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Nowadays all of us one way or another lives in both online and offline worlds. The Internet has become an important part of everyday life, with its help you can do almost everything from buying food and purchasing a car to making money and joining a community of interest. It is not surprising that on the Internet we find not only employers and employees, friends and like-minded people, but also loved ones.

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Online dating provides outstanding opportunities to singles, especially in Lithuania, where more than 85% of the population are active online users. So one of the easiest ways to find one true love there is with the help of online services like Accumulating people with similar goals and life-views, online dating helps singles to find their soulmate not only in Lithuania but all over the world.

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Country of classic European traditions

Lithuania is often called "Northern Italy" because cheerful and widely open people in both countries are very similar, so that’s why dating a local guy might feel like dating an Italian man. Their temper is flaming with a welcoming vibe. Lithuanians may seem calm, even a bit cold-blooded from the very beginning, but they keep strong emotions in their souls, always trying to share their nice heart. Lithuanians are mostly known for their amazing sociability and love for having fun. There people of all ages sing and dance with pleasure, their love of life and hospitality can easily overwhelm. Lithuanians enjoy meeting new people, always making contact with tourists and guests.

Lithuanians are mostly known for their amazing sociability and love for having fun.

At the same time Lithuanians are very rational people, they are masters of a good argument. It makes them very interesting in conversation, always prepared for a debate and a chance to share their opinion. Another striking feature of the Lithuanian temper is patriotism, they are happy to help their dates learn words from their native language, often talking about some customs, traditions, national food, etc.

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Lithuanians are very devoted to their family, it is a very common situation, when some gift or craft beer shop is run by a member of one family. But they are always prepared to see the other world, another life perspective. It makes Lithuanian dating a pure fun and comfort. They always try to show themselves from their best side, extremely punctual, very careful with words and actions. Lithuanians always come to a date on time and do not tolerate delays. All of that makes Lithuanian dating a pure joy and comfort.

Dating with a classical taste

Dating is quite popular in Lithuania. People there enjoy spending time walking through the historical streets of Vilnius or Kaunas, being welcomed in a huge amount of historical cafes and bars. They are always very careful and protective when it comes to national traditions and family values. For example, a song is an integral part of the life of any Lithuanian. In ancient times, Lithuania was called the “land of songs”. The most popular are choral singing and various folklore ensembles. In Vilnius, in the last week of May, there is a folklore song festival, which attracts a huge amount of guests each year.

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Here are some tips and hints, helping to turn Lithuanian dating into pure pleasure and increasing chances to build a strong relationship:

  • Don't be late. Lithuanians are very sensitive in this matter. If you are more than 15 minutes late, there is a risk not to meet your date. If you are late for any reason, be sure to warn as early as possible.
  • Don't make ignorant remarks about Lithuania. Not a single Lithuanian in the world will be delighted to hear even a little offensive joke about their country, the same applies to comparing Lithuanians with Latvians and Estonians. They cherish their homeland with a huge amount of love and respect.
  • Lithuanians are pragmatic and modest people, their love always has a lot of included common sense. Dating always has a clear purpose for them. Some may look for a nice company for the evening. Another is looking for the beginning of a serious relationship. The goal is always straightforward. Working on themselves and constant respect for each other is the key to an ideal relationship.
  • Usually, Lithuanian dates end with a kiss on the cheek. It's best to stick to this tradition, unless, of course, your date has taken an unexpected turn. If you leave with just a wave, it will be perceived as a refusal to continue the interaction. So don’t be afraid to show that you are amused and interested in your date.
  • Try not to draw cultural boundaries. Habits and cultural differences are the smallest challenges couples go through. Difficulties can occur in any relationship, and if your partner belongs to a different culture, then sometimes a misunderstanding may arise between you due to the difference in mentality. In such situations, it is important to seek for something in common to overcome difficulties.

Lithuanian dating is quite unique and still a very relatable matter. If you are traveling across Europe or have a new acquaintance from Lithuania, dating is an amazing chance to get an inch of warm and cheerful romance into your life.

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Best experience with Lithuanian dating is

If you are looking for love, there is no better way to find it using online dating. It offers an opportunity to find the most suitable partner quickly and without any stress for people dating over 30 all over the world. You set certain parameters (education, interests, a region of residence, character traits, hobbies, and interests), making the search more targeted. It works not only for Lithuanian dating but basically for dating all over the world. The steps are simple:

  • Create your account. You can complete a simple email registration or login using one of your social media accounts to make an authorization process simple and useful.
  • Fill in your profile. This is your portrait, the way you will be judged is defined by the information in your profile. Describe your interests as well as your most shining character traits, mention your hobbies and activities, speak about traveling experience. Don’t go into deep details, leave a little mystery, and protect your personal data.
  • Set your own searching criteria. It will help to find a perfect match just for you.
  • Don’t wait, go, and search. Sitting and waiting is not the best strategy, the active position makes you stronger and provides many more chances for success.

girl with a cheerful smile chilling in the city has a simple and user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to spend time figuring out how everything works. All you need to do is to know what you are looking for, and well-developed algorithms will ease the journey and help you find one true love.

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