Alex and Nadi

Nadi and Alex met on as their daily life didn't allow them to constantly go on random dates and try luck over and over again. The site gave them a chance to weigh the options, get to know each other carefully and make a decision that they will match genuinely in real life too. Alex knew the site from the success of his friend and Nadi just joined with the help of the advertising. At first, she was concerned as they have an age gap - she is older than him. But quickly realised that it's just her own stereotypes - Alex is a very wise, thoughtful, and serious man who knows what he wants in life and he owns his words like a real man. They didn’t date too long before actually moving in with each other, it turned out that their daily lives were in sync already. They exercise each morning, love spending weekends in nature, and even the food taste of both is similar. Nadi smiles when she looks at Ale - these guys have strong chemistry and are very happy to appear at the right place at the right time.

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