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South Korea is a unique country in many aspects. After its impressive economic growth and lots of major improvements in people’s standards of living the country has become one of the most developed and modern places on Earth. Nowadays it’s full of futuristic sights with its skyscrapers and neon signs, big cities with the fast pace of life, high-tech developments and giant entertainment industry which influences the whole world. It’s hard to overestimate the huge impact Korean culture makes on modern media: millions of people are obsessed with Korean make-up products, their fashion, technologies, and what’s even more important - doramas and Korean pop music industry. K-pop has become a phenomenon which has attracted millions of people to Korea and Korean fashion: nowadays lots of women all over the world dress like their favourite K-pop idols and dream of seeing them in real life at least once.

  • Carolina, 47
    Caracas, Venezuela
  • Robert, 36
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Guiying, 50
    Chongqing, China
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    Caracas, Venezuela
  • Silvina, 46
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Abbas, 38
    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Queen, 24
    NHS, USA
  • Aldo, 25
    Milan, Italy
  • Maximiliano, 50
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Mia, 46
    Chonqging, China
  • Andrea, 37
    Miami, USA
  • Levi, 36
    São Paulo, Brazil

Obviously, there are lots of young women all over the world who would like to date a Korean guy. While most K-pop fans dream of dating their favourite idols, the others become interested in Korean men in general. They definitely have a very special type of handsomeness which is widely liked by many women all over the world: Korean men are neat, stylish, well-groomed and most of them look pretty young for a long time. While most of the Western men try their best to look as masculine and brutal as they can, Korean guys know that most Korean women prefer nicely dressed and stylish guys with great hairstyles, smooth skin and good taste in clothing. In most Western and lots of traditional conservative countries, a good-looking man is often seen as an extremely muscular, often bearded guy who has a careless and effortless appearance but looks strong and very masculine. While in most countries very neat and stylish men who take care of themselves are often perceived as “gayish”, people from Asian countries often have completely different opinions on male beauty. In Korea, a man who looks super neat and flawless is seen as a ladies’ man and a heart killer: local ladies prefer handsome men who can take care of themselves and look their best most of their time.

In Korea, a man who looks super neat and flawless is seen as a ladies’ man and a heart killer.

Korean guys can become great boyfriends in many ways: there are lots of great features they have which are liked by women not only in Korea but also all over the world. Every lady interested in Korea and its culture tries to know more about their customs and traditions because most of them would like to date a handsome Korean man - and sometimes it’s much easier than they think!

Why ladies want to date Korean guys

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Though lots of women all over the world become interested in Korean guys because of doramas and K-pop, there are actually much more reasons to date these men than just the fact of them being Asian. Just like other nationalities, these men become more and more interested in ladies’ eyes when they learn more about them: lots of things from unique Korean culture to their views on dating and relationships can be extremely unusual and attractive for women both in Korea and abroad. Whether you’d like to date a Korean expat from your country or move to Korea and date a local guy, there are lots of things which can be extremely pleasant and beneficial for ladies interested in Korean men. Though people tend to have common values in dating regardless of their nationality, there are still lots of aspects which bring interest and passion and make a Korean dating experience super interesting and exciting for mixed couples.

Whether you’d like to date a Korean expat from your country or move to Korea and date a local guy, there are lots of things which can be extremely pleasant and beneficial for ladies interested in Korean men.

For a lady dating a Korean guy can become an amazing experience which can result in having a strong and stable relationship with him. There are lots of stereotypes about men from different countries and not all of them are always true: people have different cultural backgrounds, families, upbringing, friends and other factors which influence their character and preferences differently. At the same time, there are lots of things which are pretty common for Asian dating culture: there are a few things which you should remember about while dating a hot Korean boyfriend of your dreams:

  • These people are extremely persistent and hardworking. Just like many other Asian countries, Korea is a motherland of people who know that hard work pays off. These people often feel a huge importance of being competitive to accomplish things they want: Koreans study really hard and are used to working unbelievable amounts of time. There are lots of young Korean people working for 70 hours per week: they know that only by working hard they can become really successful in life. Dating a Korean guy can result in being married to a very hardworking and responsible man who is truly interested in providing for his family and being a perfect breadwinner for it;
  • Koreans know how to party. Though they work really hard, they also try to catch up on every aspect of their life when they have some free time. Korean youth tend to party almost every night of the week regardless of their tough working days: it can be their way to cope with stress from working really hard or their love for socialization but you’ll never be bored with a Korean boyfriend. Also, lots of Koreans drink alcohol pretty often: don’t even try to overdrink a Korean guy unless you’re fully aware of consequences. Don’t be afraid: Koreans are not alcoholics, they just like this way of spending time in groups of friends and find this way of coping with tiredness and stress pretty effective;
  • They put efforts into looking great. That’s an obvious advantage of dating Korean guys: they look, smell and dress perfectly most of their time. There are lots of opportunities to look great in Korea: there are many fashionable clothing stores there, huge brands of makeup products and a widely developed industry of plastic surgery in Korea. Though some people find it a bit unhealthy to be so obsessed with good looks, it’s a really huge thing there: lots of Koreans do their first plastic surgeries when they’re about 18 or sometimes even earlier. Of course, Korean girls put more efforts into looking their best than guys, but Korean men also try their best to look great: even their seemingly effortless looks are probably well-planned and therefore so attractive;
  • These guys like spoiling their ladies. Korean men don’t only look attractive to be likeable in women’s eyes - they also behave the way women are crazy about. Lots of Korean boyfriends are very romantic: they know how to set up a beautiful date, they do lots of small gestures to please their girlfriends, they give them presents and tell compliments to make them smile. These men actually remember all the important dates they need to remember and are ready to have small local holidays because of them - because they love their girlfriends;
  • Lots of Korean guys watch cheesy soap operas with their girlfriends. That’s another nice thing which is liked by many women: Korea is pretty famous for its doramas because there are lots of really good titles which are interesting to watch regardless of your tastes or preferences in movies and TV-shows. These doramas are pretty popular in Korea and abroad, so it’s pretty normal for ladies and their boyfriends to watch some of them together: Korean guys are not afraid of being perceived as “less masculine” because of the fact that they actually have sensitive sides;
  • They are loyal and honest. That’s something which is valuable for relationships regardless of countries or nationalities. Korean men don’t cheat because they prefer to put all their efforts and time into improving relationships they already have. Therefore, you can be sure that your Korean boyfriend is dating you exclusively: it’s just not customary there to be untrue. Also, Koreans are pretty straightforward and honest, and that’s another side of their truthfulness: they won’t try to sugarcoat their opinions to make them sound smoother. The good news is that they often tend to be right - so don’t be offended by your guy’s words and listen to his advice instead.

What you should know about dating Korean guys

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Every country has its dating culture: it’s usually formed by the country’s history, culture and views and it plays a huge role in the dating process there. Just like many other countries, South Korea has some views on dating: though in many aspects these people are pretty Westernized and modern, there are some very special features in Korean dating which can be seen as strange or unusual by foreigners. In general, people all over the world value the same things: a perfect partner should be loyal, truthful, caring, loving and interested in making their relationship better every day. The same goes for Korean dating: it’s very important for local people to date someone who is as hard-working and devoted as they are.

Though in many aspects these people are pretty Westernized and modern, there are some very special features in Korean dating which can be seen as strange or unusual by foreigners.

Every Asian country is different, but most of them have pretty conservative views on dating, male and female roles in relationships and families. Even though Korean masculinity is a bit different from the Western one, it doesn’t actually mean that they dislike feminine, soft and fragile ladies: a gentle, cute and feminine lady is always seen as more attractive in Korea. Though dating a Korean guy is pretty similar to dating a guy from any other country in many aspects, there are a few nuances you should be aware of. While some of these features are pretty fine and can be seen as cute, the others can be different from what you’re used to - so it’s always better to know about them in advance:

  • It’s not customary there to approach. Though in many other countries men are seen as someone who should always make the first step, Korean men often tend to be pretty shy and indecisive when it comes to approaching girls. When you’re a foreigner, it might be even harder to be asked out - not because local guys don’t like you, but mostly because they’re too shy and unsure whether a foreign lady is interested in going out with them or not. That’s why sometimes it’s better not to wait for an invitation and make the first move by yourself: lots of Korean guys find it extremely attractive when a girl takes the initiative;
  • Koreans spend lots of their time browsing their social media on their mobile phones. Though mobile phones and social media are extremely popular worldwide, in Korea it has become something bigger than that: in many cases when something is not in a Korean person’s profile, then it doesn’t exist at all. These people tend to spend lots of time browsing their social media and following their friends’ and acquaintances’ lives: stalking or attentively following other people’s lives is absolutely normal there. Therefore, lots of people post many photos from their dates online and feel free to share their cosy evenings with their followers: learn to deal with it to feel comfortable in Korea;
  • Some Korean boyfriends pay for their ladies only on first dates while the others pay for every date they have. There are a few different approaches to paying on dates in this country: while some guys prefer old-fashioned chivalry when men are expected to pay for everything all the time, the others prefer modern and more balanced approaches to paying for their dinners. It’s always better to rely on your own wallet in Korea, but don’t argue with a guy wanting to pay for your part of the bill: it’s seen as pretty normal for a man to show his ability to provide for his girlfriend there. If you feel a bit uncomfortable because of that, then you can offer to pay for your and your boyfriend’s coffee or desserts there: lots of guys will be happy to share bills like that;
  • You should get used to many unusual dishes in Korea. Eating out is a very important part of dating in most countries of the world, and Korea is no exception: there are thousands of cafes and other nice places where you can eat, so you’ll probably visit lots of them while dating a Korean guy. There are many Korean dishes which can be seen as extremely unusual for a foreigner: some of them might seem too smelly or strange for a newcomer, so be ready to experiment and don’t reject new things. There is a whole new world of tastes and flavours for you - so feel free to enjoy it;
  • These men want to be seen as “Oppas” - in other words, chivalry is not dead. Oppa is a term which describes a guy who is seen as respectable and usually a bit older than his girlfriend: this word is an appeal which Korean guys really like. Therefore, they try their best to be worthy to be called oppas - they try their best to be responsible, they do lots of little gestures to show their care and support, they treat their girlfriends like real ladies they are - and that’s a very pleasant thing to experience. To make your Korean guy feel like a real Oppa you should behave appropriately: trust his opinions, listen to what he says and try not to talk back;
  • Be prepared to have lots of holidays dedicated to love there. Though in most countries couples only celebrate their anniversaries and St. Valentine’s Day, Koreans have an alternative holiday which they celebrate every month on 14th: though it’s not as big as St. Valentine’s Day and it doesn't require them to bring really big presents and pricey celebrations every month, it’s still a nice opportunity to spend a good evening together. In general, Koreans love such celebrations and like showing their care and attention to people they like: they often bring flowers and traditional chocolates because they want to make their dates smile;
  • Mothers - or “Omas” are very important in Koreans’ lives. Some families have prejudices about non-Korean partners for their children - but everything can be fixed. It’s very important for a foreign lady to create a good impression on her boyfriend’s family and especially on his mother: her opinions and views are very valuable to your Korean boyfriend, so it’s better not to make it any harder for him and not to make him choose between his family and you. Instead, try to create close and warm relationships with his mother and make her your friend: it can improve your relationship with your boyfriend a lot and make you even more precious and valuable in his eyes.

Experience dating with a Korean guy of your dreams on

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Korea is an amazing place by any means: it’s a country which is perfect for studying, working or travelling there because of a huge amount of entertainment it can provide. It’s a place which attracts millions of visitors and always has something to surprise them. There are also lots of attractive single guys in Korea, and lots of them are open to the idea of dating foreign women: many Western ladies are seen as unusual, interesting and beautiful there. But even if Korea is too far and you have no opportunity to go there for a while, then you still have a chance to meet an attractive Korean guy who looks a lot like your favourite K-pop idol: there are lots of international online dating services for people who are looking for dating and stable romantic relationships.

There are also lots of attractive single guys in Korea, and lots of them are open to the idea of dating foreign women.

Regardless of your nationality, location or native language, the easiest way to try dating a Korean guy is to find one online. There are millions of people all over the world who use online dating services daily: there are lots of advantages online dating has when compared to regular offline dating:

  • It’s super comfortable: online dating requires only your favourite gadget and Internet access to open the door in the amazing world of opportunities for you. You can travel around the world or stay at home most of your time while being able to communicate with attractive guys all over the world;
  • It’s safe: the advanced security systems of dating services keep your data safe and allow you not to worry about it while looking for a potential partner. Also, it’s much safer to meet new people online because you have an opportunity to communicate and to know a person better in advance before deciding whether you’re ready to have a real date with them or not;
  • It’s convenient: there are lots of great tools which can help you to find the most like-minded and suitable partners for you. You can sort your potential partners by their age, nationality, appearance, views, interests, relationship goals and hobbies. The best relationship often starts with great mutual understanding and compatibility, so find the best partner for you;
  • It’s effective: lots of people find their partners online nowadays. The popularity of online dating services grows up every year, so more and more people join them to find their love. Therefore, your chances to find your significant other grow too;
  • It’s for everyone: modern online dating services have user-friendly interfaces to make it easy for everyone to join. Regardless of your age, native language or computer skills you can easily become a part of a community who socialize and communicate online. is one of the most popular services in the world which unites people from more than 32 countries and helps them to find their love for more than 25 years now. The site can help you to meet a Korean guy of your dreams and to start dating them: love knows no limits, so long-distance relationships make it easier for everyone to meet their perfect soulmates. Whether you’re interested in casual dating or a long-term relationship, there’s a perfect partner for you - and can help you to find them!

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