Karen and Edward

I never imagined that a simple decision would be the beginning of such beautiful memories, Edward's soul came into my life when I needed it most, I know that in a way he also needed me and I feel happy to be able to reciprocate the good emotions and feelings that he has given me since day one. Knowing him made me feel confident and inspired. As in romantic movies everything started in the midst of uncertainty and obstacles. I was in my country and Edward in the United States. I felt that it would not be possible to see him in the near future because it was not within my plans to travel and at the same time I was dealing with some problems. The days passed, our talks became longer and deeper, the messages at dawn more constant and the trust growing day after day. Everything became more intense and we had a great illusion of a meeting until I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted that moment to come quickly and it was the only thing I thought about everyday. I bought my flight and traveled with the hope that everything would go as planned. I trembled with fear, because this was something I had never done for anyone, but I trusted him and took the risk. That day of the meeting we connected from the first moment, I felt that the trust and security that he gave me thousands of kilometers for so long was always genuine and the decision had been worth it. He was waiting for me with a beautiful bouquet of roses. He invited me to a restaurant for dinner, I ordered a large piece of meat and he ordered something lighter. We finished the evening with some delicious cocktails. The physical attraction was present and while we were having lunch he made me peck a piece of food from his mouth, between laughter and pleasant conversations we felt comfortable and happy. It was time to say goodbye and I thought it would be several days before I could see him again since he had busy days of work, but once again he showed me that I was important to him and arranged his pending things to see me again. He and I met in a different place but at the same time and took a walk in the park, then went for a coffee and had our first big kiss. Since then we have been for each other and every day we work to build something valuable.

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