Mitch Clarice and Moon Ho

It is my first time on and to be honest I feel nervous and at the same time anxious since I have no idea what man I could meet in the future, and it’s my first time. There are a-lot of handsome guy sending messages and calling me but there is one man who really captured my interest. He is Korean man who approached me. We’ve been chatting for 3 weeks and I guess and he decided to meet me in person. At first I thought it was a joke but when the time had come and he arrived we agreed to meet at the airport since it was my first time. I went there early and waited for about 4 hours but we didn’t meet. I thought he was just playing with me so I went home very disappointed. But later that day he contacted me and apologized for not meeting me at the airport and we planned to meet again. It was unexpected because at that time it was raining so heavy but the faith is still good. We met for the first time he had been so shy and very gentle man and very kind. He’s a nice man that I could ever imagine. We went to one of the tourist spots here in Cebu. Sirao garden and temple and it was fun experience. I mean who would have thought a gut from different universe meet a simple girl like me who’s dreaming about fairy tale, like Cinderella met her king. Beyond imaginary but worth it. Overall we have great experience meeting each other and had so much fun together! I hope our relationship will proceed to another higher level in the future. Wish us good luck!

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