James and Celina

I think my meeting with James was a blessing in disguise. He is a Pilot from Papua New Guinea working for Air New Guinea, but most of his travels are to his home country, Australia, and Philippines, that’s why he is here almost every other week. We have been texting each other for months now and have been planning on meeting each other for a very long time but have both been busy with our lives. I like how he kept in touch, though.

I have always known that he likes me but I didn’t understand how much until we met. I also didn’t understand how to be respected by a man, or have a healthy conversation with a potential partner until him. He is so chill and just relaxed, although he keeps telling me how nervous he was to meet me. I think he handled it very well.

I love how he calls me his angel and whenever I want to treat him for food or drinks, he insists on buying saying I made his dream come true – to meet me- so he owes me so much. He also seems so intelligent but shy, and above all he is a true gentleman. He doesn’t even want to sit beside me without my permission and towards the end of our date I was the one who initiated to hold his hand because it seemed like he was afraid to touch me like he would melt if I did. I felt very safe during the entire day.

We also learned so much about each other’s families- we both have kids from our ex-partners. I also learned how kind he is by the way he talked about his parents and exes and his kid.

James is very mature and I like how he makes me feel. I like myself when I’m with him.

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