Valentina and Darwin

"Teleiophilia" is the term used to describe our relationship. He calls me "my girl". He says he will take care of me and spoil me, why should I look for something else?

Many times we believe that the age gap is a limiting factor for a relationship. But those who seek reality and not fantasy realize that this is not so. I had been talking for months with a guy, and he suddenly after organizing beautiful plans stopped talking to me. He disappeared, I was despondent. And Darwin came into my life to give me a touch of happiness.

He is an open man, who likes to listen. Make me laugh and make me feel comfortable without feeling used or assaulted. I know that the age gap is big. He has a life already built and I'm building mine, but that does not matter ... for two people who are interested in each other... Don't you think so?

I am very thankful to for giving us an opportunity to meet each other!