Juan and Yvet

There are some moments in life when you are just can trust and let it go!

Our story starts with simple chat on Dating.com.

Yvet and I start talking on the platform and we liked the things were going through, we could connect the time we were free and after a while we found ourselves as friends and even something stronger.

After weeks, months of our communication by chat, letters, voice message and we felt like we have special union and we finally decided to meet each other. We took a decision to meet in México. I took a plane to see Yvet and hoped that everything works out for us! Our first date was in the park where we decided to have traditional meal and walk. At night we went to dance and next day we meet again for the breakfast, time went so fast for us, we couldn´t stop talking.

It was amazing that something this special happened in my life, so I would like to share my story on Dating.com. It s pretty amazing to meet this kind of relationship online and I hope many people can do the same as I.

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