies and interests, add a little bit of humour and keep positive;
  • Don’t fulfil it with pages of text. It’s better to make short and catchy profile info than to write an autobiography. Remember that you will have an opportunity to tell her some funny stories from your life and interesting details about you while chatting with her or even seeing her in real life;
  • Be friendly. Even if an attractive person is interested in your profile and wants to text you, she might be shy to make the first move, especially if your profile information is written in a gloomy or unfriendly way. Remember that writing long and complete messages is often better than answering with one or two words - a person might think that you’re not much interested in talking to her.

Using these tips you will find a lot of interesting and appealing people from Thailand waiting for love online. provides you with a perfectly balanced searching algorithm which will help you to find a perfect person for you who you can share your interests and hobbies with. Find a perfect Thai partner for you online and change your life!

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