Maria Paula & Jayden Luca

"Yes we can, yes we can, have an eternal love" © Sean Paul

It's very hasty to say that we have an eternal love or tell you a fairy tale, a little surreal truth... But yes! We can live unique stories in our lives.

It is funny to find so many coincidences with a person. I am a girl who is not afraid of anything, and I show it here. I met a man the second day we talked. I flew to Bogota to get my visa and he came from Puerto Rico. We met in the most public place. I thought it was not real! He did not delay anything, he ran to see me that day we went out to a bar. We knew the city. I invited him because it was his birthday but I never asked him the exact date. I just let him guide me to the place. I taught him to dance Colombian style and he taught me Puerto Rican style. We shared so many things in a few days, it's amazing!

I hope more people can use and enjoy like us! I have met a good friend who I hope will stay in my life for many years... And hopefully at some point we will be more than that~ I must admit I want to go to Puerto Rico and I already have an invitation.

I hope you who read this will be as happy as I am writing these words of thanks.

We thank for giving us the opportunity to get to know each other.

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