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Bulgaria is an exciting country: everything from its history and culture to its amazing nature and beautiful landscapes can be a great reason to visit this place at least once. Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful sea or visit local museums and places of interest, you definitely won’t be bored in Bulgaria: it’s a place which can not only attract tourists but also charm them with its special atmosphere and aftertaste.

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Another reason to visit Bulgaria is handsome Bulgarian guys: there are lots of masculine, attractive and decent men there who are open to dating foreign women. These guys have much more than their appearance: though people are different and it’s a chance to meet an unpleasant person everywhere in the world, there are lots of amazing men in Bulgaria who can become not only great boyfriends but also loving husbands and caring fathers. If you’re interested in dating Bulgarian men, then this article is for you!

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What women like about dating Bulgarian guys

Every person has lots of factors which influence their life a lot: from our family and friends to our interests and habits, everything changes our life and mind and makes us who we are. Of course, a motherland of a person has a strong influence on their character: the pace of life, the standards of living and culture create people’s attitudes and life goals a lot. Bulgarian people can’t be easily described in a few sentences because everyone is different, but they definitely can be defined by a few important factors which are quite common for most Bulgarian men.

These men love old-school chivalry and they definitely can take care of their ladies: Bulgarian guys pay for their women on dates, they say compliments, they give them presents and always try to help them with anything.

Everyone is different, and Bulgarian guys are no exception: there are lots of very different men living there, so every lady can find someone who suits her preferences and interests the most. Though it’s always better to form your opinions on your personal experience, there are some useful things to know about Bulgarian guys which can help you to create an opinion about these men in advance:

  • They are handsome. In general, Bulgarian men have pleasant facial features and strong bodies which can be liked by most women in Bulgaria and abroad: they are pretty tall and sporty, they usually have very pale skin and dark hair, their eyes can be dark and light as well. They have masculine features and strong character, their keen penetrating gaze looks deep in your soul and it’s extremely easy to become mad about these attractive men;
  • They have style. Though there are lots of guys who prefer casual and comfortable but still attractive clothing, there are also many men who like “macho” style: they have tattoos, they wear fashion brand clothing and gold jewellery, they definitely dress to impress. If you want to date a guy who knows how to take care of his appearance - then dating a Bulgarian guy is definitely your choice;
  • Most Bulgarian guys have chivalry. These men love old-school chivalry and they definitely can take care of their ladies: Bulgarian guys pay for their women on dates, they say compliments, they give them presents and always try to help them with anything. Lots of Bulgarian guys are handy and they can fix almost everything, so they always try to improve their ladies’ lives and do everything they can to please them. Dating a local man feels amazing because a woman feels like a princess and her man treats her right;
  • They are decent and loyal. It’s not the only appearance that makes these men so attractive: they are loyal, trustworthy and honest with their women, so it’s pretty easy for Christians to find decent partners there. He doesn’t need to play games behind her back: if a Bulgarian man chooses a lady and starts to date her, then he stays loyal to her and never betrays her trust. These men know that it’s better to put effort and time into your relationship to make it amazing than to start new relationships over and over again and try to find a “perfect lady”. Being with such a guy can make every lady happy and protected: these men are decent and they can make their relationships work.

Meet attractive Bulgarian guys on

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Visiting Bulgaria is not the only way to meet a local man for dating and relationships: though it’s pretty helpful to stay in a country for a few weeks to understand local people and their culture better, there are lots of other opportunities to meet your Bulgarian love. Online dating is one of the most convenient and effective ways to date a great person regardless of your nationality, age, views, preferences and relationship goals: this approach allows everyone to meet exactly who they need without even leaving their house! is one of the biggest online dating services not only in Bulgaria but also all over the world: there are thousands of attractive singles looking for their perfect partners online. The service allows users to sort their potential partners not only by their appearance, nationality or age but also by their hobbies, interests and views. Dating someone who is your real soulmate and understands you well is a very important factor of a healthy and long-lasting relationship, so join and use a searching algorithm to meet your Bulgarian partner online. Create your perfect love story and find your happiness on!

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