Lauresa and Reymond

Meeting with someone I just met on a dating site is nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. But I still try to meet him, because we might get along with each other. And that’s what happened. At first, I was still nervous because we’re only communicating through chat. But after spending some time with him, I warmed up to him and got comfortable because he is nice and he is fun to be with. We ate lunch, we played at the arcade at the mall, we watched movies in the cinema, we went to a nice tourist spot to take a walk and talk about some experiences we had, and we went to a nice cafe in the city. After that, we parted ways to go home. and we're still communicating. I can say that my experience meeting him was a good one. Special thanks to, because of this platform I got a chance to meet someone who is willing to meet me and to know me better. Hope my story will inspire you.

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