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When people speak about relationships, they usually admit that appearance is secondary: it’s very important to create a good first impression in the very beginning of a relationship, but later it doesn’t usually mean that much. People love each other because of their personal characteristics, not only looks: even though it’s important to be physically attracted to your partner, their soul and character are major. Height is one of the most important and obvious characteristics of our appearance we always pay attention to because it’s pretty customary for many people looking at strangers to think whether they’re taller than them or not. Some people prefer their partners to be taller and some people like dating shorter partners: tastes differ, and even if a person has preferences, it doesn’t mean that they can’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t suit them perfectly.

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Even though there are lots of stereotypes about men who always need to be taller than their ladies, there are a lot of examples of a man who is interested in dating a taller woman. For instance, men all over the world dream of dating models: slim, flawless and beautiful women from covers of magazines and TV attract a lot of attention. Almost all of these women are tall: it’s one of the most significant characteristics models have. But there are lots of attractive tall women except models who are also looking for relationships and attention. Men are interested in them too, but sometimes they are a bit scared to approach someone taller than them. Men can also be shy and insecure sometimes: the imposed stereotype of height being a sign of masculinity can make them hesitate and avoid tall beautiful women around.

A lot of women believe in this stereotype as well: they feel like they can only date men who are taller to feel protected, secure and confident. It’s obvious that our traits of character don’t depend on our height: sometimes if a short man has a great personality it’s much more safe and comfortable with him than with a tall but unstable guy who isn’t good for you. Tall and confident girls dating shorter confident men create wonderful couples and their relationships are full of love and mutual respect.

What you should know about dating taller women

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Dating taller women doesn’t usually differ from dating shorter ladies: knowing that appearance is mostly important only in the very beginning of a relationship, it’s easy to understand that you should treat your tall goddess just like any other girlfriend you might have. You shouldn’t highlight her height all the time: even if she looks confident and humorous, she still might have some complexes and unpleasant memories connected with her being different from the others. Tall ladies are regal and proud, they look stunning in many fashionable outfits and attract a lot of attention wherever they are, but sometimes they just need to forget that they are tall: every lady wants to feel small and helpless sometimes.

You shouldn’t highlight her height all the time: even if she looks confident and humorous, she still might have some complexes and unpleasant memories connected with her being different from the others.

Even though tall ladies are just ladies in the first place and they require the same respectful and caring attitude as the others, there are some extra things you should remember about. Every person is unique and there is no general advice that works for everyone, but there are still lots of norms of respectful behaviour and politeness that you need to remember about to be successful in dating. Pay attention to these things to find a tall lady of your dreams:

  • Be confident. Your potential partner should understand that you don’t feel awkward and uncomfortable with her: act like there’s no height difference at all and you see no problems in her being taller than you. Confidence is attractive: a man who is not very tall can create the presence of a tall and charismatic man by the way he speaks and behaves. Be humorous and charming and avoid potentially unsafe topics, and she’ll soon forget about your height at all. Even if she will reject your approach, remember that it is only a sign of her being shallow: the height difference didn’t stop you from making the first move, but if it’s a problem for her - then she’s not a good girl for you anyway;
  • Your taste to taller women says a lot about your personality. Lots of men are too afraid of being seen as “not manly enough” only because they are in relationships with taller ladies - don’t be like them. Women feel that a man who is not overly fixated on his height and superiority over a woman is not shallow and it’s much more comfortable to be around him. If you date a taller woman, you won’t probably try to belittle her in any way: own it and like what you have;
  • Don’t start your communication with obvious comments or jokes about her height. It’s not smart: it’s her obvious trait and she might feel uncomfortable or even offended by the fact that you perceive her as someone overly exotic or fetishize her. She’s normal: act like she’s no different than other attractive women around and that might be much more valuable and pleasant for her;
  • Don’t try to be taller than you are (and don’t try to make her shorter too). You don’t need to wear heels to be “on her level” just like she doesn’t need to avoid wearing them if she likes them a lot. Overcompensation feels bitter: if you react like your height difference is a problem, then she’ll feel uncomfortable and awkward with you. Remember that your personality can make you a much more attractive and noticeable person than your height and don’t try to hide it: you will probably fail and it always feels awkward;
  • Highlight your pros. Your height is not your only feature which you can use to attract single ladies: kindness, sense of humour, style, responsibility and intelligence are always much more appreciated. If your appearance bothers you, then think about a new hairstyle and a new wardrobe: if you’re stylish and charming, then ladies will never think of your height in the first place.

Date taller women on

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Even though there are lots of opportunities to meet a beautiful tall lady who is interested in dating, it might not be very easy in real life. Approaching a new lady who is taller than you requires a lot of courage: not many men want to create a first impression based on the fact that they are shorter. Also, lots of men don’t know how to act and behave with a tall woman: they feel a bit awkward and a lady understands it and feels awkward too. It’s hard to concentrate on each other’s personalities when you’re too distracted by their height: communication is key, but it’s hard to communicate effectively when you’re insecure.

Approaching a new lady who is taller than you requires a lot of courage: not many men want to create a first impression based on the fact that they are shorter.

Online dating has become one of the most important ways to meet a tall partner for both men and women: modern services allow their users to range their potential partners by different features and characteristics, so it’s easier for singles to start dating over 30 comfortably. You can find a partner who’s tall and single and communicate on a good level to know each other better and feel the mental connection with them. is a popular dating platform which is created to help lonely hearts to find their true love. Millions of users all over the world look for partners there: a smart searching algorithm allows users to find singles who are not only physically suitable and attractive but also have similar interests, hobbies and views. People of different confessions, religions, age and preferences can socialize and communicate there: there’s a place for everyone!

  • Meet a beautiful tall lady on and wait for a match to start communication! If you prefer taller women, then create a profile and complete it with your interests and preferences to find the best suitable partners around. No more awkwardness: if a lady is interested in dating men who are shorter, then you’ll see her profile after the search;
  • Chat and use video calls to speak with a person and know them better! It’s impossible to create healthy and stable relationships without understanding and mental compatibility, so you’ll have enough time to know each other better before meeting in real life. It will be much more comfortable to meet a person in real life when you already know what to speak about and how to behave. Date successfully!
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