Yana and Kurt

When I signed up on Dating.com, I wasn't sure I would actually find someone serious and attractive to me!

Kurt and I started off with a simple correspondence. And it grew into something more that can't be described in simple words already. Sometimes I could not notice how several hours passed in a chat with him. His smile, his attitude to life, his sense of humor coincided with what is in my mind, and it captivated even more.

I didn't think I would enjoy online texting and chatting, but I was wrong. Video chats helped us feel closer to each other. We had dinners together every Saturday online. It was very charming, starting with cooking dinner together - each in their own kitchen in video chat, ending with enjoying this meal together. And at some point I realized that this could be in my real life, not only online.

Kurt invited me to Germany. And despite all the difficulties that arose, I have found a way to be with him. Now my son and I live with Kurt. We are a starting good friendly family, we have an incredible amount of joint plans. I don't regret that I took a chance, because we're making each other happy.