Simone and Randy

Hello! We are Simone and Randy, two people who live in different countries. I live in Medellín Colombia and Randy lives in Gainesville Florida USA. We both tried to find people with the same interests on We must confess that, at first, it was difficult to trust that we could be compatible, however and after communicating for several hours and days, we decided that we should take the next step and meet each other in real life! Randy took a plane and traveled to my city to surprise me (I really didn't think he would) and he did; I was very excited to know that he was in my city just to meet me, it was a very pleasant feeling. Randy is a gentleman, sweet, affectionate and respectful. We understood that this meeting is our first contact outside of the virtual world and we must go calmly and we are enjoying quality time together. We have had the opportunity to know very nice places in my city. Randy does not speak Spanish, and I speak a little English, so we communicate in his language and the conversations have been very pleasant and we understand each other very well. He says that he loves my smile, that I am a charming woman and that he does not regret having traveled here to meet me in person. Our next step will be to keep in touch, coordinate a new meeting, and be able to share more time together, maybe traveling to new places, maybe I will go to his city and get to know his surroundings, maybe he will return to my city and know more about my daily life. We do not know what will happen in the future, but we are sure of something. We are happy to have coincided in this application and to have had the blessing of being able to meet as people who have many tastes in common and many ways of thinking about the life in which we also coincide.

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