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Japan is one of the most beautiful and mysterious countries in the world: it’s amazing picturesque scenery, gorgeous architecture and amazing culture are extremely attractive for many people from different countries. This place is fulfilled with its unique aesthetic: lots of people work hard to make the country even more neat, comfortable and thoughtful even in the smallest detail. Whether you’re a fan of history and old culture of Japan or interested in modern Japanese culture connected with anime, Japanese fashion and music, there are lots of reasons to love Japan and to be interested in visiting this vibrant place. A trip to Japan is something lots of people dream about: this country has lots of places which look as beautiful as the pictures you sometimes see on the Internet: this place combines modern and super-innovative technologies with culture and natural beauty, and the result is stunning in many ways.

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But it’s not only the exceptional beauty of Japan which attracts so many people all over the world: amazing Japanese ladies disturb the minds and steal lots of hearts of men all over the world. For many men from different countries dating Japanese women is a dream: these beautiful ladies are often seen as perfectly humble and loyal housewives who respect their boyfriends and husbands. Their modesty, femininity and innocence are mixed into an irresistible attractiveness, which is extremely difficult to resist. A Japanese woman is like a flower: she’s tender and beautiful and looks so vulnerable and fragile that every man wants to protect and help her with anything. These ladies can awaken masculinity and protectiveness in all men around because they are often seen as perfect women for Asian dating and relationships - and lots of them actually are.

For many men from different countries dating Japanese women is a dream.

Whether you dream of visiting Japan because of your love for its ancient culture or the modern media it produces, there are lots of opportunities to meet a Japanese woman for the best dating experience of your life. Though Asian culture is different from Western one in many ways, it’s always interesting and exciting to learn new things about it and know more about another culture. Love makes people unstoppable, so if you’re lucky enough to meet a Japanese lady of your life, then you’ll be able to learn Japanese language and integrate into Japanese society. Learn more about Japanese beauties and their dating culture to have great chances to meet your love!

Why you should date Japanese women

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Almost every country has lots of stereotypes about its people and their mentality: they are often made by neighbour countries and tourists or sometimes even by people living in the country themselves. Though some people think that the Japanese are too different from Westerners, they are too cold and strict or sometimes a bit perverted, these cliches don’t portray most of the real Japanese people. Everyone is different and generalization often works badly because it gives people who are not acquainted with Japanese people and their culture wrong opinions about what to expect. At the same time, some stereotypes can be true: it’s always better to check everything on your own and not to form an image of a country based on nothing.

Though some people think that the Japanese are too different from Westerners, they are too cold and strict or sometimes a bit perverted, these cliches don’t portray most of the real Japanese people.

Japanese ladies have lots of qualities which can make them amazing girlfriends, wives and mothers: they are raised in a pretty traditional and conservative society which makes them humble, respectful and family-oriented. Though every person is different, there are generally much fewer crimes, scandals or inappropriate situations in Japan: local people are very aware and tactful, and it’s a very nice atmosphere to live and raise kids in Japan. Whether you dream of moving to Japan one day or not, there are some things you should know about beautiful Japanese ladies:

  • Lots of them are extremely beautiful and feminine. It goes without saying that Japanese ladies have an absolutely unique type of beauty: their shiny dark hair, fathomless dark eyes, perfect skin and feminine facial features make them extremely attractive. Whether they dress like teenagers or mature ladies they look stunning: lots of Japanese women are slim and petite and they are also often short, which makes them even cuter. Japanese people have a healthy environment and an extremely balanced diet which includes lots of seafood, rice and vegetables, so they are pretty healthy and age extremely well. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to guess a woman’s age in Japan because they stay young and fresh for a long time and they also tend to live longer than many other people from other countries. Dating a Japanese lady means dating a healthy and beautiful partner who will live long enough to become old happily together;
  • They have dignity. Japanese culture is based on respectful and polite attitude to others, but Japanese people also respect themselves. They have dignity and they won’t let anyone offend them or cross their boundaries. Dating a Japanese lady means dating a woman with character and personality which will make you love her even more;
  • Though Japanese women are interested in marriage, they are not obsessed with getting married as soon as possible. Though lots of people marry when they are pretty young in Japan, they still want to be sure that they date decent partners and want to spend their lives with them. Japanese people are pretty careful and they pay lots of attention to their choices and comfort;
  • These ladies are family-oriented and love children. Japan is a pretty conservative and traditional country in many ways, so there are lots of patriarchal families there. Lots of Japanese women prefer to stay at home and take care of their families and kids, so their men have an opportunity to be real breadwinners and heads of their families;
  • Japanese ladies are respectful and tactful with their men. It’s traditional for Japanese people to respect each other and other people’s feelings, and also Japanese ladies are very polite and humble with their husbands. Dating a Japanese woman can help you to meet an ideal traditional wife which also has dignity and self-respect;
  • They are often shy and cute. Though people are different, there are lots of women in Japan who are raised to be modest and quiet. They need time to open and to feel more confident with their men, but after they feel more relaxed with you they can show you all their care and tenderness;
  • They are into cleanliness and they have a perfect sense of style and comfort in many spheres of their lives. They dress perfectly neat and attractive and they prefer to keep their houses clean and well-organized too, so a Japanese woman can be a perfect housewife or just a partner who knows how to take care of the house.

How to date these ladies right

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If you are really interested in dating a beautiful Japanese woman, then you need to get used to her culture and customs which might be pretty different from Western ones. These people have lots of dating traditions which are based on Japanese worldviews and culture, so you need to be aware of them in advance to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations. Remember that most of the issues can be avoided if you just ask your Japanese girlfriend whether it’s appropriate or not - just don’t ask her too specific questions which can be seen as rude or too inappropriate. There are some things which you should know about Japanese dating:

  • Learn to understand Japanese culture - at least a bit. Though it might be hard to learn Japanese culture completely without living there for a pretty long time and learning new things all the time, you need to know how to behave and act in Japan to be seen as a polite and decent person. Treat others politely and respectfully and learn more about Japanese customs and traditions which are not only connected with dating but also with everyday life and relationships with random people in society. There are lots of things which are seen as impolite in Japan but are considered absolutely normal in many Western countries, so you need to know the nuances in advance;
  • Don’t assume that they are like anime characters. Though anime is a very popular Japanese culture which is loved by people all over the world, it doesn’t mean that you need to fetishise your Japanese girlfriend or see her as she is an anime character. Though some people there might have features of character or appearance which remind you of your favourite anime character, you need to remember that these are real people who might get offended to be seen as cliche. Love your girlfriend for who she is but not for who you want her to be;
  • Japanese ladies are often not straightforward, so you need to read minds sometimes. Japanese culture makes people extremely polite and reserved and sometimes it results in them being too quiet and unwilling to say what they really want or think. Your Japanese girl won’t tell you exactly when something is wrong, but you can read her facial expression and understand that there’s an issue. If you ask her a direct question, then she’ll probably answer honestly, so improve your communication with her;
  • Lots of Japanese people are not good at English, so you need to learn Japanese at least a bit - and your partner will do the same for you. There are lots of words and expressions in Japanese which can’t be directly translated to English, so that’s when your knowledge of Japanese can help you a lot. Communication and mutual understanding is extremely important for every relationship, so put an effort into improving your skills and helping your girl with English as well;
  • Her parents may disapprove of your relationship, so try your best to create a good first impression. Lots of conservative Japanese parents might dislike the idea of their daughter dating a foreigner - unless they see that he’s a decent guy with a good job and serious intentions. Be very polite and respectful with them to create a good first impression: show them that you’re a man who really cares for their daughter and will do his best to make her life happy;
  • Avoid public demonstrations of love in Japan. It’s a very conservative country in many ways, so it’s considered inappropriate to be too intimate with your girlfriend in public. Avoid kissing or hugging all the time because your girl is probably interested in her reputation and how the others see her, so she won’t be happy to be seen in a wrong way or misunderstood. Other people’s opinions matter in Japan, so don’t make it difficult for her.

Date a Japanese woman online on

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Japan is definitely worth visiting for everyone, but not every person has an opportunity to go there and live in Japan for a while. It doesn’t mean that you have no opportunity to date a nice Japanese girl though: there is a chance for everyone who is really into these beautiful ladies. There are many expats living outside the country who are well-integrated in Western society and culture and are open for relationships, and there are also great chances to meet the love of your life with the help of online dating sites. Online dating has become extremely popular among people all over the world: whether your preferences or interests are, there are lots of singles who are interested in dating and having relationships with someone like you.

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