Jing Zhao and Lane Alan

Dear Dating.com,

It is my greatest pleasure to write to you about the love story between me and my wonderful husband Lane Alan. I sincerely hope to share the joy and happiness of our loving marriage with you and other people looking for their love here on Dating.com.

We fell in love at the first sight and our relationship kept growing better and better along with the summer heat. Everything goes very smooth and we both feel we found the right one in each other. I still remember it was very hard the day I saw off Lane at the airport. When he got back to the USA, we missed each other a lot. We kept communicating and we felt we needed to get together again soon and get married. Lane came to Shenyang from the USA again and I went to the airport at midnight and we were really happy about our reunion. I took him to meet my son and myfamily. All my family liked him a lot, and we had a wonderful time together....

We went to Beijing for some sightseeing during the weekend and then came back to Shenyang. Lane got his paperwork in the US Consulate in Shenyang for us to get married. Now we are married and we really want to thank Dating.com for the great platform and service you provided which connects us together. I sincerely wish Dating.com to make bigger progress in the future and help more and more people finding their Mr./Mrs. Right.

Many thanks and best regards,

Jing Zhao

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