Dating Armenian women

Armenia is an exceptional country - their winery is the oldest discovered in the world, they have beautiful nature and sights, they produce great Armenian cognac and their history has made them as hard as nails. It’s a country of mentally strong and proud people and excellently beautiful women who can conquer any man’s heart. Armenia is a place which is definitely worth visiting: there are lots of ancient historical places and picturesque sceneries which look wonderful in photos but even better in real life. There are lots of old traditional recipes and artefacts you should see with your own eyes: the country is like a magic chest which contains many amazing things from the past, and some of them are so unbelievable that it’s hard to realize how old and exceptional they are.

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    Abuja, Nigeria
  • Lucy, 48
    Miami, USA
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    Medellín, Colombia
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    Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    Jiaxing, China
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    Bogotá, Colombia
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    Bari, Italy
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    Shanghai, China, China
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Shenzhen, China
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    Kyiv, Ukraine

For most Americans, Armenia might seem like a distant mysterious country they basically know nothing about - except the fact that the Kardashians are Armenians, of course. At the same time, this country has amazing heritage and origins and is tightly connected with many important historical events: it was the first country which adopted Christianity and its capital is one of the oldest in the world. Armenia has come through lots of harsh moments of its history: during the Armenian genocide, war and other terrible times people learned how to survive and what to do to become even stronger. Just like the harsh Northern climate has made the Vikings, the difficult days have formed strong Armenian character which makes them almost unbendable.

What dating an Armenian woman is like

a young dark-haired woman is smiling

It’s no surprise that Armenia is the motherland of many extremely attractive women: though not all of them look like the Kardashians, they still have amazing features which make them so appealing for men in Armenia and other countries. Though Armenian women can look differently, lots of young beautiful ladies there have long dark hair, beautiful dark skin and soft dark eyes, nice slim bodies and beautiful full lips. Lots of them have a little crooked nose which doesn’t look like a disadvantage: it brings them a special charm and looks amazingly good on them. They smile so sincerely and charismatic that they make men’s hearts melt: a regular Armenian woman is pretty humble with quiet dignity, she's passionate and well-behaved at the same time. Just like any other patriarchal conservative countries, Armenia imposes lots of traditional norms of behaviour on their women. A lady from a big city is more independent and modern than a girl from a small conservative town: family’s authority and traditional values make them quiet and submissive, but it doesn’t mean that you can offend an Armenian woman. They know how to defend themselves and they respect their feelings and pride, and what’s more - their fathers and brothers will protect her and don’t let anyone offend their beloved sister or daughter.

Armenia imposes lots of traditional norms of behaviour on their women.

Though it might be hard to find a beautiful Armenian girl from a traditional family for dating and relationships, there’s still a chance to find your happiness with one. Many traditional and conservative Armenian families indeed disapprove of their daughters dating or marrying guys except Armenian men, but there are lots of modern families who understand that love is life and it’s much more important for their daughter’s boyfriend to be a decent and loving partner than just an Armenian guy without any good moral features. Also, lots of Armenians live outside the country, so they assimilate and communicate with the locals well. At the same time, some old habits die hard and there are still many customs and traditions based on Armenian dating and relationship culture which influence their attitude towards relationships a lot. There are some things about dating Armenian beauties you should be aware of:

  • They really know how to take care of themselves. Lots of beautiful Armenian women stick to a healthy diet and know how to do makeup or dress up to look their best. Their amazing natural facial features look bright and appealing enough to avoid using makeup: lots of women have wonderful dark eyebrows and long black eyelashes, so they are natural stunners all the time. At the same time, a beautiful Armenian woman can conquer the world with a wine-red lipstick: their skin and hair colour makes this look amazing;
  • These ladies are very family-oriented and housewifely. First of all, they have strong family bonds and respect their family's opinions about everything in their lives. They need their boyfriend to be approved and liked by their parents, so every man needs to create a good first impression while meeting an Armenian girl’s parents. Also, these women are amazing wives and mothers: they tend to love children a lot and they are usually glad to do everything they can for their families. An Armenian lady is a great chief in the kitchen too: these girls are taught how to cook from childhood and there are lots of amazing traditional recipes of Armenia you should definitely try;
  • Armenian women are very hard-working, but it can be noticed in different ways. While living outside Armenia, it’s pretty traditional for Armenian women to work after marriage: they are ambitious and they want to do their job well to earn money and support their families. They won’t complain about their hard work because they are not mollycoddles: just like other Armenians, these ladies know that hard work pays off. At the same time, there are lots of Armenian women who prefer not to work after marriage and let their husbands provide their families and be breadwinners: in that case, Armenian women take care of their houses, cook and raise children and demonstrate their strength and hard-working nature as well;
  • These women are not into hookups. It’s a very important thing to remember: traditionally raised Armenian women are looking for serious and stable relationships which can potentially lead to marriage. Though lots of Armenians are modern and Westernized, it doesn’t mean that they are into one-night stands: it’s seen as an act of disrespect towards a lady there. Be sincere and serious and your Armenian beauty will appreciate that.

Find an amazing single Armenian lady online

an oriental couple posing together on a yellow brick wall background

Though Armenia is an amazing country which is definitely worth visiting and seeing all these amazing historical heritage with your own eyes, there are lots of people who can’t go there or don’t have any plans to travel to Armenia any time soon. If a person doesn’t have any Armenian origin or doesn’t have business there, then lots of people will avoid going in the beautiful, but a kinda unsafe country without any serious occasions. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that a man who can’t go to Armenia is not allowed to meet a beautiful Armenian lady for relationships and dating: it might seem surprising but there are more Armenian living all over the world than Armenians living within the country. This allows people amazed by Armenian women’s beauty to meet their gorgeous partners in their own country in real life and with the help of online dating sites.

It might seem surprising but there are more Armenians living all over the world than Armenians living within the country.

Online dating is an amazing approach to meet new attractive singles for everyone who is too shy or too busy to spend time and effort to date strangers in real life. Lots of people are simply not confident enough to approach because of their fear of being rejected or misunderstood. Also, lots of people fall in love with people’s appearance without paying lots of attention to their characters and interests, and that’s why their relationships break very soon: even though looks are very important in the very beginning of a relationship, it’s minor compared to people’s inner world and character. Online dating allows people to communicate, discuss their interests, views and goals in advance and to build a mental connection before meeting in real life: people still feel excited because of meeting someone attractive for the first time but they know more about each other and can find lots of themes to discuss. is one of the best dating services in the world: it has become so popular because of how comfortable, convenient and effective it is. Regardless of your first language, age or computer skills, you can find lots of attractive singles who suit your preferences online. Whether you are interested in dating local people or foreigners - there is always a chance for you to find your perfect partner on because real love knows no limits!

  • Create a profile and complete it with facts and information about yourself. Tell other users about your characteristics and interests and indicate who you are looking for. Your preferences will help your potential partners to find you and to understand that you are exactly who they need;
  • You can sort potential partners not only by their age, location or appearance but also by their interests, views and goals. A good relationship starts with friendship or at least good mutual understanding: both partners need to want the same from their relationship and clearly see their future together;
  • Match with attractive strangers and communicate! Whether you’re into text messaging or video calls you can find the most comfortable way of communication on the platform. allows people to meet their significant others without even leaving their houses, so put all your energy and charisma to find the best Armenian lady open for relationships online!
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