Anita and Nika

It is very difficult to find the second part, your love in the world. So, I decided to use the website It was my first experience and I am really happy that I found Anita there. It was like a stroke, a burst of emotions when I saw her profile. And I realized that I want to see her in real life. I am really thankful to because I met Anita here.

Meeting real people in real life can seem a little cringe these days but why not to try dating apps because it makes your life so much easier. You see who you can choose, you see how many interests you have in common with the person. It is always up to you to choose.

Under the certain circumstances which were in the past we decided to rent a flat together. We realized that it was quickly enough, but I understood that I could be with that person each day, and I want to do it. We did it quickly but we didn’t hesitate. We were looking like a real family couple when we were looking for the flat for rent. And we got it.

Our desires and plans for the future were matching perfectly. We know exactly what we want, how we see our future. I think it is amazing. We felt very close and our relationship has started to grow and develop so fast, we even decided to connect our parents and tell them about each other. And now our relations with the parents are even better than they were. Now we are going to celebrate Christmas together, being in one big family. Our plans for the near future is to buy presents to each member of the family and plan what will be on the menu.

Thanks to for the opportunity to meet each other.

We wish other people to meet their second part, their love here.

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