Tamar and Levan

When two strong characters meet over a conversation or a date there is always a kind of competition - who will win the argument, who will make the funniest joke, teasing and challenging each other. And this makes a unique atmosphere in the couple like for Levan and Tamar - they felt the vibes from the first messages on Dating.com and it didn’t take them long to move in real world dating. Being there online carelessly chatting gave them opportunity to open up like they would never do if they meet on the birthday party or similar. He mentioned how she spotted his attention with beautiful portrait and big happy eyes on it , very talkative and engaging. Made him want to know more and more. She said that it’s his honesty that caught her attention - he was not afraid to show himself , “go getter” attitude and calm confidence. They both agree that meeting on the Dating.com give them safety to relax and open up to each other.