Mia and Cesar

Hello! We are Mia and Cesar. We want to share our story of how we met through this site. We are both from different cities in Colombia, he lives in Bogotá and I live in Pereira and I took the risk of traveling just to meet him. I have always thought that he who does not take risks will never get what he wants and that is what I did. We have been talking for a while through the application, he seemed to be a very attractive and interesting man, although at first a little shy and distrustful, since he thought that I was not a real woman, he insisted a lot that he wanted to see me in person and After a few days of talking and having more confidence, I decided to take the next step and travel to Bogotá to see us. We both had a lot of nerves when we saw each other because we didn't know if we would be compatible or not, we wanted to find a person with the same interests and I feel that we coincide with each other.

Seeing each other for the first time was a very pleasant experience. Cesar is a very funny man with a great sense of humor, very gentlemanly, and always cared about making me feel good. We were enjoying several moments together, we went to the movies, he took me to eat at a very beautiful place and on our second date we had lunch and it was our farewell, since that day I had to return to my city. We will keep in touch and we will do everything possible so that he can travel to Pereira, have a meeting again and be able to share more time together. We still don't know what might happen in the future, but we want to keep seeing each other and let everything flow. We want to thank Daiting.com for allowing us to meet and allow this nice meeting.

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