Vivi and Javier

Hello! I'm Vivi and I recently joined this site with high expectations of meeting a nice man. Almost every time I connected to this application, I did it through the video chat service, since I find it to be a very good tool to get to know the other person better and make the moment as real as possible. Several men always spoke to me, but I never felt as comfortable as when I spoke to Javier.

Javier is a man who lives in Ibagué (Colombia), from the beginning he told me that he wanted to see me in person, but I, a little distrustful, told him that I preferred to get to know each other better through the application and then see if a meeting was possible. We started talking, he told me many interesting things about him - he likes to ride a bike, travel and see new places, he knows several countries, he also likes pets a lot. He told me that he was new to this application and that he spoke to me because it seemed like a very pretty woman, but I didn't think it was real, so I invited him to see us by video chat, which I didn't accept because he always wanted us to see each other personally. We continued talking. I also told him about my likes and hobbies. Our conversation was very natural and fun. From the first moment we started talking, I noticed that we had many things in common and that there was a good connection.

Coincidentally, the week we started getting to know each other, she told me that she would be traveling to Bogotá that weekend, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet in person. We met in a shopping center here in Bogotá. He is very nice, talkative, funny and very gentlemanly. We had some beers, we talked about fun and interesting things and a good meal, it was a nice time, I'm very happy to meet him.

I hope that this is the first of many other moments, it could be the beginning of a nice story between the two.

Thanks to for letting us meet.

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