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Love is something that makes us feel on the top of the world: even though not all people think that their main life goals are based on relationships, being with someone we love is still an amazing experience which can make every day brighter. When both partners work on making their relationship healthy and stable, it turns into a long-lasting mental connection which is based on mutual respect, love and passion. Many couples stay together through the decades and feel like they can’t live without each other. Unfortunately, even if both partners are madly in love with each other and do their best to improve their relationships, it’s not always enough: sometimes a relationship might be finished and both partners may feel heartbroken.

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When relationships end, it’s usually a very painful experience: whether both partners still have feelings for each other or not, they still have lots of memories about times they spent together. It’s hard to imagine your new life after a lot of time spent with someone special and start to build your life anew. In many situations ex-partners are not used to being alone: they grief, they isolate themselves or try their best to be with other people every spare minute of their lives. It always requires time to get used to a new life: regardless of the reasons, it’s hard to switch in a minute and feel fine after a breakup with someone who was really important to you..

When your relationships go wrong for a period of time, you have time to get used to the idea of breaking up and becoming single again; when your happy relationship ends with the death of your beloved partner, you feel broken and hopeless.

The most painful end of a relationship is the death of one of the partners. It’s heartbreaking: whether it was a result of long-lasting illness or a terrible accident, people feel devastated when they lose their beloved ones. It’s something you can’t get over: life becomes miserable and colourless for a long period of time, lots of people can’t completely believe in truth, they feel devastated and helpless because they can’t change anything. When your relationships go wrong for a period of time, you have time to get used to the idea of breaking up and becoming single again; when your happy relationship ends with the death of your beloved partner, you feel broken and hopeless.

Even after the darkest days our life goes on, and that’s why widowers often start new relationships when they feel better. They know that even even though their grief is immeasurable, they still need other people in their lives to feel better. It might take them a few years to feel a bit better and to think about dating someone else, but it’s an important thing which should be done at the widower’s pace. If a person is ready to start a new relationship, then it’s time for them to look around. A widower can be a great partner for someone: they often are caring, sensitive and deep, they value relationships and their life experience makes them great for dating. Even though some people avoid dating widowers, it usually has no real reasons: when a person is ready for new people in their lives, then it’s time for them to look into their future and think about other people taking place in their hearts.

What you should know about dating widowed men

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Just like in any other type of relationship, dating a widower has its features and detail you need to know about in advance. Every person is different and every type of relationship is different too, but knowing some aspects can help you to understand your widowed partner. These rules are unwritten and are based on generalizations: they are not true for every single case, but they can help you to understand the situation in common and make the right choices. It’s easier for naturally sensitive people to feel empathy and to understand other people’s pain, but it’s always hard to completely understand someone who has come through such painful experiences such as their spouse's death.

It’s hard for many people to know some aspects of dating widowed people if they have no experience: it’s hard to know exactly what to expect from such a complicated type of dating. While some people might expect their widowed partners to be sad and depressed all the time, others believe that new love and relationships in their lives should replace someone their partners lost. In both cases it’s false: life is never black-and-white and every relationship has lots of nuances you should take into account. People are different and their attitude might be different too: to cope with unbearable pain they feel people might try not to think about their former life or to lock their heart and isolate their feelings from everyone. There are no “right” or “wrong” ways to cope with loss: a person interested in dating a widowed person should analyse the stage their widowed partner is at the moment and behave correctly.

While some people might expect their widowed partners to be sad and depressed all the time, others believe that new love and relationships in their lives should replace someone their partners lost.

Knowing more about dating widowed people can help you to be successful in your relationship: you will know better what to do or how not to be hurt. It’s a complicated question: being with someone heartbroken is something that can’t be done by everyone. But if you’re sure that you’ve met the one, then you will try your best to do everything right. If you’re interested in a widower man, then respect his feelings and remember that:

  • Some wounds need time to heal. While some wounds can’t be healed at all, the chances of your partner to feel a bit better after their loss is pretty high. Our feelings and emotions tend to fade - even the strongest ones. They will still be traumatized inside, but some of their wounds will turn into scars - and that might be the time for them to try dating someone else. Some people avoid even thinking about dating other people: they are sure that it’s sort of cheating and betraying the memory of their deceased partner. The others feel broken and don’t want to stay alone: they rebound and try to get distracted from their pain by dating someone else. In both cases, these people aren’t ready yet: their new potential partners are there not to replace their former ones, but to be loved for who they are;
  • Lots of people agree that it’s often harder for men to lose their spouses than for women. It’s not always true for every case and it doesn’t belittle the pain women feel when they lose their husbands. Usually, people connect this with the fact that it might be extremely hard for a man to get over it and to get used to the fact that their beloved wife is gone. Men are more likely to be stuck too: they often can’t stop thinking about their deceased partners and it’s extremely hard for them to start new relationships because they just can’t give their all attention to new ladies in their lives. They also can unconsciously compare their new women with their deceased wives all the time, and that’s not good for their new relationships as well;
  • It might be hard for a man to forget about his previous relationships quickly. That might create lots of problems and insecurities for a new woman in his life: it’s hard to understand that there’s someone who will forever take a very special place in your partner’s heart. Even if a lady is fully aware that a deceased partner can’t interrupt their relationship, the fact that there’s always someone who might be not less (or even more) important than they are is devastating for them. People always want to be the only for their partners and the thought that a man dating a new woman would easily choose his deceased wife over a new person in his life makes women very unconfident and unsure in their relationship;
  • You can’t completely take away their grief. Lots of women dating widowers try their best to surround their partner with love, care and understanding. There’s nothing wrong with that: love, care and understanding are things we seek in relationships. But it doesn’t mean that you should become your widower man’s psychologist: you can be a good listener, but you can’t completely heal his soul and heart. Getting too close to his wounds will cause his pain, but not recovery: deal with the fact that you shouldn’t try to analyse and discuss his pain unless he wants to tell you something personal. Also, don’t expect him to perceive you just as his deceased wife: you’re a new woman in his life, but not a replacement. She was a significant part of his life and he can’t just forget her or pretend that she has never existed: imagine your partner trying to delete all memories about you after your death - that would be awful. Accept the fact that she will forever be in his heart - and just be you;
  • Widowers can be really great partners. All these things don’t mean that you should avoid dating widowers - they can be awesome partners who are able to surround you with love and care. They probably have great relationship experience and the fact their last relationships ended not with a breakup but a spouse’s death is an incredibly sad witness that they probably are good partners. Also, great pain is an experience which makes people more sensitive and thoughtful: if a man is ready for a new relationship, then he will try his best to do everything right and to enjoy every day with his new love.

What you should do while dating a widower man

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Many people think that the hardest part is to start dating a widower: lots of heartbroken people can’t move on and prefer to be loyal to their deceased partners years after they’re gone. At the same time, many widowers understand that their life goes on and they still want to feel loved and care for someone: it’s a very natural human behaviour and it’s easy to understand that it’s extremely hard for many people to stay single for the rest of their lives. In reality, some of the widowers prefer to start new relationships and dating over 30 or 40 after the period of grief, but it doesn’t always mean that they’re completely healed and ready for them. Lots of people can unknowingly have rebound relationships - but it’s usually not something that lasts for a long time. Dating a widowed person is sometimes like walking through a minefield: you never know what to say or what to do because you’re afraid to trigger their painful memories. But it’s not a reason to avoid the widowers: they can be really amazing partners who can make your life bright and colourful. If you want to have a good relationship with a widower man, then you should remember a few things:

  • Don’t expect to become as close with a man as their deceased spouse - at least in the very beginning of your relationship. Many people tend to remember the best things about their past, and that’s why some widowers idealize their deceased wives. You should remember that she will always have a very special place in his heart and life - he will probably stay connected with her family and they also might have children too. All these things will remind him about her, and there’s nothing you can do with that: just wait until you know each other better, so he will understand how important you are in his life. It’s not a competition: even though many widowers can unconsciously compare their current ladies with their former wives, it’s unhealthy. You shouldn’t try to copy or try to replace her too: you are a person who deserves love for who you are and you don’t need to take someone else’s place too;
  • Their friends and relatives might dislike you - deal with it. It’s especially true for his deceased wife’s family and their children (if there are any) - they will see their beloved person’s replacement in you and might even perceive this relationship as a betrayal of her memory. Avoid speaking about their deceased partner in a non-respectful or non-honorable way - there are no right or guilty people around, just don’t try to act like your his kid’s mother. You might become a good friend, but not more;
  • Don’t ask too many questions and try to avoid speaking about their ex-partner. Whether you want to know what he feels and how you can help or feel uncomfortable because your partner talks about her too much you shouldn’t initiate speaking about her: show him that you respect his feelings and feel sorry but you’re interested in him, not in his former life and relationships. He might have things that remind him of her and important dates which can make him sad for a few hours or days and it’s normal, but except these moments your relationships can be healthy only when he has a place for you in his heart and think of his deceased partner in moderation. If he’s not ready yet - then you shouldn’t press him because you can’t improve the situation.

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Even though there are millions of people around, lots of people still feel lonely: while some extraverts find it easy to start new relationships and meet new people, the others can’t even imagine themselves talking to new attractive strangers at a party.

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