Kristina and John

We have found each other on the website We communicated a lot and enjoyed getting to know each other. John described that moment we saw me on the video like that: You were at work when we video chatted the first time and smiled at me while you were dancing. From that point on I knew I wanted you in my life .

Since that moment we started to communicate more often, we joked a lot, laughed and we were on the same wavelength and that brought lightness into our relationship. Later the war started and he supported me in every step when I decided to move to Germany. There our first meeting took place. We talked for hours about everything and about nothing and we just didn’t notice how time flies fast when we were together.

Our next meeting happened a few months later, he met my family and we knew for sure that we wanted to be together. Our relationship developed very fast and we’ve been so happy together. So one day he suggested a virtual date and when I was getting ready for that I heard somebody knocking on my door. So when I opened the door… I saw him . It was the most wonderful surprise I’ve ever had. I couldn’t imagine he would come to me in Dortmund so suddenly and unexpectedly from so far away. I was extremely happy and shocked at the same time. He offered me to go to my favorite restaurant. and there he made one more surprise to me…. which was the most unforgettable and touching for me. He made me a proposal and of course I said yes! Now we are waiting impatiently for our wedding and I know with this decent and real man I would be the happiest woman and I would enjoy making him the happiest as well.

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