Dating a woman

Women have always made men crazy: their appearance, smell, tone of their voices, and charm can make everything different in mens’ lives. If you feel like it’s time to find a woman for dating or a long-term relationship, then it’s time to learn more about what to do and what to avoid doing to attract a lady. Single women are waiting for good men online!

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Unfortunately, there is no universal instruction on how to date a woman. All girls are different and each needs her own approach. What impresses one girl will push away another. There are several general points that you need to know before dating a new girl. We will tell you how to make the first impression good, how to extend the second and third dates. We will help make your dating life successful.

Best advice on dating women

To impress a girl you need to show yourself from the best side. A woman should believe that you are a reliable and self-sufficient person.

Exude confidence

A confident man always attracts women. She will be interested in you if she finds out that you lead an active lifestyle, you have many friends and you have a clear, serious plan for the future. You don’t have to be a genius or a sports star, just talk about good things you have in your life.

Do not be arrogant and rather be humble. Do not brag about your achievements, report them calmly and without being too emotional.

It is not a good idea to tell a woman that you still live with your parents and have no job. Girls look for stability and want to be confident in their future.

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Be yourself

Be honest, do not pretend to be someone else - sooner or later she will find this out. Do not be ashamed of your hobbies or musical taste. There is nothing wrong with telling about your favourite music or book. It’s not worth telling her that you know how to play the guitar if you can’t play her anything any time she asks. If a girl catches you on a lie, you can’t account for a mutual future. Do not be ashamed of yourself, you are who you are.

A confident man always attracts women.

Get dressed right

Each girl has her own preferences in the appearance of men. Do not worry about this, dress in accordance with the situation. If you go to a restaurant put on a shirt if you are going to walk around the city - a T-shirt and jeans. Do not think about the latest fashion trends, dress comfortably. Be careful with the cologne, do not overdo it. If you feel comfortable and confident at a party, the girl you want to impress will not even remember that she has some preferences.

Get to know her better

This is a common rule, which can be applied to women of any nationality - whether you are dating a hot American girl or a lady from the Arab world, it is the same. When several dates have passed it is time to get to know her better. It’s important not to spoil everything at this step. Everything will work out if you follow a few simple recommendations.

Don’t get bogged down in appearance

Every girl loves compliments, but everything should be moderate. Remember that a girl is much more than beautiful eyes and an elegant dress. First of all, she is a person. Dating a beautiful woman compliments are necessary but in moderation.

Avoid sexual connotation in compliments, you can greatly offend a girl. Say something cute and sweet about her smile, hair or clothes.

Be sincere

During a conversation with her try to tell what you really think. If you choose the words for a long time you will not seem sincere. When she tells you something, really listen to her, and don't pretend to be listening. You can skip something important, and if she notices that you are not interested, she might be offended.

The conversation should be appropriate for the place you are in. If you are in a cafe on a crowded street, she may not want to talk about something personal. But you can chat about music, books or events.

Tell her that you enjoy spending time with her so that she doesn’t have to guess if you like her.

Tell her that you enjoy spending time with her so that she doesn’t have to guess if you like her.

She should feel herself comfortable

Before inviting a girl on a date, make sure she feels comfortable being herself with you. We all are different and each has its own quirks. She should not be ashamed of herself with you and you should not blame her for anything.

Even jokes can be offensive so be careful with the words. Due to a stupid joke, she may shut herself up, be upset, and will not go anywhere with you again. Ask her questions, comment on her answers - let her know that she and her quirks are interesting to you, that her answers and her opinion are important. Try not to joke about her, her family or friends at the very beginning of the relationship. Even later on joke only if you are sure she will understand everything correctly. Such jokes are easy to misunderstand and relationships will be ruined.

Be a good guy dating a woman

At first, it is very important to present yourself in the best way in order to make a good impression on a girl. We’ll tell you further how to make a date with a girl unforgettable.

Get ready for your first date

Come up with something special and interesting. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, but she must understand that you have thought it through. Take her to a lovely atmospheric cafe or to a beautiful park for a picnic. If you know that she likes arts, take her to an exhibition. If she is a soccer fan, buy tickets to the match of her favourite team. This date should not be ordinary, albeit in little things but it should be special and memorable.

Do not worry

If she sees that you are nervous, she would be nervous too. Be calm, enjoy her company. Don't get hung up on a date, just have a good time. A girl is just a person you recently met, get to know her better. Tell her what she needs to know about you. Find out everything you would like to know about her too.

Get closer

Make sure she is not against light touching. Gently take her hand during watching a movie, put your hand on her back while you are standing somewhere in a line. See if she is not against things like that. If you are not sure about her reaction, act slowly. This way she will have an opportunity to dodge or pull her hand away to signal to you that she is not ready yet. Gentle touches will bring you closer to your woman. Perhaps she will touch you in response.

a man kissing his girlfriend passionately

Keep your promises

If you said that you are going to call her after a date, do it. Over the next few days, become aware of your feelings. If you understand that you are no longer interested, call and tell me about it. Be polite and gentle with words. Just say that you’re not sure that it's going to work out. If you like the girl, continue to catch up with her between dates. Do not overdo it, be restrained in communication. Women like men, who keep their promises. Especially since many people start relationships later in life and are dating at 30 and over, they don’t want to waste time.

Introduce her to your friends

After a few dates passed, introduce her to your close friends. This step will test the strength of your relationship. If everything goes well it will take your relationship with a woman to a new level and strengthen the connection between you two.

Don’t be too serious, just try to have fun.

Some other advice on how to date a woman

There are several questions that you may have before starting dating a woman, during a date and after it. We will try to answer a few of them to make your life easier.

  • Choose a right place. The first date can be intimidating and make you nervous. If a woman asked you to choose a place, arrange to meet at the territory you know. This way you will feel more comfortable and less nervous. Avoid places where you can meet your friends - this can distract from a date and embarrass a woman;
  • Do not be too serious, just try to have fun. First dates are not the best time to discuss problems at work or at home. Try not to burden a girl too soon. Talk about something abstract: music, books, sports or a hobby. Let the first dates be fun and carefree. When you get to know her better, then it will be possible to discuss all the existing problems;
  • Try not to talk about your exes. Avoid this topic. You can make a woman feel awkward and ruin the date. If she brings this up herself, answer briefly. Your ex is a history, a woman you are dating is your future;
  • Divide the bill. It doesn’t matter whether your woman is a feminist or not, the majority pays their own half. Discuss this issue the day before so that you will avoid misunderstanding. In the early stages, a woman wants to spend time carefree with you and not to worry about owing you something.

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