Diego and Irayda

Every story has a start and this is how our story began.

Since we were little, we dreamt about perfect love and when we become older our experiences sometimes make us doubt that real love exists, but we have learned that when we are in love it changes our lives in a good way.

When we started talking on the site Dating.com we spent a couple of months getting to know each other. After that we had decided to make a first move. We were clear about our sincere intentions about each other and despite the distance we haven’t lost our special feeling.

For our first meeting, we have chosen the city of Pasto, Colombia where the Lagoon of Cocha is located. It is a very attractive place for tourism to enjoy the beautiful nature and nice climate. We had spent three wonderful days there and enjoyed a boat trip to see the islands and shared nice dinners in local restaurants.

I would love to say to a person who is reading about our story to make a first step to find your love and enjoy the application Dating.com as we did. We are absolutely grateful because we found our love on Dating.com.