Alena and Rick

I've been on for about a year and a half and in this short time I was lucky enough to meet such a beautiful man like Rick. I saw him on the site for a long time and I can even say I fell in love at first sight and you can't imagine how glad I was that he answered my letter and our communication began to develop at a rapid speed. It seems to me that we have known each other for a hundred years because we understand each other from half a word. After 1.5 months of communication, Rick came to me in Ukraine, which proved his serious intentions towards me. We enjoyed each other every day and thanked God that we met each other on I showed Rick our beautiful city and he was very happy and delighted and finally he promised me that soon he would show me his city. Rick and I have big plans for the future and I hope all our plans will soon become reality, but for now we enjoy every day with another friend and we are grateful that we felt again.

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