Dating single Irish men

Modern women all over the world are interested in Ireland and its unique beauty. Dating an Irish man is often seen as something romantic and fulfilled with the special Irish charm - these guys have so much charisma that it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with them. There is a certain beauty in the appearance of Irish men. Pale-skinned red-haired guys have conquered more than one girl. Charming handsome Irishmen with their great sense of humour and sloppy but stylish appearance.

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Irish are unique in their own way. While many of the cultural and religious traditions of the Irish are in the spirit of old Europe, they have something special. There is a special charm in the way they look, behave and talk. These guys know how to make new friends and acquaintances.

Dating an Irish man can be a great romantic adventure for every lady regardless of you living in Ireland or not. Just like any other country, Irish women and men have their own customs and traditions you need to be aware of. Even though some rules of dating culture are common for everyone, every country has its special features you need to know about.

What you should know about Irish men

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Irish men are very sociable. The main entertainment here is gatherings with friends. A pub is like a second home for an Irishman, and his friends are like a second family. The conversation can be about anything, be it politics, sports, beer, or just the weather. No one will miss the opportunity to arrange an interesting debate on any topic, and the Irish love and know how to argue. Moreover, even if the interlocutor loses the argument, he will still continue to tease the opponent until everyone forgets what it was about at the beginning. Therefore, if you want to date an Irish guy, then you should prepare for verbal duels with and without reason.

The peculiar Irish humour is definitely worth mentioning. If you're a fun-loving person by nature and love good jokes, your Irish boyfriend will make you laugh to tears. These strange and so ridiculous metaphors sometimes catch by surprise and make you choke on tea with laughter. A strange combination of inner gloom and outer gaiety creates such turns of speech that at least write it down in a separate book (there probably even is one). A distinctive Irish accent and a variety of slang expressions only add to the charm of the local language.

If you're a fun-loving person by nature and love good jokes, your Irish boyfriend will make you laugh to tears.

Men in Ireland value their family very highly. The last thing to worry about is that your boyfriend is missing somewhere. Most likely he sees his friends at the bar. But the rest of the time, they are good family men and are especially concerned about maintaining home comfort. Inviting your family to dinner is a very big step. If you are in the mood for a long term relationship, then this is a good sign: lots of local men prefer dating over 30 because they feel mature and ready to settle down. Simplicity and practicality are most characteristic of the Irish guys. A simple dress and simple entertainment are very valuable to these people. They love to drink tea and eat potato dishes, old-fashioned furniture and their old-fashioned streets. And also the most beautiful nature of their homeland.

There is another passion in the life of a real Irishman - football. And not only him, other sports, especially boxing, are also loved in Ireland. Men in Ireland are passionate fans and rarely miss a sporting event. Therefore, it is necessary to make any plans for the summer holidays, taking into account the timing of the championships. But if you also like to shout from the stands or discuss the last match in a pub, then you will definitely not be bored.

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