Dating Bulgarian singles

Like many southern people, Bulgarians seem extremely attractive to foreigners. Attractive appearance with tanned skin and fair hair combined with hot temper are just a few things, which make people fall in love from the very first meeting. This especially concerns Bulgarian girls, who are known to be not only beautiful, but also down-to-earth and really devoted, but Bulgarian guys are not worse even a bit. Sometimes dating a Bulgarian single feels like dating an Italian man or a woman because of their attractive Southern appearance.

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It is sometimes complicated to build successful relationships even with representatives of your own culture, but when it comes to dating outside the country, the process might be even more complex. We have everything you need to get you introduced to Bulgarian dating - from great relationship advice to the amazing matchmaking system. You’ll learn how to find the right approach to Bulgarians and make the relationships work, while communicating with the most compatible individuals. Without further ado, let’s plunge into the world of Bulgarian dating!

How to date Bulgarian women

a portrait of a young dark-haired woman on a grey background

Girls in Bulgaria are lucky to have the genetics, which allow them to have beautiful skin and slim bodies. But appearance should not be the only trait of a woman you look at: balkan girls have bold personalities and are interesting interlocutors. Here are some of the common traits of Bulgarian girls you should remember:

  • Yes, they are beautiful. Though this trait actually became a stereotype, Bulgarian girls look stunning whenever you meet them. And even though genetics played a great part in it, these girls also know how to take care about themselves. They eat in moderation and do physical exercise in order to have a good-looking body, they invest into skincare rather than makeup. The result is, they are obviously pretty, but still look natural;
  • Speaking of appearance, for a person from a western culture Bulgarian ladies might seem too dressed up. While american girls choose comfort over appealing appearance, Bulgarian women prefer to wear high heels on a daily basis, and would choose a more revealing short dress over a t-shirt and jeans. As a man, you will probably be totally happy with it, since your girlfriend will always look stunning. But even if you want her to relax, don’t be pushy. She probably feels much more confident being all dressed up;
  • They might seem a bit too materialistic. Of course, a Bulgarian girl would prefer to date a man, who earns more than she does. But that is not a must or a necessity of any kind - just a more pleasant scenario. However, keep in mind that if you happen to be that more wealthy man, your Bulgarian girlfriend will expect you to pay for dates, but only if she really has a tight budget. It may be the case for, say, students or the beginning of her career. But if she is a grown-up woman who also has a job, you will be able to split the bill;
  • It might seem that Bulgarian women are only willing to find a great husband, but actually they are very independent. You will rarely find a woman here, who doesn’t want to build a career or at least earn her own living herself. While she might not want to become the head of her department, the job she does is probably very important to her. Don’t expect your girlfriend to become a housewife when you get married - this will probably never happen;
  • Bulgarian girls are very honest. They won’t be guessing, what is going wrong in relationships, neither they would take full responsibility for rebuilding it. Rather than that, they expect to have good communication with their partner. They will not hesitate to tell you what doesn’t feel right, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to start such a discussion either.

Altogether, it is fair to say that if you have a Bulgarian girlfriend, you can account for long-term relationships. Your woman will be faithful and devoted to you only. But they expect you to be as faithful as they are. No cheating, no open relationships are possible. You should have serious intentions, if you want to be in relationships with a Bulgarian girl. They are open to dating different people, when they are still choosing the right partner, but when the decision is made and you decide to be exclusive, you should stick to this decision.

She’ll teach you to relax - this is what people in the south can do really well too.

But you should consider this as a great opportunity to get a good wife. Although she is independent and knows her own value, she will care about you in all possible ways. You will get to taste the most delicious balkan dishes, since she probably likes and knows how to cook. She’ll teach you to relax - this is what people in the south can do really well too. If you have serious intentions, you can be sure your relationships with a Bulgarian woman will be nothing but joy.

How to date Bulgarian men

a portrait of a young man in a blue shirt standing in the kitchen

Now to the other side of the spectrum - Bulgarian men. Here is what you should know about them:

  • They are very practical and good with money. Being raised in a post-communist society, Bulgarian guys are very reasonable. They won’t make unnecessary purchases, neither they would just throw things away if they can be repaired. It is definitely a good trait of a future husband, since you can be sure your family will be provided with everything necessary and your man won’t waste the money;
  • They know how to do the work with their hands. Living in the house with a Bulgarian man, you will never need to call a specialist to fix anything. Be it a kitchen sink or a children toy, he will manage to do the repairing himself. He will probably also be able to make his own things, at least small furniture. It is always nice to have a handyman in your household;
  • They are also honest. It is possible to say that honesty is just a common trait of Bulgarian people. You will never have to wonder what your man is thinking about you or your relationships - he will tell you everything, both the good and the bad things. He will make you compliments, but also discuss any arising issues. He will be eager to solve conflicts through conversation, which is a great sign - couples, who have no problems in communication, are more likely to stay together for a longer period of time;
  • They are connected to their families very tightly. It both includes a family they create themselves, with a wife and children, and their parents and relatives. Bulgarians regularly have good relationships even with distant members of the family, like cousins, nephews and others. They are actually interested in each other’s life and are happy to be a part of it. You’ll get used to meeting some of his relatives once in a while pretty soon, but it will probably take some time before you remember their names;
  • Speaking of wives and children, Bulgarian men care about them a lot. Raised in a loving environment, they try to replicate the family atmosphere in their own household. They will take care of their wife's health, even in the tiniest details, like closing the windows so that she doesn’t sit in the draught.

Let’s sum up: if you are dating a Bulgarian man, you are probably lucky to have a trustworthy partner for life. Guys from Bulgaria are regularly very patient. They want to keep the relationships they are in, so they will be ready to change and fix everything. There is no problem you wouldn’t be able to solve with a Bulgarian boyfriend.

They might not want to be seen as weak, so some of them try to hide their overwhelming feelings and keep calm, but you can usually see if you hurt your boyfriend in some way.

But don’t think of Bulgarian men as some kind of robots. They are actually very emotional, when it comes to relationships. They might not want to be seen as weak, so some of them try to hide their overwhelming feelings and keep calm, but you can usually see if you hurt your boyfriend in some way. You should also keep in mind that Bulgarian men sometimes feel a bit overly confident. This is actually a trait many men in Eastern Europe share. But since they are so eager to change and have good relationships, boasting and narcissism easily go away, when they meet the right partner.

Overall, if you have in mind long-term relationships and devotion, Bulgarian men will be the right choice for you. They are nice and caring, faithful to their families, which is pleasant to know, since it allows you to rely on your boyfriend. If you want to impress a Bulgarian guy, be direct, yet polite, talk about the future you see yourself in and be ready to stay faithful to only him alone. Dating over 30 is pretty suitable there because that’s the age when people start being mature and family-oriented.

Dating scene in Bulgaria - what is it like

a mature oriental couple smiling at the camera

Generally, it is fair to say that dating Bulgarian people is a lengthy process. While they are welcoming and open-minded, it takes time before your potential partner actually starts trusting you enough to let the guard down. The best scenario is to progress from being friends to being lovers, though it is definitely not the only way of getting into relationships. Just don’t hurry up and take your time to know your partner well.

Regularly, men are responsible for dates in Bulgaria. They aim at impressing women, so they can bring flowers or gifts to the meeting. It is also very common for men to pay at a restaurant, most of the time it is implied even without discussion. But with women getting more emancipated, there are cases of going dutch as well. If you feel like a man paying for you is not what you want, just tell him about it.

They are neither actively jealous, nor they are restrictive in terms of having friends of the opposite gender.

Since exclusivity is a great part of Bulgarian dating culture, local people sometimes might seem too possessive. They are neither actively jealous, nor they are restrictive in terms of having friends of the opposite gender. But people can sometimes get suspicious because they think your friend laid their eyes on you. Just keep the appropriate distance with friends and acquaintances, and the issue won’t even arise.

Online dating in Bulgaria

an attractive young guy talking a selfie outdoors

It is definitely not uncommon to meet a partner through a dating site or app in Bulgaria. It is not a big deal at all, and people here have no judgement about couples who met online. It is just seen as another convenient way of communication.

Don’t expect online relationships to move to the real world too fast, though. As said before, Bulgarians take their time to know each other better before anything gets serious. Since you met on a dating website, you probably will spend a few weeks chatting there. You might agree on a video call first, before you meet in real life.

If you are looking for a good Bulgarian dating site, is a great choice, and here is why:

  • The administration of takes all possible precautions to make the dating process safe, which is why people feel extremely comfortable communicating through this platform. You will not come across any scammers or fraudsters here. And if you want to do even more to protect yourself, you can read the guidelines, which were created specifically for this purpose;
  • There are plenty of people registered at, which means you will have endless choice, regardless of the place you are currently in. And you can look for a Bulgarian date from outside Bulgaria too - just choose the suitable settings;
  • has a great reputation among other dating sites. Through over 20 years of existence, it has managed to match thousands of couples, many of which are now successfully married for years. This means the system works spotlessly, and you will only get to know the most compatible individuals.

You can use from any device you have, since it is both available in a form of a website and as a dating app, which you can install on your phone. The registration process won’t take you long either. Just use your email or one of your social media accounts, and voila - you are logged in on the website. And the interface is so convenient and user-friendly you will spend no time at all getting used to it.

As for the actual search, you can personalize it the way you want. The searching system is totally customizable, with dozens of options to choose from. You can specify anything you need in a potential partner, from appearance traits to career or education degree. Then you will get a list of compatible users only. The only thing is left for you to do is start messaging - even a few words can break the ice between you and your potential partner. Online dating has never been easier!

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